Crocheting makeup pads - a fast project on the go...

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This was a fun project for me. To clarify, I don’t wear make-up but care deeply about my choices and those of people around me. I also love making things and crocheting - making these little circles was fast. They go by different names : make-up removers, make-up remover pads, scrubbies, facial pads, reusable cotton wool pads and so on.

I feel making these is a great way to reduce landfill waste and produce a practical item with leftover yarn. I've made these (5 so far) for one of my daughters and the idea is that I will make some more and give them as a gift in a mesh bag so she can easily put them in the wash when she's used them - and hopefully reuse them too !

They only took me about 10 minutes each to make. They only weigh 4 g of cotton - I used a hook size 5 mm. It’s a perfect project to do while waiting for someone in the car.

I have to add that you don’t have to crochet this sort of item because you can also knit small squares or even sew small circles together in a soft fabric to achieve the same purpose.

The photos below will show you the steps I took to produce each circle.

I’ve always shied away from the puff stitch because it just doesn’t look neat enough for my personal taste. I must be doing something slightly different but decided to ‘practise it’ to improve.

I followed this tutorial although there are many more available online. I was able to find one post by @nortjenn here on the topic.

Thank you for reading !

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This is a great idea - for avoiding landfill, a small project on the go and best of all, those moments when I am too tired to sort out the next bit on a complicated project but my fingers aren't happy idle 😊


Thanks, @shanibeer. I know exactly what you mean. I've been making a scarf for a while and on some days I knit one row as I go past in between chores :D It's taken much longer that way, but it's a treat :D

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Thank you for including my post, @pennsif - I appreciate your support :D

This is such a great diy project! A very great way to use up scrap yarn!! Thanks for sharing ~ 😊

Written by @crosheille for the @needleworkmonday community ~


Thank you, @needleworkmonday ... I need to keep practising that 'puff' stitch :D


Totally love this and agree it’s a good way to use up leftover yarn and practice 🌸


🌸 Thank you, @oceanmoon :D 🌸

As I love puff stitch (I think I am into the puffiness :-D) these are my thing. But I am unsure what kind of yarn I should use... I think acrylic will not absorb and the cotton yarn I have is soooo scratchy. Hmmm I am deeply in thought ...
You gave me a nice project for this afternoon as it is so stormy, we cannot go out (and as I have no migraine, I so wanted to use the time)


I'm now wondering what type of yarn you decided to use in the end, @neumannsalva. I know exactly what you mean about 'scratchy' yarn, especially if it needs to be in contact with delicate skin. I wonder whether after a few washes the cotton would soften a bit. There's a way of making acrylic yarn softer by soaking it in water with fabric softener for a (long) while. The cotton I used was just a second hand ball from a charity shop - no clear provenance but it's really soft and I had enough for 5 (ie 20g) + a tiny bit (3g) left :D

Incidentally, I made this jasmine stitch crochet square ages ago - that is puff stitch too, isn't it? I was sad it looked so messy but was happy to understand how to make the stitch :D

I only need to perfect it now :D


I do not find your puffs or daisies messy in any kind. Especially the Jasmin (I know it as daisy stitch I think) is beautiful and (I am so predictable) can envision this pattern for a beautiful spring cardigan.
And I found a yarn... but I will not tell 😂😁 because I think I will write about it on Monday. Thank you so much for your inspiration 😍


Yes, this stitch would look beautiful in a cardigan, @neumannsalva. I'd personally just manage a scarf though (ha ha no shaping) and I'd use 4-ply as it could be a bit thick otherwise - okay temperature wise but not so good to dry naturally.
I look forward to seeing what you make :D

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Thank you, @steemitboard !
I do tend to upvote others a lot both posts and comments :D

I love these! I wish I had made my own, these turned out really nice!

I'm glad to hear you're passing them on to your daughter and thinking about giving them as gifts! I haven't gifted any yet, but maybe if I try out this crochet pattern I can make up a bunch while I'm at home and start giving them as gifts.

Look forward to seeing more from you!


Thank you, @nortjenn. No worries ! there's always time to make this type of thing. I found a ball of that cotton in a charity shop ages ago and didn't know what to do with it.

It would be great if you can share photos of your crocheted work. You can use the #needlework tag any day of the week, but Mondays are special and you can use #needleworkmonday which draws a number of enthusiasts that share photos of all manner of wonderful craft - well worth a visit :D


Yea I'm looking forward to trying them out, definitely will share! :)