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In the wee hours of July 10, 2016, in the Bloomingdale area of Washington, D.C., a 27-year-old DNC staffer was shot twice in the back. He died in the hospital approximately two hours later.

His name was Seth Rich.

The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department suggest his murder was the result of a botched robbery. Conspiracy theorists, however, maintain that Rich was assassinated by the DNC in retaliation for leaking the now infamous DNC emails published by WikiLeaks last fall.

But, to be sure, the Seth Rich story is not so much a “conspiracy theory” as it is a conspiracy fact. As in, it is a fact that wicked and powerful people conspired to have Seth Rich murdered and the subsequent investigation into his death thwarted.

I know, I know. I know what you are thinking, ‘This cannot be true because…RUSSIA! We all know Russia is responsible for hacking the DNC, we all know Russia is responsible for Trump’s victory, and we all know Russia is responsible for my daughter’s case of the sneezes.’

Well, frankly, there is simply no telling what kind of remote nose-tickling technologies the Kremlin is holding. But, as for the DNC emails—which are at the very heart of “Russiagate” (that nebulous, ubiquitous, pernicious Russian influence we hear so much about)—there is a straight forward way to interrogate whether Russia was responsible for their release. We could examine the DNC’s server.

But, as it happened, the DNC refused to give the FBI access to their servers.

That’s right. The originators and steadfast champions of Russiagate did not give the proper authorities the critical piece of evidence at the heart of it all.

The DNC did, however, reach a compromise with the FBI, whereby they contracted a cybersecurity firm, CrowdStrike, to analyze their server. CrowdStrike, in turn, reported that “Guccifer 2.0” (whom originally distributed the leaked DNC emails) left his or her supposed Russian “fingerprints” on the materials.

It is CrowdStrike, not the FBI, who is at the bottom of the oft-repeated claim that Russia hacked the DNC.

But, what of those “seventeen intelligence agencies” who supposedly confirmed it was the Russians? First, it was not seventeen agencies. It was three. Nonetheless, this claim stems from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) report, in which the FBI and the CIA indeed expressed “high confidence” that Russia, among other things, hacked the DNC emails. The NSA expressed “moderate confidence” in the same.

But, without being given access to the DNC server, the ODNI based this portion of their assessment solely on the CrowdStrike report.

Moreover, worse still, it is known that digital fingerprints, such as allegedly identified by CrowdStrike, can be falsely planted—and some researchers claim to have proven this is exactly what occurred.

Thus, the entirety of the evidence regarding the alleged Russian hack of the DNC amounts to: an inconclusive and highly suspect report, from a firm of questionable competence and integrity, who were contracted by a keenly interested yet curiously evasive party.

Color me “highly unimpressed” and “moderately amused.”

On the other hand, there is overwhelming—indeed, conclusive—countervailing evidence that Russia did not hack the DNC, but rather the DNC suffered a leak...and, that the leaker paid for this with his life. Let's dive in:

The Circumstances of Rich’s death are highly suggestive of targeted assassination, and highly inconsistent with “botched robbery”

Rich’s face, hands, and knees were bruised—there was a struggle. He was shot twice in the back. Nothing was stolen.

If this was a botched robbery, it was one of the botchiest botched robberies in the history of botched robbery. The now half million-dollar reward, coupled with the ongoing lack of suspects, further underscores this was not perpetrated by low-level criminals.

If, on the other hand, as all indications suggest, it was a targeted assassination, then who, pray tell, would possibly have the motive to kill this happy-go-lucky patriot? (Perhaps someone who knew Rich had exposed their corruption, and threatened their bid to become leader of the free world?)

Seth Rich was not in a gang. He was not a victim of domestic violence. Outside these contexts, targeted “hits” are incredibly rare.

Kim Dotcom is willing to testify Seth Rich was the source of the leak

The New Zealander entrepreneur, Kim Dotcom, knew about the DNC email dump for publication—this makes him incredibly credible on the topic. He says he had communicated with Rich, knows he was the leaker, and is willing to testify to that effect.

It remains to be seen whether Dotcom has emails or otherwise computer forensic evidence to back up this claim. But, frankly, this is mostly neither here nor there at this point. His self-insertion into America’s most significant political story, Russiagate, and his willingness to testify under threat of perjury is itself an enormous data point. What motive could he possibly have for doing this, if he is not, in fact, telling the truth?

Notice also how he is calling the bluff of CrowdStrike and ODNI. Dotcom would not be willing to testify if he thought there was a possibility they really could prove that Russia hacked the DNC, i.e., Dotcom would certainly not blatantly perjure himself. That is to say, his mere willingness to testify speaks volumes about his confidence and thus veracity (indeed, all the more so given his foreknowledge of the publication of the emails).

Craig Murray, former British ambassador, claims it was a leak, not hack

Craig Murray, claims he had a clandestine meeting in D.C. where he physically received the emails. He states, “The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks.” Murray alleges the leaker's motivation was “disgust at the corruption of the Clinton Foundation” and the “tilting of the primary election playing field against Bernie Sanders.”

Guccifer 2.0 allegedly stated Rich was the leaker

Guccifer 2.0, who originally distributed the emails, says Seth “was [his] whistleblower.”

