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It is now Day 3 of the Daily Steemit Selfie Challenge!

Our registered players are competing against each other in an elimination endurance contest where their selfies must be posted on a daily basis and must meet the theme qualifications. Not only must they post their qualifying selfies prior to the deadline to avoid elimination, they are also competing against one another for bonus points. In each round, I will reward at least two selfies with bonus points.


On Day 2, the players had to take a selfie with a live animal. We had some amazing entries, but a few stuck out above the rest. I have awarded the following photos each 1 Bonus Point, which will be converted to SBD and paid out later on in the contest. As always, have fun and get creative, but above all, be safe!





As always, this is to the best of my knowledge. If you believe that you replied to the Day 2 post with a qualifying entry prior to 11:15 am (CST) today, then let me know. Perhaps I did miss something. As far as I know, though, these players have been eliminated.

1 @thefamilyman
1 @rheasunshine
1 @oscarcc89
1 @kubbyelizabeth
1 @elianasgarden


For Round 3, all you have to do is take a selfie with some real fire in the photo. You do not have to light yourself on fire like I did, just have a flame (or even a bigger fire) in the selfie. BE SAFE!

Reply to this post with your qualifying selfie by 11:20 am (CST) to avoid elimination. As always, no entry post is required, but you are free to make a post featuring your entry if you want to. By entering this contest you are giving me full permission to use your entries in future contest posts. Thanks and have fun!


The current prize pool is 100 SBD, not including Bonus Points. It will continue to grow on a daily basis! That means that the longer you hang in there, the larger it gets!

Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

GIF provided by @malos10



Hope you find this unique, I had steem coming out of my ears from trying to come up with an idea!

I had to think really hard tp come up with this

I never claimed to be an artist....

Or a welder....

Just a kid at heart!

I second the cool part.....not bad for someone that never claimed to be a welder. If I tired that it would look like a doctor signed something....with a torch.

That's pretty damn cool!

Thank ya, sir! 😁

we should fund this with upvotes so you can send this piece of art to @papa-pepper and he can hang it somewhere on his homestead, that would be cool
do not know how much postage is going to be for such a big chunk of metal though...

That's a really cool idea, I'm just not sure he would want something like this hanging around rusting on his property lol. Thanks for the suggestion and upvote!

@papa-pepper if the community would send you this potentially rusty piece of art would you like it?
if so we can see if we can upvote the post enough to pay for the stamps and send it to you...
If not, thats all right as well

Wow brother this is really exceptional how can anyone ever match this? Tons of work and talent here well done. My vote goes to you for all the bonus points on this one. Cheer$:)

Why thank you so much for your kind words, I can only hope the big pepper himself enjoys it as much!

Ye you got this one for sure hes going to dig it . Thats tons of work. Great skill Cheers $;)

This just win already! 👏👏👏 Pretty cool!

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your support!

Now that is thinking outside of the box and awesomely cool

Thank ya sir, I really appreciate it!

Your welcome :)

Thank ya sir, I really appreciate it!

Most people stopped smoking in the company. Fortunately (for me), one guy did not. So, I was able to borrow his lighter.


You have everything at the company!! :)

it kinda looks like you are breathing in the flame, even on its side its a selfie with fire... I do not doubt that @papa-pepper will accept it

Thanks.. i had the ac in the car going i think that is what bent the flame!!

It does the flipping on the side for me occasionally but have no idea why

I dont know. Esteem did not want to post it either.

Yeah sometimes it plays up could be many things

WOAH how did you do that?

I lit myself on fire.


You remind me of Dominic purcel in legends of tomorrow.

I AM NOT KIDDING when I tell you I just now watched the new season opener of the show. LMAO

I was literally watching while you were writing this.

I had a feeling that you would come up with something cool, nice job! You're making it tough on me man! Lol

Thanks brother.....if it was easy, everyone would do it. LOL

In fairness, this is what i do for a living these days. Normally It looks like this.


Awe man... who took the photo though? Supposed to be a selfie.

Amazing shot, but can you redo it?

The set up I used.


