Game of bongs - show me yours, I'll show you mine contest🎁

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Hello everybody

Today I want to start a fun game☺


After yesterday post, about the new glass bong that I bought. Since I have a deep weakness for beautiful and artistic bongs, I decided to go on a mission of finding the perfect bong.

 Game rules:
  • follow
  • upvote
  • resteem the post
  • post in the comments a photo of your favorite bong, water pipe, or any other favorite smoking device.

The photo comment that will get most upvotes-- win 3 SBD

Thank you very much, stay tuned💜

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I couldn't decide so I picked my favorite 3! From left to right, Stevie P's blue stardust klein recycler. In the middle, Bob Badtram's galaxy recycling mini tube with multiple different planet marbles. Lastly, Steve Sizelove's "Rhino". So hard to choose!

That Sizelove is the Bossness much respect on the collection. I see you don’t have a Steemit Profile Picture I made a contest post to make it simple to do just click Here after you get it feel free to enter my new contest to win some SBD click Here

Thank you so much! I will check that tutorial out.

Where did you acquire these???

Two were direct from the artist and one was from a dealer.

Beautiful! I met kiebler47 from instagram. And got his best dragon. Have a post about it.

That's some respectful instruments you got there.☺

Thank you much! I love each one differently!

Here are my two favorite rigs in my collections and matching carb-caps
I enjoy my Functional Glass Art.
#armorglassnoah #noahholland #weaponsofglassdestruction #rickandmorty #canthave2mach #2machglass

My Travel Bong 😎 20180219_231126.jpg

Meet Edgar! Unfortunately I can't clean it bc of its weird (but awsome) shape. If any of you got tips to clean it, I'd be happy!


Salt and alcohol with a drop of dawn dishwashing soap. The ingredients for 420 cleaner.

Soak extra long in the booze. Will help to remove pesky deposits. Shaking with the salt helps. Use the soap to prevent the scratching of the glass.

Thank you! I'll try it

this is the method we use and it does indeed work especially with the salt

I'm just not sure if it'll clean all parts. I'll have to find out

@ganjafarmer Thank you! 20180224_031530.jpg

Just keep voting me! Lol! W
Awesome job!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This is Chongz 30cm Double Bubble Ice Bong CHO17
Please upvote

nice bubble..

Made a bong out of a pumpkin last year around Halloween. Turned out pretty nice but it danked after the first session. Here's a screen shot from the video and a link if you care to watch:pumpkin.png

My Anonymous Munny by "Shaggy"

Galaxy Note Photos 1159.jpg



This is my old gal RIP . 😭


There's something about stoner cats.

el cato .jpg



Blunts and Bongs baby!

god damn it, I just ran outside at 11pm (after rolling up) to take a photo of our bong and you posted it already! LOL. inspires me to write my next post...The Oldest Bong Still Hitting. Been using it for 16 years straight :D

Sorry Love :)

This is PLUM my favorite 18" GOGOG bong.

Blaze it!


My guests bong

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Great post absolutely love it I just followed you

Thanks ☺

This is the one I use loldrug-1842740__340.png

That’s a nice piece! I love bongs over everything else!

You cant have to many bongs...

This is true! Just followed you man! Hope you can follow back!

Awesome post! I invite you to visit our blog and vote us back! And of course to enjoy our content :)

Now that's a contest your average Joe can stand behind :D

Cheers man, cool initiative hehehe

And what about yours!

Don't judge me... I don't have one... please no beating.

I don't have a bong! Awwwww

Maybe now is the time to go and get your self one☺

I have one. The only example of the kaos bongs left. And it's the replacement for 2 previous broken ones. It's packed away in its own box to save it! Haven't been a bong guy since that relationship ended. I should get a ganjagirlfriend!

Kaos Bongs ! We looked everywhere and could not find a replacement to the one we have. At this point i think the resin inside is holding it together lol

Yeah my original bong was beloved and beautiful. But broke. So last second and last store had Kaos on-sale. Half off. Got one and ran home. It fell over and broke. That made another trip across town. Paid full price for 2 broken bongs and replacement.

It's packed. Hidden. Maybe one day!

oh my god, seriously?! i need another. quickly. i just posted about mine, 16 years and still going strong!!! i would like one packed away in the closet too. Its soo bottom heavy though, how did it fall over twice?!? Ive kicked mine by accident and it just skidded across the floor lmao. Teetered a little bit but didnt topple.

Yeah I'm so deathly afraid of it being broken my last relationship didn't know about it until a year into our relationship. She thought I actually hated bongs, but I just had one it was hidden away. I'm very happy it survived

hahahah that is hysterical! post a photo!!!


Awesome bong

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