Color Challenge: Monday Red

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On days when there is no school, our kids are given virtual learning assignments. Today's work was to complete a bingo of five options. One was a poem using five color words. Violet actually used six in her panda-inspired poem. She looooooves pandas. I hope you enjoy this Color Challenge photo and the poem that inspired it. (As well as the music video that inspired the poem.)

photo by @shawnamawna

Photo by Theodor Lundqvist on Unsplash

The Cute Bamboo Bear

Panda is fuzzy fuzzy cute cute,
fuzzy fuzzy cute cute black and white bear,
with a green tummy full of bamboo
fuzzy fuzzy cute cute, be a bamboo bear,

Panda is black and creamy white all over
unless it's in the mud, then it's a
funny funny cute cute brown panda bear
with eyes dark as night, funny cute bear.

a poem by Violet Ainslie

Music video inspiration:

post by @shawnamawna

What is your favorite animal and why? And because you can win 5SBD based on your comments, consider writing your own poem using 5 color words on a topic of your choice.

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Sniper Leopard.

So swift the black spotted sniper
quietly it crouches towards the brown deer
slowly and carefully not to cause a scare

Yellow and black spotted not seen in the tall yellow grass
heading bobbing enough to see between the green bush and grass
closer and closer just enough to pounce and stop the life-gas

I love the leopard; so sure and calculative.

Wooooow. Impressive. I love the rhythm and rhyme.

Most welcome. :)

A dog, i love dogs so much. I love them for their loyalty

Dogs they say are mans best friend,
Barking all day woof, i couldn't help but follow the trend.

Adorable creatures,
I want to be one,
I wish i could feature
And leave my comfort zone.

I want a dog,
I don't have one,
We did play all day long,
Would'nt that be fun.

Awww @stevenson7, everyone should have a dog!

I really want one so much 😫

The kid and the poem are both cute.