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Day 27 of the Daily Steemit Selfie Challenge begins now!

Our registered players are competing against each other in an elimination endurance contest where their selfies must be posted on a daily basis and must meet the theme qualifications.

Not only must they post their qualifying selfies prior to the deadline to avoid elimination, they are also competing against one another for bonus points.


Each day, I will be rewarding one player each day with a "quick draw" bonus point for being the first to reply with a qualifying selfie. Yesterday, I awarded it to @dearjyoce but she claimed that her selfie wasn't qualifying so @ewuoso should get it instead. Well, since I'm the one running the show, I'll just call it a draw, because that's more fun and I can do whatever I want... it's my contest!





Each day I will notify you of your current Bonus Point Leader. Remember, whoever gets the most by the end of the contest will win 1 Limited Edition STEEM "COMMUNITY" 1 oz Silver Round! Here is your current leader:

@bluelightbandit with 25 total Bonus Points










The secret Bonus Bonus Point thing for the last round was not found... Perhaps next time. I'll let this one remain a mystery for now.


No one was eliminated last round.

DAY 27 - revved up like a deuce

Who's ready to get "blinded by the light?"

To qualify for this round, just go somewhere dark and shine a light in your eyes! How fun is that?

Please remember as well, that the goal is to have all players take a new, qualifying selfie each day to enter into this contest.

Reply to this post with your qualifying selfie by 10:05 pm (CST) tomorrow to avoid elimination. As always, no entry post is required, but you are free to make a post featuring your entry if you want to. By entering this contest you are giving me full permission to use your entries in future contest posts. Thanks and have fun!

PLEASE REMEMBER - If you enter more than one photo, you will not be allowed to be valid for receiving bonus points. Make it count!


The current prize pool is 415 SBD, not including Bonus Points. It will continue to grow on a daily basis! That means that the longer you hang in there, the larger it gets!

Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

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Not only the quickdraw, but this.....

This is a super cool pic dude.

Thank you... it was a scramble!

HOLY GUACAMOLE......I was feeling like i might have this one, and i wasn't even close to your lightning speed.


The stars aligned!

Wow! That was quick! Were you looking in my window?

Thank you bro!

Awesome. Congrats on the quick draw and nice work.

Thanks! I'm not wearing the dunce cap tonight.

Love the light in your glasses!! Cross-eyed :)

It's a funny effect: 1 light = 2 eyeballs

Nice one bruv, someones turning up the heat!!

Awesome cool light on the glasses

Thank you my desk light came in handy last night!

It sure did 😎


Do your worst @papa-pepper, I am not afraid.

Blast light in my eyes, rub them with peppers, waterboard me (cough spit), stick me with hot knives.....I ain't gonna talk.

Not if you have sour patch candy, especially the sour straws, then we can talk.


4th... and there isn't really anything special about that...

C'mon.....gotta give a brutha a break on the quick draw. Speed not creativity wins the day.

Got an idea for my reshoot.

How about now?

Nice one! That looks damn bright but your face is so animated it is awesome

Ah nice, I actually thought about doing something similar to this. Good job!

The next episode of:

Behind the Scenes of our selfie challenge is now up. I may mention folks in the posts, never in a disparaging fashion. But if anyone see's a reference to themselves they don't like just let me know and I'll take it right off.

Hope you guys like it.

I am back in Paris, where apparently I am afraid of the dark.

selfie_2017_11_06.png're in the city of light???


haha, I love your expression!

Hahaha yeah me too- love his expression. He has so many of them to share but a smile :P

I call this photo: PEPPER-EYEZED!

I am NEVER gonna catch up you keep bringing it like this. Badass my brutha. Reminds me of the first Batman movie....well more recent Batman movie, not the one where he had shark repellent.

Oh I'm sure you will man, I'm sure you will. I'm still waiting for your re-shoot to post to see what you came up with. The rain messed up my original two ideas so this was plan C. I don't think I will make the quick draw tonight so ya'll keep those refresh buttons hot lol. See ya'll tomorrow!

