Byteball looks like it needs a little more tuning for prime time

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If there is one thing steemit users tend to do exceptionally well at, it's stress testing crypto solutions.

We have all been through the numerous iterations steemit and the steem blockchain has had to go through to get to where it has scaled to today.

Yesterday we heard about the Byteball airdrop and it seems quite a few steemians got in on the act quite early on. There we a few hiccups it seems with bots not appearing and responding etc.

This evening (for me) morning in the US its proving to be little different. As I started checking out the process and transferring Bytes around in my newly installed wallet. Everything was peachy until...

Its seems the steemians have been at it again putting not a blockchain through its paces but a DAG and it doesn't seem to be answering the scaling question correctly.

The airdrop announcement post has a thousand comments and replies and climbing fast of people posting addresses and getting their 600k bytes to enable the whole process. Steem is just churning away as usual at this traffic but the byteball DAG seems to have got itself tied in knots.

Here is something to watch courtesy of YouTube while you wait for your transactions to confirm.


It should get worked.

Look at what I got after I installed it:

" Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot read property 'find' of undefined"

And then it went off.
This came after I uninstalled it, because previously I got the same, and when it worked, it was not properly, because I could not get my own receive address, only my device address, and it did not seem the same to another user's screenshot.
After the uninstall and repeated installation, it requires my password, but quits on the exception that I mentioned before or when I try to type my password.
Yes, the version is 2.4.0.
So far the help that I got is as bad as the help that I got when I tried to install Bisque, to join BitShares and to commit a trade on Blocktrades.
I hope that this time it will not stay as bad, but my experience predicts that I will probably stay outside this time too.

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Yea it's dead. Was checking byteball status, there are only 5 hubs and 128 full wallets. All hubs in Europe. Non-standard hubs seems to sync faster BUT network is choked. Witnesses stopped at 3010401 unit:

and there are already 70k more units not confirmed.

Steemians flooded the network:

Not many point to work with:

Green are hubs.

More info:

I don't know the specifics of this outage, but that same website also shows that traffic from Steem users is not that special, Byteball got a lot more bounding when Real Name Attestation bot went viral in end of May thanks to Venezuelan users.

Hubs are for relaying chat messages and notifications and by default, all wallets use the official Hub. You have a choice to pick alternative Hub, but you don't have to. That might be the reason why there is so few of them.

Hello my dear i hope that you're good and everything goes well with you.
Then this is a special and humble gift for you hope you accept it and like it.

Yes, the network had a hiccup but everything’s running smooth again.
Good news is that the iOS wallet app 2.4.0 which is needed for the Steem attestation finally arrived in the AppStore!

It seems that the network is slow again. This is a good stress test for our DAG and we will learn and improve! Thank you for your patience!

I have sent over the fee needed to attest to 20 to 30 users, even some users used my referral link to download the wallet, and got none rewards. Is there a way to check for future possible rewards?

I have been waiting since yesterday, and nothing until now.

Regards, @gold84

@gavvet thanks for this update. I actually thought it was limited to a few accounts.

What I do not understand is how to collect the money bone and I did the steps but still can not collect the reward :(

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I can not withdraw them or switch to BTC, please give me solution

You must have got your free Byteball ! You cannot withdraw them all because they are locked up for 1 year. The reason is because they want to encourage people to use the Byteball platform, not just to take the freebie and disappear.

I heard they would pull 50%, but I can not do anything about them?

You can't take them out for 1 year.

I was sending out my bytes but it did not went through. Just the post I needed! I thought it was my internet connection haha.

I set up the wallet lat night, no luck until this morning. Then it all went smoothly. After America had gone to sleep and it was still a little early for Europe. I'm still not exactly sure how it works though. I get it that I have a wallet now but where do you store your data?

It's a DAG not a blockchain, so quite a bit different. They have a byteball wiki linked in their announcement post, check it out

I referred a friend and never got the referral payment.

This can have several reasons:
Your friend doesn’t have enough Steem reputation (must be >= 30)
You weren’t the first who sent him Bytes and another user got the reward
Your friend tried to attest multiple times
The current network delay (in this case simply wait and your Bytes will come in)

I believe it is coming up soon
Byteball ain't dead

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