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Week 24 is gone and we are pleased to declare the contest opened for week 25. The main purpose is to encourage those newbies who wishes to give steemit one more chance! Imagine a Steemit without newbies/minnows, the Whales alone can't enjoy it and this could only mean one thing- Newbies/Minnows are a Force on Steemit!

There were 25 Entries in all, and 9 entries were disqualified for not sticking to the Rules. From the 15 valid entries, @inspiredgideon1 with A DETAILED GUIDE TO HELP NEWBIE FROM MY ONE MONTH DEEP EXPERIENCE AND STUDY- PART 1 won with 123votes, the other two contesting users were @iamthegray had 106votes and @samest with 21votes

Winning criteria are as follows:

  • The message in your post and how valuable the information is.

  • Less BOTs votes post is considered first. Number of votes i.e real votes and not trail votes and BOTS votes

  • Originality without any trace of Plagiarism. Sources must be cited correctly and without errors.

  • Only active users wins!

500SP had been delegated to @inspiredgideon1 for 7days, make good use of it and without spamming. Help fellow newbies with the tiny power you have gotten and hopefully the SP gets bigger and longer by the time you win again. Remember, only an active user could utilize this DSP

Seven days is the window for others to benefits from this Delegation, for resting periods; @oluwoleolaide's account will be delegating to prospective winners. Thanks for participating and goodluck next week to all contenders!


Follow @oluwoleolaide, @lucashunter, @peman , @jotmax , @sweetestglo-eu @sammie85 and @cwen for more updates and details on @Steem-Lagos Nigeria-Africa-World!


Special thanks to @rituparnaghosh for the animated footer and to @brindocorp for the New sets of logos

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This is a wonderful development, I am really glad that this project is back on track!

A big congratulations to the week's winner @inspiredgideon1

Thanks for your unending support!

Wow wow wow. I am really grateful for this opportunity of being the winner of this contest.
It's my vision to help newbies which was the reason for the post i did to help newbies and the second part is out already which is very informative as the first one.
The last and final part will be out by this weekend. Newbies try to read it because of the great information there.
Thanks once again. @steem-lagos

Most welcome and use the Tiny Power Judiciously sire!

Entry Confirmed!

such a amazing post...hope that all kinds of people like it...keep it up bro

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Entry Invalid, Read the Rules again!

Edit; Entry Confirmed!


Congrats @inspiredgideon1.
You did a great job.
Up @steem-lagos


Congratulations to the winner

Congratulations to @inspiredgideon1

Entry Invalid, Read the Rules!

This is a lovely gesture from steem-lagos. Please keep up the good job. Congratulations to the winners. Thank you.

Many thanks @greenrun...Bless you

Thank you.

Really great article, well done, my dear friend

Entry Disqualified!

This is post is from last month, be a wise Steemian and Read Rules before entering any contest!

Congratulation to @inspiredgideon1 for the success, thanks to @oluwoleolaide and @steemlagos for the support and encouragement so far

Entry Confirmed!

Entry invalid.

Multiple Entries not allowed!

Entry Confirmed, Thanks!


I thought I had sent in my entry

I forgot

I hope I still can

If yes, here it is:


Entry Confirmed!

Entry Confirmed!

I am deeply proud of what you do here, making Lagos proud and supporting newbies. God bless you. I did a promo for you as an endnote in my last post. Regards.

Many Many thanks for all the wonderful supports brother.

My pleasure

Entry Confirmed!