Announcing the @steemcreative Super Happy Fun Contest of Joy and Mayhem // Week 1 // 25 Steem Prize!

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We are so pleased to launch our new weekly Super Happy Fun Contest of Joy and Mayhem!

The main prize will be 25 Steem, but there's a bit of a catch. We want you to nominate another user's post!



We want to help encourage user interaction and reward people not only for their creativitiy, but also for their interactions and engagement on the platform.

Who Is Eligible?

This contest is open to ANY creative post. Not limited to art, but also music, film, needlework, sculpting, mime, or whatever else has a creative element.

So what do you get for nominating?

Well, this is the cool part. We are splitting the prize. The person that nominates the winning post will receive 10 Steem and the Post creator will receive 15 Steem.

How cool is that?

It's very cool.

*We will also be throwing random upvotes on well thought out comments in the contest post, to futher engage and reward. We just keep giving!

This is week one, which means that we probably will not get very many entries, but as we grow and keep this contest chugging along, we have plans to add to the prize pool to have three winning entries each week.

When Does This begin?

The contest will start with this post and will run from October 21st through Fiday night 8pm CST / Staurday Morning 1am UTC.

Remember, you are nominating someone else's creative post! self-nominating will not be counted.


  • I see cats in your header picture. Why?

    • Because they are part of the witness team!
  • How do I enter?

    • Step 1 - Find a creative post that you want to submit
    • Step 2 - Put the link of that post in the comments of this post
    • Step 3 - Spread the word about your selection
    • Step 4 - Win?
  • How are the winners chosen?

    • The winners will be chosen by our celebrated and decorated hirsute feline judges with consideration of engagement on the post via non-bot comment upvotes and comments.
  • Can I submit my own post?

    • Yes, but it will be disqualified from winning! The idea here is to promote other Steemians you silly rabbit.
  • Do I have to upvote or resteem the contest post?

    • We would appreciate resteems in order to get Streets Ahead.
  • Is Streets Ahead a common phrase?

    • Well, if you don't know then you're probably Streets Behind.

Thank You For Your Witness Vote!

The link below will allow you to vote for our witness. We would be proud to have your vote to help us keep these kind of initiatives and rewards going.

@steemcreative is a joint witness venture and first Husband and Wife witness team of @swelker101 and @isaria, focusing on user engagement, creative content curation, contests, and supporting worthy projects.

Vote @steemcreative for Witness!

Thanks guys!

Shane (@swelker101) and Isaria... And Snibby The Cat... And Jeffy the Cat


Thank you very much, @seifiro for always valuing my work, the best prize is to have a friend like you.

Also, it's amazing that cats are involved in this, because I have toy mice for them

You always create amazing jobs <3 I love all of them. And I love our friendship of curse <3.


I love your works, @marpa, they are seeds that forge the dreams.

Thank you for always supporting my work, which brings love for the world and the hair of Waldo he he

@marlyncabrera writes SONNETS. This is such a difficult structure to write poetry in- but on top of it, she writes poems that actually say something along with it. I love love love her work and I think the cats should too ;)

I'm glad you mentioned this, @sunravelme...

I just read some of Marlyn's work, and now you've got me thinking about writing some more sonnets! ;)

Hey, @creatr, I'm glad you've read some of my work (I really appreciate it) and that you feel like writing sonnets. A friend told me once there was an authoritative voice in the sonnet, which made its content sound truer and deeper than in other forms of poetry. I agree. Much of it has to do with the content, though I believe in the power of words in their full form and meaning. Musicality and cadence, rhymed or not, adds some magic to the message☻

Hello, @marlyncabrera, so very nice to "meet" you here on Steemit!

Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out and say "hello." :)

I've been intrigued by the sonnet form ever since long, long ago memorizing Shakespeare's Sonnet 29 in high school. And so I set my hand, so to speak, to write a sonnet or two and publish them on Steemit. If you care to read my Sonnets thus far, you can find them quite readily in my Steemit Library. Just click the image below to find my library, look for the Poetry shelf and the Sonnet sub-shelf.

