The Hershey's Trust - Charity, Corruption and Child Abuse

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In a previous @v4vapid post, we looked at the case of Jerry Sandusky, his Second Mile charity and possible connections to a wider child trafficking ring.

In this post, we’ll explore another prominent charity located in Pennsylvania where child abuse is rife and both democrats and republicans man the board of directors who use the well-funded charity as a feeding trough for cash and lavish lifestyles.

I should also note that this piece should be set in context of the reporting by Disobedient Media's @elizbethleavos who, along with her team, has made some crucial connections implicating US politicians to an East Coast Child Trafficking Ring.

If you take anything away from this piece – the reality that politicians on both sides of the aisle are spineless self-serving money whores who shamelessly profit off the backs of under privileged kids are some of the very same people implicated in child sex trafficking on the east coast of the United States.

Ed Rendell

  • Former DNC Chair
  • Former Gov. of Pennsylvania
  • Former Mayor of Philadelphia
  • Advisory Committee – Asia Imperial
  • Author- America a Nation of Wusses
  • Clinton Supporter

Ed’s ex-wife is Marjorie Rendell, a Federal Judge for the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit who was appointed by President Bill Clinton.

As noted in the Disobedient Media article, shortly after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti Ed Rendell lead a group of Pennsylvanian “philanthropists” and politicians on a mission to “rescue” dozens of Haitian “orphans” and relocate them to Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and a crew of medical personnel traveled aboard a plane with the 54 Haitian children, who landed in Pittsburgh Tuesday morning. The orphans — who are all under age 4 — will be taken to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to be examined by doctors.

As Secretary of State in 2010, Hillary Clinton played a pivotal role in the relief effort in Haiti devastated by the magnitude 7.0 earthquake. The Clinton Foundation lead by the secretary’s husband and former US president Bill Clinton spearheaded the international response and rebuilding effort.

Just days after the quake flattened the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince, Ed Rendell and a number of political players from Pennsylvania were intently focused and eager to participate directly in the relief effort. Whether this eagerness stemmed from goodwill, attempts at scoring humanitarian political points or more nefarious intentions is up for debate.

What is certain is that several groups of politicians from Pennsylvania were desperately trying to evacuate 54 Haitian children. Rendell flew to Haiti with a delegation and extracted the young children and flew them back to the United States.

Rendell and company maintain that they ‘rescued’ these orphans from eminent danger by removing them quickly to the safety of America. However, many saw the so called ‘rescue mission’ as straight up (plain) kidnapping taking advantage of the confusion and disarray caused by the humanitarian crisis.

One of the most glaring issues that remains is the fact that many of these children were not listed by the Bresma orphanage in Port-au-Prince.

A number of State Department emails leaked by Wikileaks detail the concerns about Rendell:

January 18th, 2010

February 19th, 2010

July 7th, 2010

Will brief you on this - just se email b/1.
This is the ed rendell matter when he put more kids on plane than we authorized.

The Hershey Trust

The Hershey Trust was created by non-other than the famous chocolate baron himself Mr. Milton Hershey. Unable to have kids of his own with his wife, Catherine Hershey, established the Hershey Trust for underprivileged boys and orphaned children. This monumental act of goodwill and charity towards the most vulnerable in society was unparalleled at the time of its establishment.

The Milton Hershey School (MHS) is the jewel of the Hershey Trust that houses 1800 of youth/children in their academic program.

The Milton Hershey School

  • Founded in 1908
  • Town of Hershey, PA
  • Enrollment 1800
  • Over 10,000-acre campus
  • 143 Student Homes
  • 3 Instructional Centers

Hershey Trust Company

Most likely, you’ve never heard of the Hershey Trust but it is one of wealthiest trusts/foundations/charities in the United states.

Today, Milton Hershey School continues the tradition of preparing students to lead productive and fulfilling lives by providing a cost-free, private, coeducational home and school for children from families of low income.

The legacy and vision of Milton and Catherine Hershey lives on in the thousands of students and alumni touched by the generosity of the Hersheys every day.

In 1970, the Hershey Trust assets was worth $200 million and today the fund has swelled to $12.5 billion USD.

Though the net worth of the trust has increased dramatically over the decades the number of children it serves has only increased by 200 individuals over the same time period.