It's up there.


Bahbahra saw what the challenge for today was while I was sleeping 💤
Can you say I was woken up blinded. UN the light 💡

Lol 😂 this was fun had the idea for this shot on the train into work 13 hours ago

hahaha oh my, she certainly is dedicated. This one is done really well.

Thanks this one ended up being easy to make a story with Bahbahra lol

That is too funny! Well done!

Thanks trying to get the shot and Making it a new story with the little sheep Bahbahra is fun but tricky some days but today’s was easy and fun

Ah, I found you and Bahbahra! That was very creative!

Thanks, I saw the challenge on the train this morning and came up with this idea, had to wait 13 hours before I could do it;)

Good thinking!!

For a person who never took selfies I am loving this contest 😎

Me too!! New frontiers :)

Yeah I am sure I will slip back into no Selfie mode when the contest is over but having fun for now :)


@bluelightbandit I'll find you someday...hope you like mayonnaise hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Ok, I'm done. C360_2017_11_07_05_44_50_443
photos upload

Be afraid @bluelightbandit very afraid.

Ooooh this is scary especially cos just one eye is properly visible.

I was playing around with different angles with the flashlight lol. It's almost too freaky looking to share, but I went for it anyway. :)

So much for any sleep again tonight. Just wet myself, thanks evil snowpea from hell!

Today was the day I saw the light.



Wow but from the picture it looks more like 'they' are coming to take you away for testing 😂

So anal probe then?

Dang aliens.

Its incredible what they'll get up to if you take your eyes off 'em

YA! It's got that vibe too. :) Haha
All the other pics I took looked like I was robbing the place.


You always take a good one Dr.!

Now I know its because you take a dozen! (Us too, or sometimes 3!)

That could have worked too!

You look like some priest who saw some demon. Really cool picture btw!

Hahaha.. @doctorcrypto this is brillant! Just like in movie. Glad you found the light! 😂




Blinded by the light revved up like a deuce. 😂😂😂



I think we are going to grow old together here. In 10 years, we really are going to know each other very well - in all possible selfie situations :)

Ahahaha! We will either be the bestest of friends or the bitterest of emnities!

But seriously, it hasnt even been a month yet!

I know. But I feel we already have grown into a little tribe :)

Yes! Agreed! A fun and quite creative tribe at that 😁

And that tribe will keep getting littler!

So much light, it's blinding me :P

Yeah will be taking selfies on the Sea of Tranquility!

We all will be floating our selfie selves on that sea :)

oh my gosh! Did your eyes hurt after that? Great job by the ways.

I shut my eyes quickly :) this is the best flashlight I ever got. It is solar powered and when I am out at night checking why the dogs are going crazy - it comes in really handy.

It's like we have our own little club! LOL!

This is quite cool!

I love the choice of using red.

I also shone the light into the eyes of the sun. Cuz, papa, that's where the fun is....

Night shift???

Keep waiting to see fangs in this one.

No, day shift. Start at 415am so I leave the house pretty early.

Congratulations to those that are quickdraws! Keep on steemin' people!

I see your strategy now! You are proud to be the only one without bonus points so you want to keep it that way by submitting more than one photo!

Clever way to be unique!

here I am very happy happy, therefore I continue to follow this race.

Its a pleasure to be playing with you friend!

Thank you friend,

lol @ecoinstant he's probably going to win the whole thing. Cheer$:)

Slow and steady wins the race - then buys a house (in this case) 😂😂😂

I guess the prize pool could get that big!

I dare to dream

Good job. Great shot with it being so dark

Thank you.

Great idea to use the flame

hahaha. thanks

This is quite cool!

the fun is cooler


I'm ready when you are!

Ah! This is what I get for having a great nights rest ;)

Passive lighting is such the norm here that we might have to wait until the wire to grab this shot.

