Craig Grant & Yuliana - Bad, bad people -Exposed!

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The world of the crypto was never been more insecure.

There are good and bad players out there.

Today I want to talk about @Craig-grant and how he uses MLM –multiple level marketing to get your hard earned dollars, mainly on the bitconnect site, also we explore his past.

Sites based on referral links that promise extraordinary returns are too good to be true, and the money has to come from the bottom feeders.

Don’t put your money on these sites expecting some returns in the future.

After I saw what he was doing, I started to investigate and sure enough I found some shady stuff regarding Mr. Craig Rant.

Craig Grant was known as a porn site administrator by the name of “Sercee” and apparently her girlfriend @Yuliana , has a past of doing a Russian-marriage scam, where she lures a married man to fell in love with her, just to blackmail her victims and threatening to tell their wife’s , destroying their marriage in the process, just google Russian marriage scams.

The couple in a picture
 photo 325695_zpsovnphudd.jpg

Quote from Craig Facebook account.
”$5000= Nigerian Scammers so all the work to get this ball of magic money rolling, using the pictures I took of Yuliana over the past 10 years. They are in Africa, so of course by the time the energy reaches Florida it is falling from the sky, and we do no work…just get PAID…about $50,000 gets sent to Africa before we see $5000 and that’s great.”

 photo Screenshot 2017-07-16 02.50.13_zpssh3yoyxk.png

It looks like they used Nigerian scammers as a 3rd party and the couple collects 10% of what is sent to Africa.

And here is another interesting search:

Sure I understand people will move away for that lifestyle but I cant image the damage & suffering that her and Craig inflicted to their victims.

Julie Yuliana stripped at BackDoorBamby club in Miami.

Funny thing is, besides getting money from the scammers they tried to double down on the scam and file a suit to . They even tripled down on this scam, since @Yuliana got 10k$ per month to shut down all of her page profiles, there are many trust me.

 photo dailynews2-225x300_zpsrd3bqhlr.jpg suit filed (double-down on the scam) :

From the article above “One man in New York spent $50,000 and then killed himself when he realized he'd been scammed.”

Just a quick search and sure enough I found nude pics of @Yuliana :

Report on the Scamming by these two characters :

Full Story here!

Apparently they have been very busy is the last couple of years making money & extorting people.

Unfortunately i cant upload pictures because of inferior reputation.

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It's sickening for people to be exploiting others' weaknesses like this. They justify it, in their own mind, by thinking, "If they're so stupid, they deserve to be ripped off." That's total B.S. If that kind of thinking were accurate, then they would also not feel bad about victimizing children - since they are also "so stupid."

very good comment! upvoted 100%
membergreetings #steemsilvergold

Just want to point out, you may not like Bitconnect, but there is no real evidence of a scam(just opinions) , infact with almost 1 billion in market cap there is more evidence of it being legit. Craig Grant has no relationship to Bitconnect other than he's in it, like people are in the United States. He's in Steemit also, and a lot of people call it a scam as well.. Go figure, the hypocrisy .. Everything in crypto is a scam until it isn't. I'm not defending his past, cause it doesn't look good, but i've not seen anything on Youtube or Steemit that would warrant calling it scam behavior. I think this is a witch hunt, brought on by a big glass of hateraid. He hasn't forced anyone into Bitcconnect, and is promoting it like any person or business would. Being successful dosen't make you a scammer.

You make some fair points. However, I have seen some VERY damaging "behind the scenes" posts of some of CG's comments regarding what he thinks of people who ante-up in a big way to use his referral links & what-not. It didn't look good, at all. I know people can & do change, though. We're all human and we live and learn. I honestly hope that BitConnect does turn out well for everyone involved - simply because nobody in cryptos wants there to be any kind of scandles, scams, or other B.S. associated with what we all hope will be the next big thing.

uh oh....

Saw your post earlier resteemed by Bosak and myself I think. Man I fear a war coming but I know we're in the right side of it!

It's important to be correct or "right." It's also important to live another day, to keep on fighting. We have to be smart, and due diligence is required when making any kind of an accusation. These should not be done with an emotional or quick decision. But, in this case - yes, I also believe we would be on the side with a "moral high ground." For me, it is important to be able to look in the mirror and know that I did my best, and I gave value to other people and their feelings. If you do this, when things go wrong - for everybody - at least you can feel better about choosing to behave with dignity.

and, obviously, this one too

excellent comment dude.

right on the mark.

At least we have proof now that Yuliana is of the female gender.
I noticed Craig's leeching of gullible people a LOOOOOOOONG time ago. Bitconnect was just another easy tool for him. Remember his dash-stash?
"Come on, send your dash to my address and see if I can just leave it sitting there." I mean, come on, ....
But if you are talking to a large crowd, there are always a few.
He is just so full of it.
BTW, if you run into naked pics of him, please don't post them.