Ahhhhh @papa-pepper ......10 second timer on my samsung S5, sitting on top of my big blue flip top garbage can (hence me having to look up at it) , sitting on a slightly leaking sandbag.....that it kept falling over on (this was the 6th try). LOL

Didn't think it needed to be in my hand since it looks like a lot of folks set their phones or cameras on something. But if it has to be in ones hand, I can totally shoot it again. I just wanted to do both arms. I'd just swap to one if I have to hold it....and of course it'd be during the day tomorrow so it won't look as good. ;-)

Got it. Fully qualified! Plus... looks like you may be in line for bonus point. Thanks!

Just trying to get in the spirit my brother....and emulate the papa picture. LOL

Well and fire was right up my alley.

Just lemme know brother pepper.

I took a look at your page after we were talking last night and saw where you were a stuntman and thought "I bet he will come up with something good, I better think outside the box." You didn't disappoint, you have the best "fire to body" picture hands down!

I try brother, I try. LOL

You're good to go. It's in!

🔥HOT DAMN!🔥@stuntworksinc✌💯

Wanted to use this one, but I thought @papa-pepper might hit me with a DQ since it isn't technically a selfie.

In my defense, it's pretty hard to take a selfie when this is what's going on.


"FIRE,FIRE,FIRE" It's too difficult to look for the best angle,here is my 2 best shots for fire selfie @papa-pepper


Wow impressive brother. Nice one whilst still snapping the cam that must have taken some practice. Cheer$:)'s too difficult for me to take that fire selfie..i can't look my phone while doing it!
Thanks @craigcryptoking

I have taken 7 selfies but this 2 are the best lol :)

I graciously bow... epic shot

Thank you sir i appreciate your support..


Hahaha...too difficult to take the selfie..😁😁

you deserve bonus point for being hardcore

i would be very happy for that!
But only papa knows.. :)


I am the light of the world..

Thank you @papa-pepper
Goodluck to everyone

That is a great idea, very cool.....or you're hellspawn. Whichever.

Are you sure that fire is not radiating from your eyes?

That could be worth a bonus point!

Hehehe awwww Cheers mate ;)

He deserves the bonus points indeed for his creativity with you photo in the background.

I really missed this contest,hope there will be a similar one soon(i like selfies!)

Ahh cheer$ mate appreciate that ;)

Ahhh, good one!

Haha Clever! These bonus points were a great idea Papa, gives the whole thing a whole new element of creativity!

HAha thats a really good one man awesome

true, I missed that one, really well lit

Wow this was really creative!!

Clever! 🍻

Relax! Stop thinking so hard.

Dang, bro! Fire on your hand?! That's savage. 😲

I played with many things on fire before I decided on this little ol'stick of incense.
No edits (besides decreasing size and putting two next to each other).

First one, the sun was coming in behind me weird and I looked too emo. So I took a second one as a consolation. I know how much y'all are ACHING to see my face. 🤣
selfie contest day 3.png

Haha nice one @carrieallen do you use that incense to light your bong too? Cheer$;)

well @papa-pepper this one raises the bar... so I raised your challenge and put steem on fire

and then took a selfie with it...

made a small post about it in case anyone is so kind as to want to upvote it

thanks, I really want one of those bonuspoints, lol
the things we do for bonuspoints...

LOL i totally get it. i was thinking the whole time what i could do creatively and i couldn't come up with anything. i hope you get the bonus points.

We don't even know what they are yet, BUT I WANT ONE!

Awesome creativity

thanks but the competition is getting really high and there are a lot of participants really raising the bar here. This is turning out to be one hell of a contest

Ohh yes some of the selfi are brilliant
Mine pale in comparison I need to step up my game let’s see what today brings

Guaranteed bonus point for creativity right there! Congratulations!

Thank you and I'm in this challenge again. Here's my Entry. Challenge #3. Fire.


Hahahahhaa nawala ang poise...

Here is my one for today, and I just want to say no Sheep or Kiwis for that matter were harmed n making this shot :) IMG_0154.jpeg

5 days short of a year ago I gave up smoking and used to have lighters laying around everywhere, but couldn’t find one so had to get one from the shop, my Childress sense of humor liked this one

haha love it

Thanks, I had other ideas in MInd but buying lighter fluid and starting a controlled fire on my desk may not have gone down well either at work or at home lOL

Haha yes I think that is a safe assumption lol so good even more then

LOL on one of these challenges i will get creative, at least thats what I keep telling myself

For sure!! Lighter rules!!

