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You probably see the corruption, inefficiency, and violence in our system. Maybe you even see the many ways it is possible that human beings can work together to create voluntary systems and even effective rules without the need for a ruling class. Heck, humans created computers, pizza, and rocket ships!

You get it but what can you do?

So yay, I'm glad you "get it" philosophically and you may even see how Voluntaryism* can work (https://steemit.com/voluntaryism/@scottermonkey/law-without-government). So, it is reasonable for you to ask, "What can I do to help?"
*For the sake of ease and efficiency, I'm using "Voluntaryist" to include small "l" libertarians, big "L" Libertarians, Minarchists, Agorists, and Anarchists here because we all share the Non Aggression Principle (NAP).

Violence rarely leads to real lasting peace

It is a common misconception that Voluntaryists favor violent revolution. Actually, it is the opposite that is true. Most every Voluntaryist I've met realizes the path to a peaceful world is most likely obtainable via a peaceful path. Why build a peaceful world upon a foundation of violence?

How can we get there peacefully?

I look around at what my fellow Voluntaryists - and even people who don't label themselves that - are doing and I see us coming at the solution from many directions. I see each of these "ways" as intersections in a "safety net". As this net gets more dense, the need for government is reduced and the more ways people can transition more peacefully and easily from involuntary government to systems of voluntary governance. Here are some ways I see:

  • Self sufficiency. Another common misconception about Voluntaryism is that everyone must be ruggedly self sufficient; able to live far from air conditioning and able to kill bears with their bare hands. However, most of us realize that certain basic needs like security, connection, efficiency, variety, sustainability, etc., are best met by interacting with, trading with, and getting along with our fellow humans. That said, we all benefit when more of us can survive on our own (and teach others to do so), or at least feed and defend ourselves and our families if and when necessary. Examples: Learn to garden. Rainwater collection. Solar and wind. Study nutrition. Cooking. Learn martial arts. Firearm safety and use. Even learning to read can be helpful [/snark].
  • Access to information. Via the Internet, more people have access to see the ways involuntary government is inefficient, corrupt, and the many ways it is failing us. Exposure to other kinds of thought and culture can also create more acceptance and humility, which are key to letting go of wanting to control others by proxy of involuntary government. Support open source.
  • More Utopian media

    Finally: I see some well done dystopian films that serve as warnings. Idiocracy, 1984, and Brave New World come to mind. What I'd like to see more of are films showing people from this world somehow transported into a Voluntaryist region, time, or world. It would be fun to see his reactions! We could go sci-fi with it where "transported" means dimensional or time travel OR we could go more realistic where some crypto-rich guy - Let's call him Roger - buys an island and helps to create a State-less society. Right now I'm thinking of a book called Ecotopia and a book/film called The Giver.

    Here is a short video I made talking about the easiest way you can contribute via a shift in your own perception and communication, that, at the same time, personally benefits you: Change the world, step 1. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=KniGkPhoy5o).

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    This updated article was originally published on my NVC & Voluntaryism resource site at https://www.clearsay.net/how-do-we-get-there.asp AND an earlier version here on Steemit at https://steemit.com/voluntaryism/@scottermonkey/recipe-for-peaceful-revolution.


    You are very right, it is time to stop taking us by the flow and learn to be more autonomous in our decisions and ideas

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