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Here's something exciting: I got @nat5an to join Steemit. He's my other half, my swolemate, the father of my children. I have known him more than half my life. I love him like gravy loves mashed potatoes. What we have is real.

fall family -11.jpg
photo by @jealousyjane

Thing is, he's a gifted writer. Unlike me though, he doesn't love writing and want to do it ALL THE TIME. Scheduled daily posts don't make his heart palpitate or his fingers dance over the keyboard. So he has this account that I sent him the Steem to power up. And it's just sitting there.

That's a drag. We were talking about it last night on our date. It wasn't a board game date this time, though we did look at some board games while we were out. We went shopping to buy him a new scarf (it's COLD here), then looked for desks because he needs one of those (no luck), then dinner and our favorite cap to any evening sans kids, a walking tour of Barnes & Noble.

Somewhere along the way I said, "Hey, if you're not going to use your account, can I post on it?"

See, I've had this idea about how to get my kids to practice their writing. Homeschool mom here. I have to think about this stuff all the time. And it occurred to me that @nat5an could still post on his own blog (duh), but I could keep it active and earning until he figures out what he truly wants it for. And when I asked he said, "Okay," handed over his password and now I get to write on his blog.


But I don't want to waste this opportunity. That is why I am inviting you to follow and comment on posts that appear here and on @nat5an. Each week, I (@shawnamanwa) will award 5SBD to the best comment made on either @nat5an OR @shawnamawna. In the case that multiple amazing comments are made, I will break up the 5SBD and distribute among 2-3 winners. Also, I will mark which posts on his account at by me or me and our children so you know who's who.

* I will be looking at comments made Monday through Sunday.

* Following @nat5an and @shawnamawna is recommended but not required.

* A great comment is one that demonstrates engaged readership and says more than "nice work."

* If you want to upvote or comment your support on a comment to help me decide, go for it!

I'm excited to help him build his Steemit empire. I'm not sure what the family will be posting yet, but I'm excited at the possibilities. I'm also open to suggestion. I think we will do a photo challenge of some kind, and possibly a family freewrite daily. Since today is a snow day, keep your eyes peeled! We will probably put something up in the next little while.

Do you share an account with friend or family on Steemit? Would you? How would you go about it?

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I clicked on the @nat5an and noticed that no posts have been made for 26 days. A bit difficult to comment on any recent posts from said individual. So I shall leave my best comment in the form of a video which does pertain to "writing". I hope you enjoy it if nothing else... excelsior!


I just put a post up there if you want to check back. Also, this is great. :)


Also, I forgot to log out of his account before checking mine. Now watching this video with daughter poet.<3

What an excellent idea....i will be looking forward to it. @shawnamawna.

I see all poetry in there? Does he write poetry?


@nat5an? The only poem he should have is the one I just posted by our daughter.


Ah. Maybe you are looking at my account. I write a lot of poetry. Just click @nat5an's name.


Okay surely


Have you seen my Bunghole? My people; we are without Bungholes...

This seems like it could be fun. More posts from you, and possibly from your kids? This could be big! <3


I love my kids’ writing and art. I think this will let me engage them more deeply.

nice (y)


Thank you!

The best job is undoubtedly the one that pays his profits to the world. My recognitions


Thank you!

Saw your contest when posting my own! As somehow who loves both leaving and reading comments, this is a GREAT idea to increase engagement! My own has a similar spin on it, trying to get people to engage with other participants.

I've been wanting to borrow my boyfriend's neglected account for posting his music to it. He has so many amazing creations that I want the world to see, but they would be out of place on my own blog!


What a great idea. I hope it works out for you getting his work out there. I’m going to check out your competition!!


Let's get this straight: you're using his account for the earnings, the children part is just an added benefit.
Lol. Just kidding.
Anyway, I'm going to check out his blog and tell you what I think.
(Hope it gets me best comment)

This is such a great idea! I have family members who are willing to contribute, but don't have time to maintain their own accounts! Now you have me thinking!


Right? Why have it just sit there?


I agree and am following to see what you do with it!

Great idea!

Getting fellow steemians to share ideas and interact with others is really amazing ... I'll be looking forward to participatory posts..




I think if we take time to think before commenting, we’ll be connecting at a mich deeper level with each other and our work.


Absolutely right.. I hope forward to that..

This sums up the ideology of steemit. The prize is giving and giving more, the rest is addition. Thanks!


😊😊😊 Giving back is joyful!

I wouldn't share an account, the thought makes me laugh, my partner and I are so different, it'll be a confusing blog. He loves tech, I love old school. I love poetry , he likes politics. But it's awesome to have a shared experience.

Yeah, that's a great idea.
My whole family is on Steemit!
In the past, my sister is the only one who has an account so I was begging her to give me the permission to write on her blog!
But now I also have an account and we're supporting each other!


Fantastic! It’s like a meta community. So many levels of support can be given!

This is such an amazing initiative, it is more than just two birds with one stone!
I love the fact that you enchourage family involvement, and more so that you also adapt it to excersize the childrens educational needs.

Hats off to you, well done!

  ·  last year (edited)

Do you share an account with friend or family on Steemit? Would you? How would you go about it?

I do, yes! @beatenegg is my husband's account. Mid 2017, I left the industry I put my heart and soul to for 14 years and decided to be a stay at home/work from home mom. One day, my husband came home and told me about Steemit and how he got his approval. He asked me to keep his account updated. I had no idea what Steemit was. We talked about it and agreed to have it be as a husband and wife blog and that we will both write.

I'm no good writer but I've always wanted to write. I planned on taking up Journalism back in college but my parents wanted another path for me.

Steemit is the closest realization of my dream to write.

Anyway, this looks like some days old post, I just happened to drop by.

Good morning from my side of the world.