Julian Assange has repeatedly intimated Rich was the leaker, and is emphatic Russia was not the source

Julian Assange is emphatic WikiLeaks did not receive the DNC emails from Russia, and on at least two occasions has hinted Seth Rich was the leaker. For their part, Wikileaks has offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of Rich’s killer and has also retweeted a Fox News report wherein investigator Rod Wheeler stated Seth Rich had contact with WikiLeaks.

Why would Julian Assange, holed up in an Ecuadorian embassy in London, be speaking about a "random botched robbery" in D.C.? Why would WikiLeaks be tweeting about and offering a reward regarding the same?

In short, everyone best placed to know—Assange, Guccifer 2.0, Murray, and Dotcom—all suggest (more or less) that Rich was the source of the leak.

But, as is often the case, the mainstream media has it ass backwards. The real “crazy conspiracy theory” regarding Seth Rich is that a New Zealander entrepreneur, a British diplomat, an unknown mysterious hacker, and WikiLeaks are all inexplicably conspiring to…defame the already defeated Hillary Clinton? The mainstream media would also have you believe that the DNC refused to turn over their would-be evidence of the supposed Russian hack (server) to the FBI because...ummm…remote Russian mind-numbing technology?

John Podesta is on record as in favor of “making an example of” a suspected leaker

Yikes. That seems pretty damning.

Something is incredibly strange about Michael Mueller...

Seth Rich was shot in the street outside of the home of Michael Mueller. On July 11, 2016, the day following Rich's murder, Mueller did an interview with NBC. When asked if he thought Rich's death was the result of a botched robbery, bizarrely, he momentarily fights back laughter before answering in the affirmative. He later made somewhat contradictory remarks about the events at a vigil for Rich. Finally, curiously, Mueller appears to have visited the White House two weeks after Rich's death.

There is a demonstrable cover up regarding Seth Rich’s murder

Thus, in a word, this is how I know the DNC is implicated in the murder of Seth Rich: 1) Seth Rich was almost certainly assassinated and not “botch robbed;” 2) he almost certainly leaked the DNC emails, and, the kicker; 3) there is indisputably a coverup surrounding his death.

These are all mutually corroborating, and together constitute proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The DNC had a compelling motive, and powerful D.C. politicos are virtually the only people on the planet with the means and opportunity to pull off the coverup.

Yes, the DNC had Seth Rich murdered.

seth rich.jpg

This “conspiracy fact,” of course, has enormous and manifold implications. I 'd like to briefly touch on three of them.

First, the murder of Seth Rich by the DNC (whether ordered by Clinton herself, or by one of her surrogates or cohorts) sheds new light on the so-called Clinton body count. While I am sure some individuals have been misattributed thereto, the list is long and confounding. (If someone is looking to explore this coffin of worms, perhaps these two recent deaths are a good place to start.) President Trump, unfortunately, was dead right when he twice suggested our country is not above political assassination.

Second, we can alas put to rest the mainstream media’s favorite non-story story, “Russiagate.” There has never been any real evidence for it.* I never even really understood it, and I don’t think anyone actually does. (This video beautifully captures the hilarious stupidity of it all.) The truth is, Russiagate was fabricated by the Clinton campaign—virtually whole cloth—to save face in the wake of their defeat. The ruse was accomplished via the all-too-cozy relationship between politicos and the national media; perpetuated by a robust, citogenetic liberal echo chamber; enabled by rampant Trump-hatred-induced-hysteria; and sustained by a steady stream of “nothing burger” anonymous leaks.**


Lastly, and related to the preceding point: fuck the mainstream media. The fact-less, dismissive, and insult-ridden coverage of the unsolved Seth Rich murder has been utterly disgusting. While I am sure most of this coverage is a product of mere “innocent” (albeit, gross) journalistic negligence by lazy ignoramuses, weasels, and assholes, in other instances, however, it is almost certainly something far more sinister. On that note, I reserve an extra special fuck you to the CIA-funded and John Podesta-employing Washington Post, who has, predictably, led the Seth Rich fake news onslaught. And, an honorable mention fuck you goes to Media Matters, for launching their “Fire Sean Hannity” campaign in response to his "crime" of earnest, fact-based journalism on Seth Rich. Way to go team.

Kill the mocking bird.
Save Hannity.

His name was Seth Rich.
And he was a hero.


-Written by a far right liberal

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*At the time of writing this, the story regarding Reality Winner and the NSA document is currently breaking. It remains to be seen whether Reality has indeed won reality or simply her 15 minutes (plus 10 years?). But I have my doubts her leak will vindicate Russiagaters.

** The irony of the incessant babbling about the unfounded Russian “attack on American democracy” is compounded by the fact that the DNC emails revealed an actual and unapologetic attack on American democracy…by the DNC. Yet, this demonstrable election rigging, and the lawsuit it’s given rise to (filed by two brave and hilarious attorneys), has received virtually no mainstream coverage. (And, for those who have eyes to see, the leaked emails also revealed corruption of the very worst kind, which, like Rich's assassination, is also being covered up by the mainstream media.)

UPDATE June, 10, 2017: Following Director James Comey's long awaited Senate testimony, it appears Russigate is beginning to crumble under the enormous weightlessness of its own fact-lessness. Nevertheless, it appears the relentless witch hunters may have found another line of attack.


Thanks for positing this.

Thanks for reading!

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Great research man.

CONGRATS ANDREW - Blockbuster article - very well written and factual

One of the best pieces on Seth Rich.seth rich.jpg

Excellent research -- thank you for this. Upvoted and shared.

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