Learn from my lesson folks and just stop sleeping now ;p

Got abducted by aliens, missed the quick draw, they probed me :(


Word Dawg.

you started from the bottom now you are here. you have packed the whole bonuses. soon papa will run out of bonus because of yhu.

somebody call 911

I didn't realize how bright my handheld light was until I had to do this, I am in a dark room, I swear. I can sufficiently see a nice big splotch in my vision, it will go away though. Interesting one to do this time.

Being able to see is totally overrated....OUCH (walked into the door). Maybe I should rethink that.

hahaha, yes I would say seeing might be a good option. Hope to door didn't hurt too much :P

That sure looks bright hope your eyes have recovered

Duh I check this now after being out in the dark heading to the train now on a bright train lol ohh well later today I will be blinded

Oh Jay, in this age of screens we will all be shortsighted, elderly, selfie-taking friends.

LOL yes times sure have changed, LOL never thought I would take selfies so many days in a row as I have now

I know right!

Hold my beer I have to go take a selfie of my self crawling in this dark crawl space under my house.

Lol yes and I mustn’t forget today’s fortunately it’s Dark do earlybthese days I have time

Ah good thing you've come to the northern hemisphere to take advantage of the dark winter

Ohh yes indeed the opposite down under

See what you have done to me lol👍😎👍

My eyes faired well after a moment or two, surprising how bright it was.

glad they faired well, some of these little lights these days can be so fierce

It looks like daylight in the photo and I am just noticing your eyes again :P

I know! if it wasn't for the shadows in the back you would have no clue it's a dark room. It's a quality light for sure lol


Thank you :)

0mg hahaha wtf

This reflects how I'm feeling today.

Nooooo! I’m beginning to depend on you for a laugh!!😮

Thank you! It was just one of those days. 😌

Big smile cutipie! 😁


I'm feeling better... but then I see you've been eliminated and am so sad! 😢

I'm glad we became friends because of this. 💓

You're about the only person that can make me smile on here, please cheer up. You have such a beautiful personality and spirit! I hope you're feeling better today.

Awe! Thank you @bluelightbandit !

I kinda just woke up cranky. All day was just a chore. I didn't really do anything productive, so that makes me feel a little worse. But! If I don't have bad days, how will I know what the good days are?😏

Luckily, most of my days are good. Even the bad ones aren't too bad.

Thanks for looking out!

So close... Now you can get some sleep!

😂 Night night.

Sleep well. See you tomorrow.

Awww, well have a good sleep.

Ahhhh...bright sceens late at night! My biggest peeve!

Close, Also, I saw some of your handiwork in Texas!

In the next few days you should check your PO Box there might be something headed your way too.

Wait... what?

Sometimes that is the only clue given. But watch your mail. I would think Wednesday or Thursday...

That is one bright light! Hope you could see clearly afterward.

Blinded by the light. The things we do for Steemit contests. LOL

haha I know right?!

WOW thats is one of the brightest lights I have seen in todays entries

Was my father in laws old cop flashlight. They are blinding

I see that explains it 😎


I went for the slightly creepy look.....

This seems fun; can you enter anytime you like?


This one is an elimination game, where the registered players battle it out against one another. However, as soon as this season is done, it'll be open to all.

OK, cool; I'll look out for it, like I say, it looks like lots of fun :-)


It's hurting my eyes.


Cant find a thing to wear in this closet! And the flashlight doesn't help much! Ouch, that's baaaaad photography! Way overblown highlights! But the tackiness fits the post! LOL!

selfie flaslight.jpg

I think for this challenge overblown highlights is acceptable and possibly even expected ;)

Have you posted yet???

Yes and you found it before I saw this comment sorry

I found it only seconds after I posted this. LOL!

Lol have a great day

Love the facial expression :)

ecoinstante poses for the day 27 selfie competition in Libano Tolima.jpg
Wild @ecoinstant, Runner in the Night
Foto by: Alex Trapp

Creature from the caves
Foto by: Ledis Arango V.