Indeed let’s see what challenge today brings 😎

Glad you were both safe!

Yes indeed it was risky but we survived LOL

hahaha good going!!

Here is my Fire-Selfie. Chicken on the grill and some tunes on the fiddle ;)

Not everyone would risk setting their beard on fire for a selfie, but not everyone is as hardcore as I.

LOL man that's madness, madness I tell ya.

I can't tell you how many times I have accidentally lit my beard on fire. Its a lot. Well done for keeping it whole today.

Lol you don't have to tell us we can see.. hahaha .. nice one matey! Cheer$:)

Oh wait my bad I thought that was @dwells comment.. hehe, but I can imagine it can't be too pleasant!

As long as you put it out fast enough it only smells funny.

Oh, oh, oh I'm on fire...........

Well, not really ;-)


That is the face that keeps the fire in my heart!

What do I love about having a gas stove that produces real fire? Easy, that is heating stone bowls for bibimbap on it :) Yum Yum.

That looks such a cool bowl, I have no idea what bibimbap is, or didnt I have a Korean Colleague and now know :)

It is really delicious. Now that you know you should try it. Super yummy :)

I will he has been trying to convince me to go to lunch with him to a Korean restaurant I do like there food so maybe I will after my next weight loss goal

Ooh definitely! Believe it or not if you skip the rice with most things the meals are not usually that oil heavy or overly fattening. Kimchi is a great side dish and probiotic for the gut as well 😀

That’s greta to know thanks
Maybe I will shock him and say lets do it next week

You look lovely here!

Thank you very much :)

Ah tried and tried to light muh candles with this new-fangled laser thingie, Nuthin' doin'!

Finally, ah gave up, lit up muh sign instaid and used it to light the first candle.

Two candles. Shouldn't ever trust those durn laser salesmen again!

Now ah kin go to sleep in muh comfy baid

What a pity, it isn't visible, that the candle is in the form of a funny little animal)


Look at me sir @papa-pepper , I'm eating the fire. LoL.

Ahhh, it's 3:30 am and I won't have time to play with fire tomorrow. Afraid I have to keep it simple IMG_5207.JPG


Well since we ate tonight and I had to make a fire in our braai place what better than to have some march-mellows at the same time:)


I enjoy March-mellows this time of year because I always prefered them stale since Lucky Charms as a kid! ;p

I love them all year round ;)

getting it in early - forgetting things is my thing :)
going to be traveling and we shall see if I manage to keep going...

Nice trellis back there! Hang in here Marianne!

Thank you! It is the unfinished roof over the cob pizza oven. I was going to do a thatched roof but am out of energy for that project for now :(

Very cool! My wife @ecoinstante wants to make an oven for the farm so very much. We have a lot of cobb materials ready for our ecodome plaster, is it very hard to make a cobb oven? Would you/could you/should you recommend to me some free plans?

We did it as part of a permaculture design class. Let me look in my books for a plan on how to plan the dimensions and such. If I remember right, the opening is 1/3 the size of the dom.
My kids want us to build a bigger one and I would love to figure out how to connect it to a rocket stove. I have seen one picture and I think there is somebody in LA who has build one. I don't know anyone personally. That requires way less wood and burns much cleaner.
Let me gather all my materials (pics and books and such) together next week and write a post about our built.

Are you familiar with I bet there are tons of people on there with all kinds of build experiences.

And do you have a lot of land? I have shaman/permaculture friends who do workshops south of here (can't remember which country). Maybe you can host them and make sure they build you an oven as part of the deal :)

Start thinking how big of a pizza and/or how many breads you want to do at a time..... that will dictate your plan.

Hey I made this guide based on your question!

I can't wait for your post! We do have land, a lot is relative but it is a lot to us and there is plenty of room for tents! We have limited beds, 6 right now and 2 or 3 stay full ;p

We have thought of hosting a gathering but haven't been sure where to start, certainly there is always so much fun work to do ;p

I have often browsed permies but not much since I found steemit. I have tons of pdf about rocket heaters/stoves/others and dream about building one one day! Everything ends up connecting in homesteading/permaculture/sustainability, thats why it is a worthy lifelong pursuit. c: