Genie in a bottle

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Hello everybody

Today I got my self a new glass bong☺
I have a weakness for beautiful bongs specially made of glass.


In the last few years, it was pretty much hard to find some decent bong, cuz the police started to arrest people for even just selling a bong. But now they starting to sell them again, and better-looking one's ass well☺


The Australian tube is just great and easy to clean, not a just beautiful piece of art.


I think I will start a mission here- finding the perfect bong...
Tell me wich bong do you like the most?
Show me your artistic bong☺

Thank you very much for reading

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Hahah Nice. This is how me an my girl Roll. Kaos Bongs! IMG_20180215_161206.jpg

That's one beautiful instrument you got there.
How strong is it? Is it made of glass?

Yes sir. Glass made and like 15 Years old hahah Love this thing


i know people who have bongs no more than 3 weeks and that shits broken. I have friends that havn't cleaned their bong in ages and it looks like it got chocolate milk in it..

I've had the same little bong for like 7 years, cleaning consistently... shit still looks and feels brand new!

Good purchase, looks like it'll be a fun time!