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I'm slow at writing my Iron Man 2 post, so let's have a contest. I want to hear about what you like about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So here are the rules:

  1. Upvote and resteem this post.
  2. Leave a comment telling me what your favorite movie in the MCU is and why.
    2a. You can also make a post and leave a link in the comments if you like.
  3. Read my post on Iron Man and my post on The Incredible Hulk and follow me if you want to read the rest of the series. (Not required, but I think the posts are worth your time.)

Contest runs until sometime Thursday, March 29th, US Central time. I'll make a comment when that happens, but do it by Wednesday just to be safe.

After I close it I'll distribute 10 STEEM among the comments I like best.

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I love all the marvel movies and even more the Avengers first movie, since It gather the strength of all the most outstanding characters and the interaction between them as a team. Also the way Captain America guides them to fight together against the enemies using the best of each ones is awesome! . However, there is a netflix series called Punisher, which draw me attention the most. Maybe because he is a character that even without powers can manage to solve problems. Of course, the way to solve problems is far from what a superhero would do. Frank Castle deals with the problem and he ends it. And guitar sound track at the end of each episode sounds cool

My favourite should be "spider man" reasons that i could somehow relate him better, a normal school kid and a super hero at the same time. I must admit sometimes i wish one these days a spider will just sting me or something so i can do some of those cool stuffs like jumping over cars, climbing walls and the extreme speed, it excites me and above all like a normal school kid he had his crush and still managed to keep his identity and all that youthful everyday together. It helps me manage and switcu between peraonalities and not conflict my relationships and job and vice versa.

I really like the new direction they decided to take with Spider-Man in the MCU. And Daley and Goldstein who wrote it are quickly becoming some of my favorite writers.

Yea, although i had prefered and still prefered the previous story line but we must admit it will definately become boring it it has not already hence the change...thinking ahead.

My favorite Marvel movie is ANTMAN, half ant half man. No not really have you watched it? it's excitingly fresh idea. Usually with superheroes you can take a guess. So he has power or money? does he fight some villain? yes he fights a villain, duh. But, just watch it ok?

Ant-Man is one of the movies I'll be watching for the first time as part of this project, though I've seen Captain America: Civil War so I'm familiar with the character.

Also the trailers for Ant-Man and the Wasp look really, really good. I think I'm more excited for that than for Infinity War.

My favourite would be Spiderman. I love the character of the geek turned superhero. Someone you don't expect much from does great things and extraordinary things for that matter. The love story touched my heart...forgive me for being emotional here but I am a sucker for love stories.

Hey bro , my answer is Guardians of the galaxy , and why I chose this ?
Because , this was a movie which I watched with my group before we broke up. It was a really good movie. I totally loved how live it was. It had everything what a good movie needed. ( I know many people will say black panther , as that is so popular now , but I still haven't watched it yet , so I have no idea about it , I also love love Spiderman 😋 . I am also a Iron man fan )

Guardians is also my favorite. I really love the way the music is integrated into the core of the movie.

😉😉 ❤️ you know ever since I was small , since in my house we are both girls and dad likes action and all that , so we would be watching all Spiderman 😋 and iron Man and Hull and all that...but as we saw it , it was Soo interstesting and the whole concept is so unreal that it's Amazing!!!

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OK, I'm closing the contest. There are six valid entries, so I'm going to give each of you 1.5 STEEM, and then the one left over will go to my favorite, which is @pelusa. STEEM will be in your wallets in a minute.

Thank you very much @tcpolymath!

My favorite movie is Captain America because it is most nearest to the real word technology that have been achieved. Although as a mechanical engineer I really believed that the technology of Iron Man is not far away from us. but for now Captain America.
have a good day. :)

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This one is very close for me as several of the Phase One movies are strong contenders as are Guardians Vol. 1 and Spiderman but, at the end of the day, I'm going to go with the first Avengers. The reason for this is that it was such a spectacle a first-of-its-kind with the ensemble cast that had been built up over the course of several movies. I remember a lot of people were wondering if the quality would be there in trying to pull off a movie with such a large cast and so many leads, but I think most who saw the film would agree that it was a success. It wasn't the best as far as plot, but it was enough to showcase each character. Also, while I didn't feel Loki was the strongest villain, using him was smart in that the audience was familiar with the character already; so, the film really just had to focus on the ensemble and the spectacle of it all. Again, it may not be the best all-around movie, but I think The Avengers is in on top for me because of what the movie pulled off, and I remember leaving the theater feeling excited and wanting more.