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Time to go to the bathroom...

In life, there are certain things that happy, like our bodies disposing of the liquid and solid waste. While things like "poop" and "pee" may not always be discussed openly, I have decided to share a bit. Others in times past have claimed that if they could grow their own TP, they wouldn't need to buy anything.


For those of you who do not already know, "TP" can be used as either a noun or a verb. Here is the "official" definition from google:



  1. toilet paper.
    "always keep an extra roll of TP around"


  1. cover (trees, buildings, etc.) with toilet paper as a prank.
    "sometimes at Halloween, the boys from my neighborhood TP'd a tree or two"


The scope of this post will be covering the noun TP, as in "Toilet Paper." While this may be a touchy subject for some, I ask that you respect the freedom that each family has to choose what is right for them. If you are not comfortable talking about this subject, perhaps this post is not for you.



Above is a photo of "the Yeti" from @freedompoint. In a recent post from that account he shared about how they process printer paper so that it can used as toilet paper. While I do commend the creativity, I wonder about the "end" results. It is due to things like this that I realized a better solution needs to be offered to the masses.

Recently we developed a substitute for toilet paper that I wanted to share with you all in this this video.


As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

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1 st of April came early this year.
From the sounds of the water, you are on a septic tank system, or maybe a council sewerage system.
Save water, think of all of the gallons of water you use when you push the button.
Water doesn't grow on trees you know, it has to fall from the sky, a terrifying experience, soak through all that filthy dirt to reach the aquifer, hang around for years until it reaches the outlet, spring or well, race through those skinny pipes under pressure, just so it can flush your toilet
Then through more pipes to a large stinky hole where it slowly seeps back into the aquafier again, ready to do another round.
Return to the past, a 30 to40 foot deep hole, a plank with a shaped hole, If you are lucky. On the wall, hanging from a string is the local newspaper, cut/ torn into convenient sizes, ready and waiting.
This solves the problem of disposing of the paper as well, shiny magazines aren't much good for the job, too slippery.
Normal decomposition takes place, the hole never fills.
Yes, that is what the oldies had, complete with the quarter moon in the door so you could see the next user coming and yell out and prevent shocks.
Gave you a chance to catch up with the news as well.

I still have a outhouse ;-)

Longdrop? Or can?

Gave you a chance to catch up with the news as well.

Man, what a great comment, plus, you "stuck the landing" and finished it well too!

Love your reply to @papa-pepper! Deserves an upvote. Sorry I'm still ROFL.

Thanks for the comment anyway.

Old cotton shirts. No kidding. Especially if that movement was fairly clean...not sticky...
One 5" X 3" square will work fine. And soft. Do not flush the cloth!. Doesnt work well when it is sticky... You could end up using half the tshirt.

SORRY!!! But YOU brought up the subject! XD

These can be bought in bulk at Goodwill and thrift stores.... 500lb for $35 sometimes. Find all the good Textiles... Cut up and wipe with the rest!

Do launder them first!!

You're right, I brought it up. I'll let @mama-pepper knows. She still has a hard time flushing the bunnies.

I like the way you explained this good alternative..thanks for sharing- and keep up the good work.

I mentioned you on my latest milestone post, feel free to see it. I wish you and your family a blessed holiday season.

I dunno... there is no substitute for the good soft 3 layer TP ,that I know. And I have seen a few during my life.
The worst I've seen was the British Army TP in the 70s and 80s, a stuff similar to baking paper. Painful and inefficient at the same time. I guess it could also be used to wrap your gun into it and bury it for 20 years, and it would preserve it perfectly.
But of course we can take steps to save TP. For one, strictly using recycled paper, and secondly stop being a crumbler and become a folder. Most people in Germany are folders, while most Americans are crumblers, did you know that? They did a scientific survey about that, no kidding.
If you crumble, you need more paper in average as if you fold. And on millions of people that already makes a big difference.

Fold! Right, I'll fold the bunnies first!

No, fold the paper, then you don't need the bunnies. Because the whole bunny idea is a bit shakey. Think a bit ahead. Rabbits have pretty efficient teeth and you shoudn't put them near something they could mistaken for a carrot. Because how on earth are you gonna explain to the people in the hospital how that happened? You see...? Its not good for your reputation. :)

again, just not right!

lol, that's funny, nice one. my wife doesn't think it is funny though,lol

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The flaw in this plan occurs about the time said fluffy ,soft little bunny who happens to own a set of claws and razor sharp teeth cops an attitude about the whole thing between your legs.

Oh, thanks for the warning. Sorry to hear about it, but I'm glad that I can learn from your mistakes rather than the hard way! Thanks.

Great alternative..

Jezz you quite an amazing being mr papa-pepper. I have been going through your blog and Jesus its just too astonishing. I really don't know how you make it happen , how you started with your introduction post waww. Please i earnestly will feel privileged and humbled to get mentored by you sir.

Funny stuff @papa-pepper. My grandfather always said white corn cobs worked best when he was a kid on the farm. Of course that was more than a hundred years ago, before he had access to indoor plumbing. Never noticed any in his bathroom when I was growing up. He never did explain why they had to be white corn cobs.

handheld bidet.
it has MANY advantages over TP.
more sanitary.
doesn't hurt your piles.
(old folks get them)

Good to know! Thanks man!

Hey papa-pepper, THANK YOU for being such a great inspiration! I am just completing my first "Give away." Thank you for your example of how to make blessings multiply. I can't begin to match your level of giving, but you gotta start somewhere!
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Can't use bunnies, my toilet clogs with just regular tp! Do they come in a smaller size?

we are not using bunnies

but they are warm and absorbent, lol @papa-pepper swears by them, so they must be good!

