Seth Rich Died Almost 2 Hours After Shot Twice in the Back, Spoke with Police (Must Read)

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The information provided here explores facts that are not widely known about the night Seth Rich was murdered.


A private detective hired by the Rich family says there's evidence that Seth was in contact with Wikileaks.Obviously, this would suggest that Seth Rich was in fact the DNC leaker as many have long speculated. Wikileaks has not officially confirmed it as such but they did Re-Tweet the Fox News story today.

FOX   friends on Twitter   Slain DNC staffer had contact with WikiLeaks  investigator says https kAiFxxkrY3 .png

The implications are obvious if Seth Rich is confirmed to be be the source of the DNC leak, so I will not rehash those here.

Instead, my intention here is to bring some of the circumstances surrounding his death to your attention. I posted the following remarks in comments of @shayne's post (see below) about the Fox news report. I think the details I shared in the comments, and in a previous post of my own, are worth repeating.
First, I'd like to summarize the key aspects of the shooting.

Key Points

Seth Rich's face was bruised, suggesting a struggle took place

Nothing was stolen in the incident

Seth was shot twice in the back

Seth was in a lot of pain but did not realize he was shot

Seth lived for almost 2 hours after being shot

He was conscious and speaking with 'people' (police/EMTs) after the shooting

Seth did not die at the crime scene, he died at the hospital

The police officers were 'surprised' he didn't make it

A convenience store across the street partially captured the attack on video

Interview with family of Seth Rich (June 2016)

Comments from @shayne's original post

Breaking Seth Rich Had Contact with Wikileaks Prior to Death

Thanks for posting this!

I think I can help clarify your questions about the details of Seth Rich's murder. You're right he was not robbed but also he was not killed 'execution style'. There was a struggle and he was shot twice in the back.

Here is an archive link to a January 2017 WaPo article about his death

After being shot twice in the back at 420am Seth Rich was STILL ALIVE, coherent and talking to people (police/emts) until he died just before 6am.

No word as to what he may have said to police and emergency staff.

There is also a CCTV video from a convenience store across the road that partially captures his shooting.


Pieces of what might have happened were starting to come into focus as the family spoke to police, who suspected a botched robbery, and other emergency responders. The parents saw bruises on Rich’s face when his body was sent home to Omaha to be buried. They surmised there’d been a struggle.

Police told the family, Joel Rich said, that a security camera from a small convenience store across the street captured a grainy image of their son collapsing and the feet or legs of two other people — possibly his killers.

Officials with D.C. police declined an interview request. A police spokesman would not confirm the existence of a video or reveal what Rich may have said after he was shot, saying that that information could compromise an ongoing investigation.

The Riches also learned that their son’s watch and wallet had not been taken, although the watchband was damaged. There was something else that wasn’t taken: an expensive Jewish chai pendant that Mary Rich had initially given to Joel, inscribed with the word “ditto,” an inside joke from their courtship.

Officials told the Riches that their son, who died at a nearby hospital less than two hours after being shot, didn’t know he’d been hit in the back by two bullets. He wasn’t in pain, they were told. But he was confused. When Seth Rich was asked where he lived, he gave a previous address, Joel Rich said.
“They were very surprised he didn’t make it,” Aaron Rich said emergency responders told him. “He was very aware, very talkative. Yep, that was 100 percent my brother.”

I was shocked to read some of the details, like how he survived for almost 2 hours before succumbing to his injuries and that the police were surprised he didn't make it.

What did he say during in his final minutes and hours?

This just adds another dimension to his murder...was he later finished off at the hospital?

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thank you!

I didn't realize police were surprised to see him pass away after surviving the gun shots. The whole thing was just suspicious as all hell.

Here's my Cost of Course article on Seth from about a month ago for more reference:


Absolutely, from the start looked like a murder made to look like a robbery.
I'm not sure where I picked this up, maybe from Webb, but in situations where people are conscious and alert after being shot they usually have a much higher survival rate. It's considered to be a good sign.

If Rich is confirmed, without a doubt, to be the dnc leaker then HRC, Wasserman Schultz, Podesta, and HRC's entire campaign should be prime suspects (which they already are, but i mean in the general population).

Yeah, your post is stellar. You're always welcome to link your posts anytime.




Here is a comprehensive Seth Rich piece with all the latest info, "Yes, the DNC had Seth Rich Murdered, Here is How I Know.":

R.I.P. Seth Rich, American HERO

Assange never would have offered a reward for a random DC street crime. This is as close as he can come to saying Rich was his source. 100%. People are idiots.


I suspect that there is a ton of information about a lot of things that are not publicly known that will eventually be known and will shock a lot of people in to reality. It will be a very traumatic experience for some.


Forgot to mention the Wikileaks memebers dying, MacFayden, Ratner and Jones. Especially Jones, who falls in front of a train!? All passing away in 2016.

Even if you're not a fan of Webb, this is worth watching.


Cheers, this is very well presented. How convenient that the new 'bombshell' scandal the media dropped about Trump sharing top secret info with Lavrov and co. came out 1 hour after the Seth Rich story broke. (Not to mention Podesta(s) working at WaPo) Holy shit...

They must have a whole setlist of possible decoy stories sitting right on the shelf ready to be thrown into the mix as soon as something 'inconvenient' or significant actually makes its way into the news cycle.
I'm certain this happens on a regular basis.

Thanks for posting this! I was going to elaborate more based on what you said, so you beat me to the punch!


Well I noticed a plethora of posts about Seth Rich all repeating the same thing after your post so I thought this needed more exposure. There are some very important facts surrounding his murder that most people don't know enough about.
Sorry about stealing your next post..I did give you cred and link to your post.
Happy people are paying closer attention now. When I posted 1 month ago I think it got only 20 views and .07 Steem.

Thanks for bringing more attention to it!


I appreciate it. I didn't really want to go do all the research on this one.


Haha, then it works out for the both of us. I love to dig.
Thank you for the Resteem, following too!


Yes, I love research, too. But I just have too many things to research lol

Stinks of a CLINTON Hit through and through, the first consideration when solving most crimes is to "follow the money" or ask "who benefits from the crime"...both paths lead straight to the well known career criminals B & HR solved!

Just waiting for some of our white hats within the agencies to finally take the plunge and bring these war mongering, child trafficking, drug dealing criminals to justice for "we the people" who they swore to serve and protect.


Thanks, added to following.

Great coverage as always @v4vapid , resteeming this one :)
You're getting some huge viewcounts already too, congrats!


Cheers mate, it's pretty cool to see people paying attention to Seth's case atm. Thanks for the resteem, you're reach definitely plays a big part of the view count!


they have shut down and wiped off several pages of the Clintonian body count

Very informative! Thanks for sharing.

did they do toxicology or did they just call it as death by gunshot?
I wonder what the actual cause of death was, internal bleeding? if so you'd think the hospital; could have stopped that , maybe the bullets were laced with something or maybe someone at the hospital was in on this.
I hope the facts all come out on this one.