Thus far, I've penned three; but encountering you and reading some of yours will, I think, stimulate me to write more... And so, I thank you for that as well. ;)



Oh, a library! And you have a sonnet sub-shelf! I have so much to learn, so I'll click on the Library Information link, too :D
You make me want to be more organized with my contents :o Thanks a lot. I'll leave my feedback on your sonnets in the reply sections...

Do I hear a smile on your face at the prospect of a library? ;)

If so, I am delighted by your delight.

I did smile. I was delighted and surprised. First time I see something like this. Amazing ☻

Huge contribution by @steemcreative! Thanks a lot, @sunravelme. I loved the sonnet.

Thank @sunravelme for nominating this marvelous piece of writing. You do have an eye for sublime artistic creations such as this sonnet (and all of Marlyn's work, indeed) . I am sure that @steemcreative will love her poetry, her essays and all her original production. Good luck !

I really appreciate your thoughtful comment, @francisaponte25. It means a lot to me, and it also means a lot to me that my sonnet's been chosen by @sunravelme. This is really encouraging and exciting.

Thank you, thank you :D

Thanks, @sunravelme. You're too kind, and you have no idea how happy I am you have considered my sonnet ♥

Excellent initiative by @steemcreative

Indeed, @josemalavem. Thank you very much for yoir consideration :D

Beautiful initiative and beautiful entry. Thanks, @sunravelme for mentioning my sister, @marlyncabrera.

Good luck, @marlyncabrera and @sunravelme. Buena suerte, chicas. Es un hermoso poema.

Gracias, @beatrizpw1905; lo escribí desde el corazón :) Thanks, @loro143 and @lnr28book :) :) :)

Long time no see! Good luck, @marlyncabrera.

Thanks, @loro143. Long time no see, indeed. Hope you're doing fine :)

I hope you win :)

You're too kind. Thanks for your support, @lnr28book :D

Congratulations for a job well done!

You're too kind, @chretien :D

Excellente et exquise initiative, @sunravelme. Salutations!

I love your poetry, @gythanobonfak, so your support means a lot to me ☻

You are the sweetest... and knock, knock, coffeeeeee (spooky ghost voice)

does that mean I should nominate you because you gimme cookie?

Complete and interesting post. Definitely great pictures... Scary! Amazing job, @yidneth.

I nominate this absolutely lovely and serene yet bittersweet melody by @samidbarid.
I am nominating this gif by crypt-skip. He is a newcomer to Steemit and has been submitting , commenting, upvoting, and resteeming. It would be great to give him back some love and encourgement!

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Recently I met a Steemians who usually makes exceptional designs. Upon seeing this post, I thought of her @bharathi22 and her most recent work is inspired by her pets, 4 beautiful cats. Prrrrrfect! ❤ So, here I leave link:

Congratulations on this initiative, I love it when the interaction between stemmians is promoted.

Thank you very much for nominating me dear @smeralda ❤ I'm glad to know that you liked my illustration :3

Hi all. this is my submission for this week.

I'm following @jazzresin for some time now and although his music maybe not easy sometimes I think it's a really interesting artist that adds something very special to the scente.
I respect all musicians as my main line, but I'm bit tired of industry clones and so on so this type of artists bring a fresh air blow to us.

Thanks @steemcreative team for your work.


I'd like to nominate this post by Zameena-Zen, a busker who also plays violin in a number of projects. I would be nominating others if dtube was working properly (my craptop ain't exactly tops.)

This is but a simple lullaby, but is quite soothing. <3 Check her out, you'll dig her.

Hi! What a wonderful contest! I would like to submit this winning entry. She so deserves to win because she is scary talented, overflows with soul and writes really great music. I nominate this post by @elainefaye

Aww man, thank you so much for the nomination and kind words!! I really appreciate you 🙏🏽💗

Lovely voice.