What happens if all the bunnies get wiped out by Myxomapoosis like they did in Australia?

Hadn't planned that far ahead... maybe kittens. Definitely won't be squirrels.

Call me a little kid, but I read this and nearly peed 🙃

this was helful thow its funny

i feel bad for the bunny but honestly its a good idea in a long run this help us save and use the money in more important things like food. I grew up in a country where most has no bathroom and no TP people use leaves to be honest ,some might say yuck but this is true. Thank you for the great idea Sir. God Bless

I always find it amazing how much technology has changed things over a short period. of time.

Then you have things like TP. You just cant help but think "why are we still being this wasteful."

It great to hear about other solutions. I Just don't think I'm mentality willing yet to want to reuse and wash what I use for tp. I'm glad others are more willing.

As for your solution very funny hehe.

Thanks. Glad that it gave you a laugh!

Hahahahaha. Lovely post.

Maybe you could trim off the fur first and make a rag with it haha

In some countries like Thailand they dont use toilet paper anymore. Saving money and the environment. And they offer you an electronic modern toilet for your comfort :)

Talking toilet paper is really funny

This was awesome! Thanks for the lolz

haha got myself a laugh here @papa-pepper !

Bidet shower is the best option:)

If is due to things like this that I realized a better solution needs to be offered to the masses.

it will really be nice if the masses could reach out for alternative TP with less cost

Bwahahaha I love it!

Woooo. 4 tree per butt a year...Right now I am ashamed of my self....

Switch to bunnies, save the world!

I actually watched this this morning on youtube while milking my goats! (Easier for me to navigate and switch videos with one hand on youtube.)
At first I thought this was going to be a video about family cloth, but then you just.... well I didnt see that coming at all and I was laughing like a hyena!!! My goats probably thought I was crazy, along with everyone within a half mile radius!

Thanks for the tip!!!!

LOL! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

OMG! just wrong, lol
my husband @mr-easyfix showed me this

Just make sure if you start using leaves you make sure they're not POISON IVY! lol funny video

Dude I laughed so hard!!! That's a riot!

Glad to hear it! Is that what you do with them?

Welllll, not exactly!

MahHaHaHa! I can't wait to get out of town and onto a homestead big enough to breed toilet paper!

LOL - Your future looks bright!

Sears catalogs worked great. This to us growing up was our Now it is either napkins or paper towels when the TP runs out. Resteeming

Hahaha I actually enjoyed that. In Pakistan and in most Muslim countries, we wash our butt after using the toilet and then clean it with a cloth- one cloth for each person. I find that quite easy and eco-friendly and economical too.

ha ha very funny..anyway hope that it is a good alternative..very creative one :)

excellent post very fun, I love to read you, greetings I follow you and support

This reminds me of the story about the bear taking a crap. He turns to the bunny and asks, 'You have a problem with crap sticking to your fur?'

'No' says the bunny

So the bear grabbed him and wiped.

Btw - I do not recall where, but I saw a post yesterday about you - it warned that someone is pretending to be you and cheating folks out of their money.

Right, thanks for the heads up!

In humility i type.. you quite an amazing being mr papa-pepper. I have been going through your blog and Jesus its just too astonishing. I really don't know how you make it happen , how you started with your introduction post waww. Please i earnestly will feel privileged and humbled to get mentored by you sir.

There is much advice that I can give. Do you prefer to read or to watch videos?

A toilet paper by I wild man, will love to try it

Give it a try!

Lol! Cushy tushy!! Wait till you get a plugged toilet, plumber is going to call PETA on ya'!
Around here we have "cowboy toilet paper" - mullein. I think you have it there, too. It is a wonderful medicinal, but do NOT rub the wrong way... :)

Oh yeah, we got Mullein around here. Great stuff!

Mullein has "fine hairs" and do not do well with sensitive areas.. ;-)

Rub WITH the grain and you are OK. Go the other way... hope you don't have to get in the saddle, cowboy...


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Awesome post. Heard one don't wanna grab poison ivy while they grab a handfull of leaves! Definitely pre-sort!

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Lol!! This made my day!! Thought it was serious at first 😂😂😂

Glad that you enjoyed it, but what is the meaning of "thought it was serious?" LOL

That’s the beauty of humor, being able to deliver and keeping a serious face the whole way, I started to believe it until you mentioned the little poor stinky bunny😂😂

When I am all alone, I can pull that off. Otherwise it is too ridiculous.

You had me laughing so hard! I had no idea where you were going with this! tip!

ROFL. Poor little bunnies with all that messy stuff in their fur! How do they work in a Biofilter septic system. I bet they could gum up the works. My granddaughter was here and she was mortified that you would flush the poor bunny! Wanted know why you couldn't wash them and reuse them.

Nice experience buddy, thanks for sharing information ..
I also have a post please support his friend krn very quiet supporters because I am still a newcomer ..

Yes! That video was great...haha flushable bunnies! I hope all of your followers can scroll past that large handsome yeti to get to your video 🙃

I think you are tring to say there in many uses for a hare. Cleaning your bottoms. It is self-cleaning and when they get bigger you have someting for your frying pan.

LOL I hear the terms pee and poop multiple times a day.

That did not go as I had expected... Lol

I have a TP solution for convenient TP storage. I have put a holder in our bathroom that hold 14 rolls, but you can't see it. I'm thinking this is one of those "as seen on TV" items. I have all the issues worked out. It's just so easy and stupid, but I'm afraid to share. Any suggestions?

Many materials that could be used as alternative to TP are industrial waste. Recycling them would be a very good move.

Great alternative though. Soon enough many people might adopt this suggestive alternative, and possibly recommend others to try it out.

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