The Simplest way of making a Paper Kite using Scratch Paper

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Today I will show you how to make a kite using just a few materials. Just follow the number in the image and you can make your own kite made from scratch paper. You can use a magazine or an old newspaper whatever you like.

In my situation, the only available that I can use in my office is Barbecue Stick or Bamboo Skew, old used white paper and Paper Tape. I'm doing this if I have nothing to do in our office just like now. I did this in just 15 minutes. Let's start.

STEP - 1

Now we know what materials we need, we can now start to follow the folding of the paper steps by step. For the kids, the guidance of the parents is needed for the sharp blades or scissors.

Fold the paper in a triangle shape and cut the excess paper at the end of it to form a square. At the end of a square shape at the number 4, fold the tip slightly for the tail of the kite.

STEP - 2

Prepare the bamboo skew and split in the middle same as you see in number 5; you will use it for the body arc and for the straight body support of the kite as you see in number 6. To make your work easier, cut a small piece of tape and put it aside.

Follow the number 7 of how to do arc shape; be sure that the half of bamboo stick was flexible and soft but not easy to break. For the string to hold the kite; see how I made in the image number 8. Use a sharp object to make a small hole in the paper for the string.

STEP - 3 "How to make a Tail"

To make a tail for the kite; fold the A4 paper into 4 lengthwise and cut it. Estimate the length of the tail you want for your kite. For me, I used only 4 papers but if the flight was bad I would add another A4 paper to balance the flight.

Connect all the paper that you cut using the glue or paper tape and be sure when you put it into the body of kite it is tight and not loosen!

Done and I can use it even my son!

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