Parenting - the sweet spot that isn't permissive or authoritarian

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Here are 5 short talks on parenting with Nonviolent Communication, also known as NVC, Compassionate Communication, and The Language of Responsibility. We explore how NVC can help deepen and strengthen relationships, mostly focused here on parenting, but this technology works for all kind of relationships, including clients, employees, bosses, friends, and lovers.

Video 1 (12 min): Why is empathy important?
Video 2 (22 min): How do we DO empathy? (Includes a role play scenario)
Video 3 (15 min): Challenges
Video 4 (17 min): Benefits
Video 5 (16 min): Tips & Techniques

RESOURCES is an NVC resource site with articles, videos, and animations. is for "Mamas who want to say Yes to connection, peace, and joy in their family." is a card game that will level up your empathy.

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I have to watch this videos! Wish I could freeze time so I had more of it! It's pretty cool that Steemit/Steem is sort of backed by time and attention. Reading the whitepaper, working on my interdiction post and trying to gett enough sleep. Good thing I don't have a job!