You just hope....

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It's a long day. A challenging one. A day filled with anxiety and fear. It's a day that you have been hoping to meet, but also a day that makes your knees weak.
It's a day that if goes successfully could pave a brilliant path towards happiness and togetherness. But if it goes bad then I will have to start over again and feel the trembles of fear.

It's a day that I was hoping I could make a great impression and assert my value. And day that is of much importance. The sleep before this day was light and flimsy... I was full of adrenaline and both scared and brave. The day had come and I woke up earlier than usual. Got ready and got pumped. It's a day that many of us see. The day many of us also dread.

You are ready to head out but you can't go ahead without the love of the person for whom you want to do it. So you text her words of love, and hope for her vote of confidence and some love back. It's a special bond, after all. And when you have a special someone, even the smallest nice words can make you the biggest man in the world.
You tell her you are heading out and hope you do well for her sake, she tells you good luck. You tell her you love her.

It's the dreadful day. The painful day. The day filled with hope. The day of adrenaline. It's a powerful day. It's a scary day. But you are strong and confident. You keep telling yourself you can do have to do it...for her...for us. So you wait in the line and shiver under the A/C of the corporate office. You try to sit upright, but the chairs are dull and your shirt is tight. You try to smile at everyone who passes by, but no one is least bother. You await you turn, while the guys in tie let in one by one ahead of you.

Those guys look tough and thorough. You have a recommendation, so you must be will be fine. But who is to say the other guys didn't have a recommendation? And yet the guys in ties are being so tough and thorough. The wait is wearing you down, but you have to do it. You keep telling yourself you have any cost.

Finally, after hours you hear your name. The seats next to you are empty, the lady at the reception points towards the guys in ties and give you a thumbs up. You walk in through the glass door and they point at you to sit down. This is it. Do it. Ace it. Kill it.

And you did. You get shortlisted. You kept calm and confident. You remembered why you are doing this. You remembered her vote of confidence and sweet words. You remembered every second that you are doing it for us. So you did great. You aced it. You got yourself shortlisted. This is great.

Now, it's time for orientation and training. You are given a brief description and long introduction with everyone. You are taken from cabin to cabin. From window to window. From PC to PC. You are taught the ropes with the others. You are warned of shortcomings and encouraged to do your best. You are assigned your probation roles. You have to still ace it. You are not done, yet.

You keep at it. You have to keep at it. You have to push through the pain. You have to smile through the sweat. You have to perform even though you are not being paid. You have to. Or else you want get in. And if you don't get in...then everything is a waste.

So you keep at it. Even though every floor and corner is air conditioned you are sweating. You don't know how well the other shortlisted ones are doing. You just know you have to do better. You are quick. You are proactive. You are confident. And you have reason that makes you driven. You have her. You want us to become true. So you push. Push hard and long. Till the time comes to stop.

Everyone is now together. A few are being picked out. You are not picked out. You are shaking. Did I not do well enough? Am I done? You and the others with you are asked to go to a separate room. "I think we are done...we didn't do well enough". Everything is falling apart. You have failed.

The tie guy walks in. He has dark circles. He is still tough and thorough. He explain that you made it. You all made it. You all did an excellent job. You are in. And only two others made it with you. You are rejoiced.

He explains everything top to bottom. Doesn't sound good enough to you. Now you know why he has dark circles and why is he always grumpy. You also would be if you start here. Doesn't matter. You have to. It's the only way. So you agree. You are tired and exhausted and ready to quit everything. But you can't. You just smile through. He says you are free to leave. Tells you to think everything over.

The other guys are in. They might be just as desperate. You gave to be too...for her...for us. You are now on the way home. You are mentally prepared to go through hell for her. You are ready. Anything it takes. It's are want are are are aren't in peace. You just want to talk to her.

She is the special one after all. She is the reason behind all this. It's because if her you are ready to do this. So that you and she can become us. So you finally reach home. You are excited to talk to her. You couldnt use your phone on the first day...that would leave a bad impression. So now you are extra excited to talk to her after so long.

But she isn't...she doesn't care what you went through. She's constantly being rude. She doesn't appreciate waiting so long for a text. She accuses you if things. She barrages you. But you wanted to talk to her because she was the special one. You knew she would make your day perfect. You knew she would calm you down and say things that would make all your work worth it. You did it for us.
But she's angry. She doesn't listen... She doesn't realise that she's special and it's all for us. You hope she says something hope she says words of hope she takes your long and tiring pain away....
you just hope....

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Well, she will never understand. This is how a girl function. It's painful I know. But if you give some more time, to understand, to promise; she will be yours.
I'm in HR, I also is grumpy. It's hard to tell someone to leave. But we have to. Maybe I'm gonna write the other story someday!

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Maybe. But surely I would love to read it

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I saw your post in the healing report of @dsc-r2cornell
Then I came to read you.
I liked your way of exposing ideas and actions, you really make me reflect on the futility of doing things expecting something from others.
Reality will always collide with what we idealize. This is not going to change ...

Expectations aren't made to be met. They are made to be shattered right?

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I think it is not real that two people feel exactly the same regarding anything and less if they are of different sex.
There is already a hormonal difference that alters everything. LOL
You just have to talk, zero imagination when it comes to human behavior.

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