4 sbd giveaway for original content

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wow, thanks everyone for your awsome feedback for yesterday's post (I raised the total prize to total of 5 sbd) and the winners are:


the rules for next contest are:

  1. post a link to one of your latest posts as a comment to this one, so I could get to know you better:)

  2. be a follower of my blog.

I will choose 2 winners that will be selected randomly and give 2 sbd each.

Deadline is in 24 hours.



My entry
Am samuel
From Nigeria, I love art

You must win my man
You are part of my success story

do not forget I congratulate the winners of the contest @ shubaca430 on the previous day.
hopefully i'm lucky at today's contest event.


And if is a drawing? Can I still participate with that.

Thank you for the reward, I'm so happy and congratulations to the rest of the winners...

So, today's contest, I will leave my link below... Thank you once again..


@shubaca430. you are really good. whales always help other minnows. hope you are always successful.


Hi, this is a short story I wrote for a horror short stories contest. It's in spanish, idk if that reduces my chances to win /:
I'll give it a try tho.

I am share with you my best article that i wrote in two month ago.. It is most influencial steemian :
Link: https://steemit.com/philipines/@prince121/top-8-most-influencial-steemians-in-my-world


Here's mine: link

I would like to thank you, who has been watching all the steemians.
and thank you for choosing my entry as a winner in the previous contest .
I am happy to enter the contest from you, I will not miss the next contest.
here's my entry on the @shubaca430 contest this time
Nice to meet you sis

Hello, this is my last post, it's graphic design, my profession, it's a logo that I made ...


I hope you like it ... regards!

Hi dear @shubaca430 this is my entry for your contest. I hope you understand everything. Have a nice day :)



congratulations to the contest lebaran @ shubaca430 the previous day.
hopefully i'm lucky at this event.


Hello how are you? Here is a link to my blog I like sowing and working with children, I am a teacher and I live in Venezuela


Thank you, @shubaca430! The recognition means even more than the SBD, though thank you for that, too. We'll put it towards our weekly Steem Basic Income giveaway.

Well Thanks for the selection

While this is my post


Hello, I want to get to know a little with this post that describes some of the tasks you do in Steemit...


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