According to the Nation Magazine

While serving as governor, Rendell ignored allegations of misconduct at the Hershey Trust, such as excessive compensation, child crowding (including an unsuccessful experiment in creating twenty-child bedrooms) and the luxury golf course purchase. Rendell’s former chief of staff and law partner, John Estey, was recently named Hershey Trust Company general counsel. Were the Democrats preparing to make their own move on the charity, seeking merely to displace Republicans?

The Nation

Both Democrats and Republicans salivate at the idea that they could find themselves on one of the boards connected to the Hershey Trust company. The Trust has been described as a bipartisan slush fund. Therefore, instead of investigating corruption allegations at the Trust, the governor’s office chooses to look the other way in hopes of winning future positions on the lucrative Hershey boards.

Subsequently, the appointment of Governor Rendell’s former chief of staff to an executive position at Hershey’s came as little surprise to those who have been following the corruption and shenanigans inherent in the members of the Hershey boards. In addition, John Estey also acted as interim president at the MHS for a period of one year. In 2016, Estrey pleaded guilty to wire fraud.

Estey secretly cooperated with the FBI in a corruption sting in Harrisburg while on the charity's payroll. The charity fired him after learning of his guilty plea.

Estey’s last reported annual compensation from MHS was $935,112.

Rendell’s former chief of Staff is just one in a long list of former state government employees who have enriched themselves after landing a seat on the Hershey Trust board. A distinct pattern of greed, personal advancement and debauchery has plagued the Hershey’s Trust for decades. Sadly, rather than improving the lives of underprivileged children, the board of trustees of the extremely well financed organization and has become a cesspool of the highest order.

Former Gov. Tom Ridge has been a longtime board member at the chocolate company, earning more than $1 million over time.

Former two-term Attorney General LeRoy Zimmerman headed the charity and sat on its three boards — for the Hershey Trust Co., the chocolate company and the entertainment-and-resorts company — earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year until he resigned.

Ultimately, it’s the children of Pennsylvania who needlessly suffer with the scandalous betrayal of the vision and generosity that Milton Hershey intended when he originally established the charity all those years ago.
Unfortunately, this is not just a simple story of political corruption and unchecked greed, the Hershey Trust, set up for low income families and orphans, has been embroiled in cases of child abuse, pedophilia and sexual molestation.

Corruption and Child Abuse

The Milton Hershey School has a number of parallels to Jerry Sandusky’s Second Mile charity, where allegations of sexual molestation and abuse have been leveled against staff members at the institution.

Meanwhile, the national interest in the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State could draw new attention to a Hershey pedophile scandal that emerged in 2008. The perpetrator was Charles Koons, whose mother was a Hershey group-home substitute housemother.

Koons admitted to molesting seventeen children in the area, and used his access to MHS to victimize several Hershey students as well. In early 2011, MHS paid $3 million to five of Koons’s Hershey victims—a settlement that included a confidentiality clause.

Despite a 1998 sworn affidavit from the mother of one of Koons’s MHS victims, along with multiple complaints from MHS children dating as far back as the 1980s, Koons was not arrested until 2008—and even then by a neighboring town’s police force on the basis of acts committed beyond Hershey. Koons had continued molesting children in the area for a decade after 1998, eventually pleading guilty and receiving a sentence of thirty-five to 100 years.

This timeline matches up almost identically with the Sandusky abuse case as knowledge of Sandusky sexually molesting a young boy in a shower room was made clear to the Penn State University police in 1998 by the victim’s mother. However, action was not taken by Penn State police officials or the appropriate authorities including prosecutor Ray Gricar. (Which will be explored in an upcoming post).

Jerry Sandusky would go on to molest and sexually assault multiple victims before finally facing charges in the spring of 2012. Sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of sexual abuse.

The Disobedient article provides witness testimony by Greg Bucceroni connecting Ed Rendell, Tony Podesta, convicted child molester Denis Hastert and convicted child sexual abuser Jerry Sandusky to a potential East Coast child trafficking ring.

Moreover, the pattern of predators hiding behind charities, who’s stated aims are to improve the lives of vulnerable and at-risk boys, claiming to be their defenders is once more clearly on display.

