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This is another amazing contest by Steemhive.

Last week we have three (3) winners and two(2) participants were appreciated by upvoting their blog.

First Place : @zizymena -- 5SBD
Second Place : @jeaniepearl -- 3SBD
Third Place : @horpey -- 2SBD

@burlarj and @lovethlouis were been upvoted by steemhive..with 1SBD worth upvote each.

This week, we are going to be looking into poetry which will be in respect to Valentine's day.


This contest is not just about winning the contest, but to show your love to your love ones in an amazing way on how not to be carried away by the merriment of Feb 14.

Write anything related to Valentine's Day.

You have a chance to win!


The reason for this contest is to encourage minnows, especially the good writers among them, who post quality poetries, prose, poem, stories etc. And still get very little attention and upvote, this is to make them see reasons why they shouldn't quit. This may even help you to be noticed by a whale, and just one upvote from that whale, gives you continuous recognition.


You are to write a poetry of not more than Eight (8)stanza
Whereby each stanza must contain just four lines and pass across message.


You don't need to make the poetry rhyme, all what we cared for in this contest is to pass across message to others through your story line. However, your poem must be well arranged.

An example will be given below to guide you on how to go about it.


Here We Are Again .

Here we are again
in the gathering night
where her love went sore
in the lips of shadows

of whom she lived
her basis for.
Here we are again
on the holy day

where boys share cupid
with girls; exchanging flowers
for virgin V tonight
beneath a lamp of moaning roof.

Here we are again
at the wake of rustling trees
door opens and banged —
curtains rested and fly.

now the world greets the eye
whispering loneness after 14th.
Here we are again
after moonlight moaning melodies

with a black boy who wore
a red eye — she didn’t know
when he left at the wake of the day
until she feels again alone.

Alone like alone
Like being alone forever
Forever in darkness
So bored and befuddled

Loneness is a disease
Here we are again
She cries hard inside
But you can never notice.



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  • Make a post for the poetry

  • Comment the link to your poetry in the comment box

  • Be original - Any form of plagiarism won't be entertained

  • This contest is one entry per person


The winners will be determined by the number of votes on users comment which will be announced after seven (7) days of this post.

The winner is the one with the highest number of upvotes. So you have a chance to determine who will be the winner.

We will have three (3) winners.

First winner 5 SBD

Second winner 3 SBD

Third winner 2 SBD

While there will be another extra two (2) winners that will be upvoted by @steemhive based on the value of the interaction.


All you need to do is reply to this post with your post link.


Steemhive is a platform that provide support to help strengthen the bond of blockchain by helping minnows development.

You can support #steemhive to make this contest possible every week.


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You can also send your donation to @steemhive and make us grow together.


☆Happy☆ ♡Valentine's♡ ☆Day☆

In order to contribute In this educative contest, you can reach us at @steemhive.

@bollutech for Steemhive.

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Pleased to enter your contest. Also grateful to you for offering the opportunity. Blessings. I'm new to this. I esteemed and upvoted.

Hey! Thank you so much for creating this wicked contest... love the idea and you gave me the chance to write something I was thinking about into words... I hope you enjoy my poem!

-->> Let Your Love Grow

Thanks and I'm wishing good luck to all :)

Followed, upvoted and resteemed - let's get more creating happening!

Thank you.

With love
Hart Floe


Best of luck


Thanks dearie... It's good to know you enjoyed reading it


First entry to the steemhive poetry contest week #2
Congratulation your entry is valid...


Thank you.. Looking forward to coming out strong.. Thanks for this opportunity

It is very beautiful to find this type of contests, where the value of the feeling stands out beyond the economic benefit, which also comes in handy.
I like friendship and this way of sharing is propitious.
I will be happy to participate, if only to exchange greetings.
Congratulations and you always have many successes, @steemhive.
My Entry:

I hope i will be the winner as i can see the opportunity. :-)
thanks. :-D

@steemhive please don't make winner by upvote. The best poem won't win rather it will be who can beg for upvotes.

Thanks for the prize,my joy knew no bound

Winner is by upvote?


Hello @jeaniepearl

Winner be chosen based on following the rules and the total number of upvotes on the link you submitted.


Here's my entry on Valentine's Day for another poetry contest, hope that works!

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