[Map Out Your Next Moves] Week 4 of 4 -"START BEFORE YOU'RE READY"

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This is a big one, and may be more important than all the other topics I’ve discussed throughout this 4-part series. We can have all the knowledge in the world, but until we start to implement it, nothing changes.

I’ve had my fair share of experiencing this. I’m a learner, I love learning everything I can, but in the past, I often stay stuck, because I was in the mindset of, “I’ll start after I know everything” Or “I’ll just learn this one more thing.” But the fact of the matter is, we learn so much more when get in there and start doing.

It’s great to have general knowledge on what you’re set out to do, but the action trumps it all and is the true catalyst to achieving.

Strive For Progress Not Perfection.

We often look for the perfect timing and the right circumstances before we start, and I must say, over the years, never was I ever working with the “perfect circumstances” or the "perfect time". The perfect time and circumstance is now.

A lot of the things we may be on a mission to do are maybe more towards the road less traveled, and the steps and actions aren’t as clearly laid out as they are in the traditional plan of a “get an education”, “get a good secure job and sacrifice the rest of your life to that “job.” Millions have done it and millions continue to do it, so we know very well what that looks like.

It’s those of us that are trying to think and act outside that box, and create something that doesn't have so much sacrifice, and the steps to get there just aren’t as clear.

During that journey, its important for us to remember to measure things in a totally different way. Its not about trading time for money, the measurement is in the progress. As long as you’re doing something that moves you forward each and everyday, is what matters.


We don’t have to be fully ready and prepared.

Scary? Absolutely. The mind works in a funny way, where the ego likes to know how it’s going to take place, what it’s going to look like and what the end result is going to be, exactly. This is the challenge, letting go of the certainty. Free falling and trusting in the process itself.

What I’ve learned about “having the knowledge”, is it doesn't make it that much less scary when you go to do it. It’s still foreign, outside the box and often feels really vulnerable. So as knowledgeable as you can be, it’s still scary.

I love this quote and it’s so accurate. I highly recommend asking yourself this very question each day, what am I afraid to do next?

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Whether we are testing the waters and believe we can be creative on this platform or other platforms or if we’re set out to create and build a business, it’s all in the actions you decide to take each day.

The work you do now, you may not be paid for right away, this is what is different, you may get a spinoff from it 6 weeks down the road or 6 years down the road. Patience is key, and understanding, shifting the mindset and beliefs around earning money is crucial.

Others Make It Look So Easy

True. Another thing I have learned is they feel that fear too, they have to become vulnerable, put themselves out there and take risks. It just gets easier with time. We can’t loose sight of the fact that even though it feels lonely and feels like you’re the only one taking this scary path, you’re not. There’s a lot of resonance and support out there and I believe it is created a whole new level of support and compassion for each other.

It’s about giving each other a chance. It’s about seeing ourselves in each other.

I have a friend that I connect with almost on a daily basis, where we have similar things going on and openly talk about the vulnerability or goals and support each other. It’s beneficial to connect with others that are on the same journey so you don’t feel so alone.

Others also fail sometimes.

Accepting The Failures

When we become open to the idea that there is no way to do it just right and avoid any kind of failure, we handle it better when it arises. It doesn’t knock us down as hard and we recover much quicker.

Develop a mindset that failure is a healthy part of the process, its part of learning and when you’re out there failing, means at least you’re out there, and the closer you are to achieving what you’ve on a mission to achieve.



This is easier said than done and I struggled with it for years. When I ran my first business, everything was driven on external things, results, market research, the ridged aspects of business. It was all about action, and it was just as scary, I didn’t know how to trust, because I had no idea what I was putting my trust into.

This was one of the reasons I was pulled towards spirituality and understanding life better. Anxiety was the other main reason (alot of my anxiety was a result of how I was doing business, “all business”)

I had to soften things up. I had to turn within for answers and what I had found was life changing. I had passion, purpose and my own soul’s agenda, I just wasn’t listening. When I started understanding and listening to what I really wanted and how I really wanted to feel, is when I was able to know where to place that trust.

What people thought, started to diminish, following the rules of society or “business” became a joke, a new confidence was being born and most importantly it felt so right.

Find that soul driven passion within you. That’s your why, how and your strength to step into a new power.

The End Verdict

One of two things will happen, you will surrender to the “known way,” give up on your dreams and get or stay with a job, OR you will continue to follow the pull towards a more meaningful and purposed driven life. The big determining factor behind that, is are you willing to put int he work, do things differently, work on your mindset and risk becoming vulnerable?

Just start before you’re ready so you can begin to learn the things that really matter and get more and more comfortable with as time goes on. We are never fully ready.

I would love to challenge everyone that takes part by after the 4 weeks, writing a post to share "Your Next Moves," what your intentions are moving forward and what everyone can expect to see.

You can use the tag #mynextmoves. I would love to hear! (For those that engage in the comments each week + write their post with the tag #mynextmoves, I will choose 1 winner to receive 2 Steem at the end of the 4 weeks)

I will choose a winner Monday June 11, 2018.

If you missed the previous posts, here they are:

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Your post was the perfect message for me this morning.

We are each built differently. It might be easier for you to look beyond your failures than others. One rule i live by, don't expect anything from anyone so you are never disappointed. It might not be the best, but some people don't have the heart for heartbreaks so don't take risks.

I agree to not "expect" anything. It's important to just see things for what they are. Failure isn't something that we have to be afraid of though, it's part of taking risks, and to move forward with some things, taking risk is the only way there. We are all different, and respond differently, it more about finding what works for each of us individually. Thanks for input.

Thank you too

If we wait until we are ready before we start then we might never start (because we will never be fully ready, there is always more to learn). Taking risks might look scary and failure might be overwhelming. It was such an amazing series!

Trademark on my post is something I'm still working on but I know I will eventually have a signature vibe on my work. I have started anyway Thank you so much once again @tressareid #MapOutYourNextMove is really awesome and something I will surely promote to everybody. Happy Weekend.

Thank you so much for yet again a wonderful article about life and following your dream. The things you wrote about resonate so much <3 I really felt appreciate reading all this.
A lot of what you write about, I've already discovered or learned about before. It's really nice though to get certain things confirmed or refreshed. This really inspires me to keep following my gut feeling and to know I'm not "crazy". Or well maybe I am, haha, but it's the good kind of crazy and a crazy that'll pay of in the end. Hack, it's already paying off! I'm learning so much and meeting so many wonderful people. Both offline and online. Very grateful for this wonderful life and the opportunities I'm getting <3
Thank you so much for sharing you insight and knowledge. You have a wonderful way of combining the emotional/internal stuff with the more rational/external things. Love it!

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