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RE: Crowdmind highlights: join the Bananafish quest!

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Interesting, this seems really great and I’m going to go check out the story as soon as it starts, this seems really great and I’m going to go check out the story! I’d like to ask @brisby what sorts of multiple-ending stories have already existed on Steem and have not gathered much engagement. I’m currently working (on the side from my Stratos project, right now postponed while I work on communities) on a crowdsourced multiple-ending text adventure DApp and am trying to figure out how to make it as successful as possible. @f3nix any ideas?


Hi Shredz7!

The most recent endeavor that I found, The Garden Kingdom was five months ago. It was a terrific story that generated quite a bit of interest and interaction at first but wasn't completed.

Prior to that, there had been a few other similar attempts made on Steemit. One, Short Story and Choose Your Own Adventure in the Interview is limited to a single post where the reader scrolls to a numbered section to continue the adventure.

Another, An Interactive Story had readers vote in the comments for how they'd like the story to continue.

Two others, Steemit Choose Your Own Adventure Style Story and The Dying Trees, contained links for the readers to click for their choice.

Each of these endeavors were of great quality but did not generate much in the way of interaction. The addition of the riddle that @f3nix has incorporated into our Quest In The Realms is our way of keeping the readers excited beyond just the reading of an awesome story.

Your multiple-ending text adventure DApp sounds quite interesting and I hope that it proves to be a great success! If you've any other questions, I'll be happy to be of assistance. Enjoy your evening (or day)!

Hello @shredz7, @f3nix writing! We found a previous experiment and I remember that it was good but didn't get a proper engagement level. Multiple ending stories have to be fun and most of all their narration time is not that of a novel. The rules are different and we tried to keep in mind that, first of all, this product has to be playable. I wanted to make it better and this format came out. It's an original one, I guess it has some potential and I'm exploring the possibility of copyright (attorney here). I am into co-writing for one year, when I started the Finish the Story contest, your DApp makes me very curious!

Yeah I really want to work more on it but there's a bug that's stopping me... will keep you updated.

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