LOL! I do NOT want to see that! It sounds like a horror movie, though. :D

wow thats why hes stuck up his own arse then. Thinks hes untouchable. But he has earnt a few quid on Steemit

He's a professional "Con-Artist." Apparently, a very successful one. Bottom line - he hurts people. He hurts them financially and emotionally. It's a form of abuse, and it can kill people - it devastates them to the point of suicide. I have heard rumors this way in regards to CG & friends. I can understand somebody being desperate for love or under financial stress, and then they get ripped off for a lot of money... It doesn't always end well. I would imagine it will catch up to this kind of a person, though. Do not want to be in the immediate vicinity when that train-wreck happens.

Apparently somebody committed suicide already! Thats what I read! SO WRONG !

Davins' Den, a comedy/investigative journalism radio show did a years-long investigation on Yulianna & Craig Grants' romance scams, which resulted in a mans' suicide.

Yulianna did a 7 minute segment on TV for 20/20, and it was pulled from the internet by ABC, because Gavins' Den exposed them for the scammers they really are. And they file frivolous lawsuits when caught in the middle of a scam, to appear like they are innocent. Why the FBI has not gone after them yet is anyones' guess. I would guess they are too busy with terrorism surveillance to bother with internet romance scams. But, just because they haven't been caught, doesn't mean that they are innocent - just lucky.

Here's a part of the request that Davins' Den sent to the FBI:

"Long story short I have had my eye on Julie Love and her boyfriend Craig Grant for awhile because I had a feeling they were involved. Well today Craig Grant posted on his facebook page that he has made a lot of money off of Nigerian Scammers. My hunch has always been that her pictures were not stolen as was her claim but that she was selling them. This way they could customize photos and make the scam more realistic for the scammers. I have the screen shot of his admission. All of the work my show, Davin's Den can be heard online. We generally can only waste their time & money so the unsuspecting do not become victims. I have been successful in garnering confessions from scammers and getting fake profiles off of facebook. I know the US and other western governments can't do much to stop these scamming rings in Africa. However, I think it would be a boon and a wealth of information if we can take out somebody who helps them in the USA.

The FBI never followed up.
June 27, 2013 Craig Grant gives another public admission on his Facebook page with even more detail. (We have the screen shot)
…”$5000= Nigerian Scammers so all the work to get this ball of magic money rolling, using the pictures I took of Yuliana over the past 10 years. They are in Africa, so of course by the time the energy reaches Florida it is falling from the sky, and we do no work…just get PAID…about $50,000 gets sent to Africa before we see $5000 and that’s great.”

Press release issued on behalf of Davin’s Den on July 1, 2013
Scams and scandals are steadfast in news media, spanning across the globe.
Audiences get a glimpse into the “Who?, What?, Where?, and Why?”, but are often unenlightened to what lies beneath. Until now."

If CG sees this post, and the links exposing him for who & what he truly is, I fully expect he'll come by a flag & nuke this post - because cocharoaches love hiding in the dark, not in the light.

Not sure how to take this reply, BUT if you are aiming them comments at me saying I am trying to belittle or insult you ect! You can jog on dude! No way in them refelcted comments can you pluck and insulte out from my reply! Hmmm ;(

My bad! Sometimes the flavor of a thing gets lost in a text. I see that I took your meaning incorrectly - please accept my apologies. Comment has been edited. No situation is so bad that I can't make it even worse by acting like an @$$, myself. Steem On!

totally understand!! No harm done! ;)

You should write a new article. This is Sage!

Thanks for exposing!

I've stoped viewing the damn youtubers. There are only a few of them worth listening to. The rest is self centered thrash.

couldn't agree more with this one!!

Behold your Bitconnect MLM master people. He is scamming you and you either dont care or just to stupid to realize you are about to lose it all!

Holy cow, this keeps getting worse for those scammers. After what you have exposed I'm sure no one will ever be able to say they weren't warned. If it wasn't enough scamming the crypto community...dirty Russian marriage scams with Nigerian associates, one guy suicided? And these scammers have kids and followers? I think I've seen it all now...I will not forget this info. Thanks cryptofinancial. You did the right thing. Edit: Could someone put this together in a video so we can share and spread this far and wide?

Im pretty sure someone should make a video about this and link to my original post.
Further investigations can be done with the info i provided.
Hope no one looses more money, but its up to the people to do so.
You can help by re- steeming this post.

My friend, I resteemed and liked with my minimal power. I'd give you more power if I had. It is SO important to expose the scammers to have a clean cryptospace! Your fighting the good fight here. My respect.

Thanks for exposing the truth!

Also resteemed a few hours ago now. Thanks for the info. My vote share running low but doing my best to upvote peoples comments for you


Thanks for sharing and exposing the truth.

someone really should contact Dateline NBC to do a story.

it's my duty.

I really liked your post. I watch mnore Trevon than craig. His first video was very negative to bcc. He since seems to have done very well from it.

I have upvoted and followed you mate.

Thanks, very entertaining post. I laughed outloud a few time.

Thank you sir.

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