I nominate @scrawly for her recent Inktober: Her Royal Highness Princess of Cheeselandia

cos it has "fufunchis" (mouse and ratties) and the drawing is super cuteeee!

Thank you for organizing such contest, I would like to submit this post that helps people to give a nice look to your simple wooden furniture:

Excellent initiative dear @isaria & @swelker101 <3 This is a great opportunity to all steemians.

I nominate @gade4rt She is an amazing illustrator who has recently been publishing illustrations with themes that are very helpful to the entire steemit community. I must also point out that the technique she uses in her illustrations is very creative and enjoyable for readers. This is the post that I nominate where she talks about a subject that predominates a lot nowadays which is negativism, and what better way to explain it than with these beautiful illustrations that perfectly reflect on how negative people feel. I hope you like this post. Regards ❤


Thanks for the support Bhara <3 <3 <3
Iam nominating this story by blueeyes8960, this is just one of the ,many amazing stories she writes for the steemit community. She puts a lot of effort into her works, And it shows in her stories how much she really loves writing for us

I nominate this beautifully poetic post on simplicity. To me it's about self-care, and is written by a sweet woman who I'd love to see get more attention. Thank you for running this! What a fabulous idea! 100% upvote and resteem. You're awesome!

Great one! I like all the sup that you're hiving to the community of steemians! ♥ Really a great witness and family giving value to the chain.

I will try to participate, this is @davidfar and his really REALLY good participation to the openmic with a great voice and... original song!
Hope you like and feel.


Scary Mask made from scrap materials

I nominate @lavendero because I was amazed by his artworks. What I like about him was his creativity and wide imagination. He can turn a rubbish things or old materials into something valuable and beautiful.

He made a post about making scary mask for this Halloween by using old foams, ropes, honking horn, coffee, old ping pong ball and marble.
I was amazed on how he put details on the mask just to make it scary.

You can also check his previous post to see some of his works.

This is a good artist of lettering, personally, I would like you to take into account your work I do on one of the communities that care for the environment and the world:

Thank you

I nominate a group, your prize Will help alot of members, All female and mamas here on the platform.
So this is My entry, and the last blog from the mamas :
Good luck and fo visit the account you Will be amazed.

@captainklaus travels in his bus-photolab, developing films on the road or directly upon stone surfaces. Check out his process of applying emulsion directly on the walls or rocks and exposing it to projection of negatives under a huge dark tent - he described that in some of his older posts.

Hi , I nominate @adelepazani because I love her great paintings, she always shows steps of her art works in her posts:

Hi all, I nominate @zpzn because of her amazing lady paintings like this one:

Thank you dear @napa <3

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Hello dear Friends, I want to nominate @greenleaves because of her awesome doodle drawings , I like them all :

I love music, it's a way of living and expressing our emotions, I choose this artist because he dared to play a spectacular song, and I manage to transmit the essence in every note I play.

Wao i love Queen!!!

Wow, I'm very happy because you chose my presentation, thank you very much @osita21 ;)

I'm a bit confused. Who are you nominating?

Wow, this is a great initiative. This is the kind of thing that makes me believe Steemit has a chance. @swelker101 and @isaria, the spirit of your project/witness @steemcreative demonstrates you mean well.

I'll go fetch a post, but first I want to thank @sunravelme for nominating my sonnet and for her beautiful, beautiful, beautiful words about my work :D THANK YOU!

This is a really cool initiative for getting people to engage on posts and commenting!
I'm going to have to see what I can find to nominate for the contest. I'm sure I'll come up with something.

me encanta la idea, gracias por hacer cosas como estas.

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Alright, let's get going

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Alright, let's get going

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I have a few people... gonna have to think on it.🤔 great contet idea. Thanks!

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This is a really wonderful idea for a contest! I just got back on steemit after a 4-month hiatus so I’m going to have to put some thought into a person to submit for this/wait for the right post. Just wanted to say it’s a lovely system you’ve devised. See you around!

Darn it. I see I'm too late to nominate someone. :-( Next week.

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