  • Jimmy Savile – Multiple Children’s Hospitals and Charities
  • Lawrence King – BoysTown (Franklyn Scandal)
  • Jerry Sandusky – Second Mile
  • Mr. Koons - Milton Hershey School
  • Douglas Perlitz – Haitian Orphanage (Order of Malta)

To this list, we can also add the members of the board of directors of the ICMEC who are closely connected to the Dutroux Scandal

We even have a governor, Ed Rendell, who is said to have known Sandusky, traveling to Haiti to ‘rescue’ children from an orphanage with the justification being to protect them from the dangers of child trafficking in the wake of a natural disaster.

Milton Hershey School

Returning to the MHS

Last year, an MHS administrator named William Charney Jr., who was in charge of training houseparents, went to prison for receiving and distributing child pornography. The Philadelphia Inquirer exposé described how yet another administrator, Peter Gurt, mocked a sexual act involving several students, reportedly seeking to elicit laughs from this at a senior roast. Gurt was later promoted and is rumored to be in line today to become the next MHS president. Another two MHS teachers were fined and disciplined in 2006 and ‘07 for engaging in sex with students.

All this happened while an unbroken string of Republican attorneys general, from Zimmerman in 1981 to Corbett in 2011, did nothing but make matters worse.

The Nation

Although the Nation magazine describes the Hershey Trust as a “Republican slush fund” it’s apparent that party affiliation is not a determining factor.

More instances of child sexual assault occurring at MHS have been described to have been ongoing for years without any action being taken though knowledge of the abuse was wide spread.

66d2ced1 4182 44be 8c20 dc203775d1b1.pdf(5).png


Charities and Corruption

A disturbing and recurrent pattern seems to be playing itself out over and over again.
Corruption, greed and all kinds of abuse seem to be endemic in large charities who claim to be the defenders of society's at risk children.

In just the past several weeks, another scandal involving child sexual abuse in Haiti involving the humanitarian giant Oxfam has been made the headlines.

A common thread binding these charities is that they are not what they appear to be on the surface. With some of these organizations it would appear that they provide would-be abusers with easy access to potential victims wittingly or unwittingly. It's possible in some instances that there are 'a few bad apples' but when we look closer at many of these organizations such as the Hershey Trust, the Second Mile or the Clinton Foundation we see rampant corruption across the board. And all too often there are no consequences for these heinous crimes.

If you’ve followed my work here on Steemit, you’ll know that I’ve done extensive research on the NCMEC/ICMEC organizations. Past and present board members at the ICMEC have links to multiple organizations for missing children across Europe. Former directors can also be directly linked to individuals named in Belgium’s Dutroux Scandal. Yet more examples of organizations that are not what they appear to be.




Very illuminating (and depressing) piece of work. Corporations can't corner the market without government, but I didn't realize that pedophiles can't really abuse without government, either. Pennsylvania state government has been complicit. I made this to supplement:

Excellent Post @v4vapid and excellent complement @geke em lo particular knew little of the scandals or the scandals themselves linked to Hershey's but if you do not open the discussion before people about this would be just another triumph of local interests and works on children people in need. And five decades of that is enough. "
Greetings from Venezuela

Wow! this is awesome, really love how your Venns make things so clear. Thank you, much respect!

You need to step up your Venn game, V.

I know right? But there's no way I can make them as nice as @geke, I think I'll have to enlist her help in the future!

Maybe V can be for venn. 😉

This is quite similar to the Haut de la Garenne children's home in Jersey, UK. It allowed politicians and powerful people to access vulnerable children under the guise of 'charity'. Sickening.

It’s a complete disgrace V.
Thieves and deviants seem to flock to these charities like moths to a flame, we’ve had more info coming out here in the UK regarding our biggest charities covering up child abuse and misappropriation of funds.
The corrupt political systems of the west are hand in glove in the theft and abuse, it’s beyond disgusting.
The Jimmy Savillle case should have been a catalyst for change in the UK regarding the abuse of children (and in his case disabled adults and corpses!) within charitable organisations however all we saw was the usual political hand wringing and cover ups.
Haiti was devastated and these bastards saw it as an opportunity to steal and abuse, what a horrific state of affairs.

