ANNOUNCEMENT: 5SBD for Best Comment Winner (Week of Jan 15-21)

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Last week I invited readers of @nat5an and @shawnamawna to leave comments which demonstrated reader engagement. I am committing 5SBD weekly to best comment on a post in either of these feeds. I write daily on both and read every comment.

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There were three clear leaders for the first go round. Those were:

@jackdickens382 for their poem comment on this post in @nat5an's feed.

@jocelynlily for her constructive critique of my poem, "Spread".

and @tyebrooks for her perosnal, compassionate and compelling response to "Turning the Camera on Vulnerability", again in @nat5an's feed.

I hope you head over to read, engage and upvote these comments. They are exquisite!

I stated in my original competition post that I would split up the 5SBD if there were multiple amazing contenders. I'm going to do so this week.

@jocelynlily has been sent 3SBD for her critique as it was in-depth and included a diagram of her notes.

1SBD has been sent each to @jackdickens382 and @tyebrooks for their wonderful responses.

Please be aware that you may be rewarded for engaging someone else's comment, not simply my posts. This award is meant to encourage community connection.

I look forward to reading all of your comments this week.

Happy Monday!


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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Life is Gold @shawnamawna

Happy to hear that. :)

Great post, Is great motivation for bloggers.

I like to share the love.

Thank you so very much. I appreciate the award. Your poem was wonderful and I so totally enjoyed explicating it.

I loved your explication. It was amazing. It made me miss grad school. <3

Thanks sooo much @shawnamawna Its exhilirating to gain an award but more so having a pleasant impact...smiles..

Loved your comment. Your reward was well-deserved!