The birth of a blade 8 : the Lejre Knife.

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After all the fun I had making the first 7 Madstedknives, I really wanted to make more.

I also wanted to try something new and different.
I have spoken with @katharsisdrill about making some variant blades for the madstedknife, and I still think we should do that, perhaps one with a longer blade or one with a very slim blade, for filletting e.g.
While I am thinking about this project (and waiting for @katharsisdrill to find some space in his busy comic-making and art schedule to participate) I decided to make my own variant: The Lejreknife.
The name is quite fitting since I live in Lejre municipality and since there is a rather large ironage kingshall close by(it is just the outlines since the original buildings have been gone for at least a thousand years, but it was there) it is tradionally considered to be the seat of the mythical Kong skjold (King shield) and his lineage skjoldungerne (the Shieldlings).
The idea I had was to make a modern version of the classical womans knife, much like the madsted kniv I wanted to keep closer to the originals but with a more square feel and a profile that was closer to a modern kitchen knife. I didnt draw anything before because I had a very good image in my mind about what I wanted it to look like. the blade was to be similar to a japanese kitchen knife.

I first forged out the tang/handle. It is basically just a matter of drawing out the bar to a thin oval-ish stick, around 25 cm long. Then before bending the the handle into shape I forged the blade.

I usually try to get as close as possible to the final shape while forging and I get better and better for every project. I still have to do the final shaping on the grinder though. This is as close as I can get.

then starts the shaping of the handle. Since steel is so hard even when hot, it is important to do things in a strict order. as you get more experienced these will be logical but for the beginner they are not. I start by curling up the tip. This is both for decoration but also for making a more comfortable grip.

Then i make the small indentation where the index - or middle -finger will rest when holding the knife. At this point the finish on this part of the knife needs to be done since it is quite hard to get to these areas afterwards.

Next up if finishing the blade, and especially the edge facing the handle. Then I bend the handle in place. this is done by heating the part that needs to be bent and then , using tongs bend it around a piece of round stock.

Before heat treating I rough grind the blade. After the quench the meatl will be harder and thus it will wear out the grinding belts faster. but I cannot grind them all the way down either since the blade might then crack at the edge. it is also at this point that the makers mark is put into the blade.

then I water-quench and after that I put the knife in the oven at app. 150 degrees. Finally I sharpen and polish the blade to a silky surface. last step is giving the handle cold-blueing. A chemical compound that makes the metal black and protect it against rust

Im EvilHippie, a compulsive creative and jack o' trades. If you want to know more about me, check out my introduction post here

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