Sadly I’m not surprised by the info you’ve given us here, it’s indicative of the sickness that pervades western society now with vile creatures parading as politicians and philanthropists robbing and abusing the most vulnerable at every opportunity.
No surprise also to see the Clintons involved, wherever there is a buck to be made or a kid to be violated you find them and their despicable ilk.
Great work bringing this to us mate however depressing it is it needs to be out in the open.
Resteemed buddy.

"... like moths to a flame..."

I believe this to be the primary problem with such institutions, as those seeking power and wealth are shown to be expert at infiltrating even organizations originally intended for good works to suborn them for their private aggrandizement.

The state itself is the primary mechanism that perpetuates slavery, through taxation, and worse, incessantly broadening the laws creating criminals that can be held captive and forced to work as slaves.

This is the draw for psychopaths that want to abuse that power themselves. Their success at it is reflected in geopolitics today.

There are so many examples of 'charities' being used as fronts for child abuse and other major crimes that if I 'ran things' I would consider abolishing charities as a concept. I am reminded of this character who I recently posted about who was jailed for child rape while - he had operated as one of UNICEF's experts on 'child protection':

It's not really surprising to see a junk food company involved with child abuse either - considering that junk food kills more children than guns

Interesting read and it's surprising that you posted this today. There has been a really big scandal going on in Belgium involving multiple charities that used charity funding to pay for (underage) sex workers. In some cases food or other aid was even exchanged for sex by these so called charity workers.

I'm not even talking about small charities, Oxfam was one one of the most prominent ones featured in the investigation.

yeah, this is turning into a bigger scandal all the time. Do you have a link to the Belgium article? I'd be really interested in reading it. Or if you know the names of some of the other charities.
Thanks for your comment, very interesting.

Yeah for sure, I have an English source for the one mentioning Oxfam. The guy that was accused (Roland Van Hauwermeiren) is a Belgian. All other sources are in Dutch, this Reuters report is the best I could find in English

Thanks so much for your reporting and bringing this to the Light! I have never heard of the Hershey Trust until today. Sharing the eff out of this all over the internet.

Thanks, until i researched this article I had no idea it existed either and it has billions in its coffers.
The corruption at the board of directors is out of control. I only included a small amount in this piece.

Damn that's really sad the vision and mission of Mr. Milton Hershey is being tempered and used for personal benefits. People these days are such selfish, greedy bastards they don't even realise that karma is a bitch. I believe that they will have to repay for the debts they have caused to humanity. Corruption, molestation they have no fear as they have politicians and money in their pockets. This is really heartbreaking.

Good post!
Adding this article for reference. Three men were arrested in 2011 for smuggling kids from Haiti.

A Swedish teacher working in Berlin has been arrested on suspicion of abusing children, many of whom were victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The 67 year-old was arrested at Munich Airport along with a 26 year-old Brazilian and a 57 year-old German, after allegedly trying to bring an 11 year-old Haitian boy into the country.

According to German newspaper, the Berliner Morgenpost, the Swedish man is thought to be the brains behind a smuggling operation which sought to sell vulnerable children to a paedophile ring within Germany.

It's not surprising really; sadly, this sort of thing is probably far more common than most people are aware of.

Yes, it's great that we can expose these horrors and all this corruption and let the world see the true nature of the puppet masters; however, I tend to end up back at the same root question (as I also shared on @geke's post earlier): whereas being addicted to power, influence, money, control and other "vices" are psychologically understandable on some level... what happened to these people? As in who dropped them on their heads as babies so their brains took this turn where preying on children becomes part of their "status quo?"

My point being, we can keep exposing one corrupt and vile group after another, but someone else will flow in to fill the void they leave behind. WHY? What can be done to redirect that aspect of someone's psyche, so fewer or nobody takes over the empty spot? Or are humans just inherently that twisted?

Thanks for doing what you do.

My sentiments exactly. Always shocking but no real surprise. How do people arrive at this point you ask? Checks and balances are pitiful at best. Our institutions continue to fail us. I watch with hope that organisations like The International Tribunal for Natural Justice can gain some traction.

