Are you a Pathological Cryptocurrency Addict? - Help is Here! -

Cryptocurrency trading addiction is a real deal

Apparently crypto trading is becoming a growing problem and a hospital in Scotland is believed to be the 1st treatment center to open services for crypto addiction!
Based in Peeblesshire, Scotland - Castle Craig hospital is taking the steps to creating a residential treatment course for Cryptocurrency Addicts.

Castle Craig Hospital

(Gosh, that looks like an amazing place to visit!)

So how do you know if you are addicted?

Well, according to Castle Craig there are 3 levels of crypto addiction and depends on your answers to these 9 crypto related questions...

1. Am I spending unusual amounts of time thinking about different types of cryptocurrency?

2. Am I spending large amounts of money on cryptocurrency?

3. Have I tried to slow down or completely stop cryptocurrency trading but find myself unable to do so?

4. Do I become restless or irritable if I try to cut down on cryptocurrency related activities?

5. Do I use cryptocurrency to escape from life’s problems or to try to elevate my mood?

6. Do I carry on trading in cryptocurrency after losing money to attempt to gain it back?

7. Have I ever lied about how much time or money I spend in cryptocurrency?

8. Does my cryptocurrency trading habit have an effect on my relationships or my job?

9.Do I try to get other people to lend me money when I have lost on investment or taken money illegally to fund my cryptocurrency addiction?

How Did You Do?

More importantly how many did you answer "YES" to?

  • 1x - May be a problem - This one thing may progress into more to need help.

  • 3x - Addicted to cryptocurrency - your cryptocurrency habits probably feel out of control - Consider getting help.

  • 5x+Pathological cryptocurrency addict – your cryptocurrency trading habit is most likely an obsession that is probably affecting every part of your life – Seek help.

I fell into the "Addicted" section, but If I stretched the questions a tad I could seriously be considered a "Pathological Addict!" - Oh No!
But in all seriousness, I could see where Cryptocurrency and gambling are related where similar problems could exist.
Casino's and Gambling are available 24/7 - Crypto Exchanges are open 24/7 for trading
Gambling can produce large profits in short times - Crypto Trading is volatile and large profits can occur in short periods

Also, the ease of use and availability make it quite easy to over-invest into subpar projects and high risk investments. The possibility of loosing everything exists in a much higher degree in cryptocurrencies than in the traditional stock markets.

  • Exchanges collapse with users funds
  • Scam projects disappear with investor funds leaving the token worthless
  • Projects fail

Crypto isn't for the faint of heart and I am sure it attracts the gambling crowd

If you yourself are suffering from a debilitating Crypto Addiction you should check out this helpful guide posted from Castle Craig.

Or visit the website:

And get some immediate help!!

Feel free to make a comment!

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I only fall under two of the categories. I do have a tendency on checking the markets recently but I do spend a lot of time trying to learn more about cryptocurrencies and friends think I spend too much time on it.

It is good to see people getting help regarded since anyone can be addicted to anything especially if it has great financial rewards.

I'm not crazy I swear! :)


I do spend a lot of time trying to learn more about cryptocurrencies and friends think I spend too much time on it.

Yeah, I'm there too. Learning about crypto is an endless rabbit hole of information, projects, and investments.
It's really interesting and Profitable when you know what your doing. I'm sure colleges will start rolling out crypto degrees really shortly - Then what will your buddies say?
Dr @arckrai P.HD in Bitcoin? Ha!

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