💫'Holy Cow!' - Abstract Art #44💫

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Well, this abstract is the result of when you take the literal meaning of the words too seriously. What else do I need to say about this abstract? I had fun making this and I hope you guys too get a smile when you look at it. I hope you like this abstract. I'm very new in this field so any kind of positive criticism is always welcome. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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It is welcoming gesture

Good catch :)

Very much so :)

Yes it really put a smile on my face.

You Wowed Me Great Post You Got A Vote And a Follower

Thanks :)

To me it looks like the cow is saying "Namaste"!

Nice interpretation :)

Love it:) Could U write something more about how it was made? :) Digital? Handmade? Photo?Peace!

Thanks....I've made it by blending digital mediums.

I loooove abstract art! UV resteemed!

Thanks :)

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Wow that's kind of trippy yo

Yo trippy it is :)

what is the medium ? Airbrush on paper and stencils or stencils and spray paint ?

It is made by blending digital mediums.

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