Great comment and those are excellent questions.
As we know there' s most often a cycle of abuse in these people's lives, perhaps they were abused or torture in some manner? By no means should this be an excuse to continue abuse but we see this time and time again.
Power corrupts, and people who start off with good intentions may be lead astray as they are often surrounded by people who have been corrupted long before their arrival. But we're all trying to figure out why the abuse of children?
I don't have the answers but I'm very intrigued by the possibility of Brownstone Operations being implemented.

Operation Brownstone, also known as a "Brownstone operation," is a reference to a theory that intelligence agencies, such as the CIA and FBI, engage in utilizing underage individuals for prostitution purposes with high profile targets, for the purposes of being able to blackmail those high profile individuals later. Generally, the incidents are recorded via videotape and the underage victims are debriefed after the encounter.

This theory offers the most plausible reason for systemic child sexual abuse, imho.

I boycotted Hershey quite a few years ago when they pledged to eliminate child slavery from their supply chain by 2020, I figured they would all be grown up slaves by then.

Absolutely brilliant research.

Thank you so much, that seriously is a very high compliment.

This is very good research and reporting, thank you. I had never factored the Hershey Trust or Hershey School into any of my previous research on the massive ring of sex-trafficking. It certainly is a BIG ring worldwide. I'm currently focusing on Broward County Florida. Was actually looking into how Child Protective Services is part of the sex-trafficking ring in Broward County BEFORE this crazy shooting episode, so it is bringing things full circle indeed. If you should come upon some connections please let me know. Steem on!

Well you should redirect your searchlight next time and come to the northern part of Nigeria and see how children are been put to do so many things such that one begins to wonder how the traditional and religious leaders allow such inhuman treatment been mated to children.
Your article is richly endowed with news and information that is enlightening. Thanks a lot.

It's a cesspit @v4vapid and it makes me sick to the bottom of my stomach! Excellent research here my friend and equally looking at the comments it seems to be part of a wider scandal .. it certainly makes you think of a connecting thread between all these charities, equally it reminds me of similar abuses by UN staff and military contractors.

Abuse is like a disease and it's spreading with frightning speed! I had never heard of the Hershey trust before so I thank you for bringing this to our attention .. and I thank you for continuing to shine a light in these darkest of places .. with the help of people like yourself, one day these rats will have nowhere left to hide! Resteemed.

@v4vapid.. a good report ... how bad is it that the government benefits from the trafficking of children ... because the government system is so rotten? it's sad to read all this ... since Hershey's trust base that helps low-income children is surrounded by people looking to harm innocent children ... well, Jerry Sandusky pays the 45 charges he got.

Would be interesting to find out where those poor 54 children are now....i doubt these evil bastards do anything out of goodwill...

💓Very important news thanks for shere @v4vpid💓

It's really interesting article. I appreciate your post. it's absolutely right what you said. I really liked your post. it's really informative article for all. Thanks for sharing it.

Usually, I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself saying something about it. You’re doing a great job Man, Keep it up.
Nice info! @v4vapid

World is changing and growing along with greed and corruption is also at the high height...Money has become God of people specially rich people who are ia high post and people who suffer are middle class or working class.
In the the name of Ngo and helping hand most of the organisation are misusing the fund for their own self development...Most of theNGO are just finding for themselves and invest very little amount on humanitarian work. It is very clear from the above data of Hersey trust that their trust worth 200million dollar in 1970 and now its worth 12.5 billion $ but the increament of children is just 200 from there to now which show there is mass corruption...Most sad new is there are not just misusing fund but also child abuse sexual abuse etc which is big crime...Recentle we heard same in case big organisation that is Oxfam..
It is very hard to believe that which humanitarian organisations are really working for the betterment of the society.Now its time to filter our society from such organisation and people who killing trust of society.
Thanks for awaring society on this matter @v4vapid

What bothers me about this is how many people know about it and we still can't do anything because most are blind to it. We are living in the sheep age and it's killing me how they can get off doing this kind of horrific crimes.

So many people are coming out now and revealing child abusers and rapists in the top of the political food chain and no one is doing anything about it. Maybe the sheep just don't believe something like this could be going on so they just disregard it.

Frustrating times to be living in as a critical thinker surrounded by zombies.

For some moneylenders, children are deprived of their fair share of rights. Most of the children are used in sexual acts when they feel bad. I want those evil people to be punished severely. And God bless small children.

