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I previously wrote about Smartcontainers just before their pre sale started. As expected their token sale has been going well so I thought it would be worth another look.
They're also actively blogging here on Steemit if you want to read more:
One of the things that you will often notice with the blockchain is the way in which the technology can be used in so many different ways. Yes, there are a large number of duplicate projects that simply take a concept and package it up in a slightly different way and then throw it out onto the market, but that’s not always the case.

Take Smart Containers as a concept. With this, the name is pretty descriptive as they have taken technology in several areas and combined it into something that is powerful as well as being pretty effective in what it does.

So, here is what I want you to do in order to get a better understanding of what Smart Containers is all about. Just spend a moment trying to imagine the sheer size of the logistics industry related to products that are temperature sensitive with this primarily being pharmaceuticals and food. We are talking about a crazy number of containers around the world being moved around on a daily basis, and the money that is involved in all of this is also pretty crazy as well.

Solving a Major Problem

There is a huge problem when it comes to shipping temperature sensitive items via containers and that is the percentage of goods that are ruined by the time they get to their destination. One example comes from the World Health Organization which states over a third of all vaccines are useless when they reach their destination after being ruined by fluctuations in temperature when things have to be at a constant.

Just think about that right now to see how the product that Smart Containers is offering has so much potential for just doing good in the world. If almost 40% of all vaccines are destroyed due to temperature, then resolving that problem is going to help to improve the health of so many people that we cannot even calculate it.

But then, there’s also the food aspect because more food is transported in this way than vaccines, so once again you are talking about mountains of food being destroyed when there is just no need for it to happen. When you think about people struggling for food, or prices going up with waste playing a role in it, then surely doing something to tackle that problem is going to be important?

Step Forward SmartContainers

Smart Containers are just that, smart. In fact, let’s go beyond that and say that they are pretty amazing at what they are capable of doing.

What they have developed are containers that are substantially better at controlling the temperature of the container and keeping it as constant as possible. In trials, they showed that the variation in temperature was as little as 0.1 degree meaning the items in the container reached their final destination in pristine condition.

However, it’s not only with the temperature side of things where they have sought to make a difference as they have also turned their attention to the admin side of things.

The logistics industry is infamous for the paper trail, but it is something that is swamping people leading to mistakes being made and it being a costly process just to deal with the administration side of things. Too often, there will be paperwork missing with shipments leading to further delays that will ultimately cost people money that could have so easily been avoided.

You see, everything is centralized at this moment within the logistics industry, and that is not where you want to be. The approach of Smart Containers is to decentralize the process rather than having emails, paperwork, payments and everything else flooding into the one area. When you then see how much work has to go into preparing a shipment of a container, then you would have a better understanding of how easy it is for something to go wrong.

By using the blockchain, paperwork can be stored digitally, and is transparent as well as being secure, with the receiver then able to retrieve the paperwork from the blockchain after it has been secured via a Smart Contract. Also, payment can be made for the transportation via cryptocurrencies helping it to overcome international monetary exchange rates and simplifying the entire process.

By streamlining everything, it will not only reduce costs but also cut the number of mistakes being made. Now, clearly that should be something that the logistics industry, and their clients, should be wanting to achieve.

When it is shown how there will be less wastage created thanks to these temperature controlled containers, then you can understand why people would switch to this solution rather than the other things that are already out there. From an investment point of view, this will help to push the value of the cryptocurrency upwards, and with the sheer size of the logistics industry, it will be easy to see how this project could prove to be healthy for not only cutting waste but also improving your bank balance.

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great job

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No, ERC20


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