Child abuse is seriously a crime. Govt. should take a big step against it.

It seems that some charities are just another money making utility for high society and a way in for pedophiles, and once again - law enforcement is bending to the will of big business.

Hershey would be sickened if he were alive today.

"When I feed the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist." thanks for sharing.
i am first comment for your post. i hopefully you choice my comment.
i am followed you and upvoted + resteemed your post.
stay blessed.

Your post is really great.

The main reason of more child abuse and sex with child is that politician are supporting these thing in background and earn large money with it while along with that they run some Charity to earn people sympathy and in these charities they did huge corruption too. simply they are wearing white mask on their black devil face. @v4vapid

thanks for share this news.good work.

your research has made the good, definitely many people will be angry at your current, as has been disassemble the game of those who memaikan children as object to get a lot of money. thank you ad has been melakukan this study. you really pave the way the truth.corruption there is no powerful medicine to treat it, such as cancer-like corruption that sheds the body until we die. Thanks @v4vapid

Much appreciated that you are removing the mask of honesty and showing the masses a real face of such culprits who are doing evil things just for their personal greed and lust, yes many others including me were unknown to their hidden agendas.

A big salute to your bravery, massive respect

Beneficial post....
tyanks for sharing...

This great corruption, i appreciate this news....resteemit

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Today the huge business in market is selling pornographic videos of child and this disease is getting more and more worse and these people are successful in there because they have backup of corrupt politician @v4vapid

Shocking stuff indeed, but even more shocking is how MSM almost completely ignores these giant charity frauds.

this is a great news. I like the news of corruption.

Hershey’s kisses just became a bit more awkward...

Dont forget upvoted account..
Thanks @v4vapid

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Thank you @lyndsaybowes, you're awesome ;)

Sorry to jump in like this Buddy, but I wanted to let you know- I spoke with Jerome Corsi today and he's joining Steemit!

News is very important and must be taken into account, thank you very much Already share, may you always succeed

thanks for valueble post @v4apid thanks for this news
thanks for link

from chocolate to love, i hope this company blessed more less fortunate people. keep it up and more power to my favorite brand of chocolate!. ( resteemed and upvoted ) :^D

2018 is the year of the “me too” movement. We are getting some Justice from those abuser of power who thinks they can get get away with anything they do just because they have money and powerful connections. Unfortunately, not everyone will face justice. I don’t see The Clintons getting prosecuted anytime soon, they just have too much dirt on people in high places.


Corruption kills , child abuse sucks , charity sweetens hearts...

Excelente información, gracias por compartir.

What a bunch of corrupt bastards. smdh

Great work man. Thanks for putting this together.

up-vote from @steem-bd community

Tolong bantu akun saya

You know what's the saddest thing? Children and innocent ones suffer because of personal interests of groups and individuals. And all beacuse of money and power.. You guys and everyone who're taking care of them are blessed and I wish you all thr best in life beacuse you deserve it. - @tonac

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Remember, if you need help, you can find one at the end of your arm.
When you grow up, you discover that you have two hands: to help others, to help others.
"Love is not patronage and charity is not about evil, it's about love. Charity and love are the same - with charity giving you love, so do not just mean but instead reach your hands. (Mother Teresa)

Politicians and media wanting to disarm citizens to protect the children is impossible to believe when they know this is happening and the only people protected are the perpetraters. Excellent article.

Wow this would fit perfect in the "Dirt Money" series on Netflix! I always get super pissed off when I see the little guy get screwed.

It's sad to see how much greed and corruption there is at a company that makes chocolate candy.

Nice intro. Make the foster care and adoption connection. You can research on or

I am unable to load the second site in Britain currently. When I load the site in Tor, I see: uses an invalid security certificate.

technology makes incredible advances, but people also advance some right side and others in the wrong way

How are you do? Thats long news what i read.

This is of particular interest to me, as my family has historical ties to the orphanage in Hershey. The pervasive nature of this tyranny of abuse just keeps getting revealed, so that while I'm not surprised, it's heart-breaking to have things hit so close to "home."

good photo I'm interested in seeing it is really amazing, thanks for sharing ...... @marzukirizki

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