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It is now Day 2 of the Daily Steemit Selfie Challenge!

Our registered players are competing against each other in an elimination endurance contest where their selfies must be posted on a daily basis and must meet the theme qualifications. Not only must they post their qualifying selfies prior to the deadline to avoid elimination, they are also competing against one another for bonus points. In each round, I will reward at least two selfies with bonus points.


On Day 1, the players had to take a selfie with a plant. A lot of the entries were great, but a few stuck out from the rest. I have awarded the following photos each 1 Bonus Point, which will be converted to SBD and paid out later on in the contest. As always, have fun and get creative, but above all, be safe!




As always, this is to the best of my knowledge. If you believe that you replied to the Day 1 post with a qualifying entry prior to 11 am (CST) today, then let me know. Perhaps I did miss something. As far as I know, though, these players have been eliminated. It looks like we have lost 12 already.



For Round 2, all you have to do is take a selfie with a live animal in the photo. Reply to this post with your qualifying selfie by 11:15 am (CST) to avoid elimination. As always, no entry post is required, but you are free to make a post featuring your entry if you want to. By entering this contest you are giving me full permission to use your entries in future contest posts. Thanks and have fun!


The current prize pool is 75 SBD, not including Bonus Points. It will continue to grow on a daily basis! That means that the longer you hang in there, the larger it gets!

Until next time…

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What do you guys think he will ask us to do a selfie with next? i have been thinking maybe a waterfall, a particular number of people, in the rain, in the mall, ... what's next papa-pepper? i'm excited

Let's just say that things are about to heat up in this competition.

OMGness now i'm both nervous and excited. Can't wait to see whats next.

Now i know what that meant...

though I have been evicted but I still check this contest from time to time cos I enjoy it. Light it up a little bit papa-pepper. Let there be fun


Me and Steve. He's really amped-up over the rope and tire that we're using for fetch!


I love Switzerland and the tinkling of the cow bells!

its a relaxing background sound now, it wasnt in the beginning

I suppose we learn to tune out the familiar over time.

that might be true... but thats nice about going away, you get to come back and see everything with new eyes...

That's true. I appreciate Scotland a lot more now when I return to visit! :-)

How picturesque, I bet the milk is delicious

some of the farmers have milk taps where you can go get buy the milk straight from the producer. Sadly the GF is lactose intolerant so we never have their milk

Bummer. I know how that goes, I've been lactose intolerant from birth. But, oddly enough I can stomach a small amount of fresh, unpasteurized milk.

Lovely place!

yea, not far from my house, took it just after work now...
thousands of cows in the area and I reeally love their coloring

wow, I wish that someday I have a farm like that.

I do not think I would be a good farmer but I might make a decent homesteader...
hopefully one day

I am currently in New York city, in an office. So live animals are not easy to find.

Fortunately, someone in the office has a fish. It is on the left, just below the water surface.


truely not the animal kingdom (your office I mean), hopefully the next one will be easier for you... (and from looking at that picture, maybe they should check if the fish is still alive)

I did check. And I saw it moving, so I was sure he was alive. (;-)

Glad you found something. What did the person think about you taking a selfie with the fish???

I told her that I needed a selfie with a living animal, and she was OK with it.

We are pretty relax in this company.

I thought you maybe all had a bit of a laugh about it. :-)

Love the creativity :)

Way to be creative, nice Beta

This is our mean look....and our skid steer. Don't act like that isn't a scary dog....he'll totally nip your heels.

2017-10-10 19.32.01.jpg

Thats a really pretty dog

thank you :) she sure it!

wow, very nice

YOu look a bit like jennifer lopez to me girl ;)

not sure about that ... but thanx :)

your cat looks like it is ready to pounce.

Indeed,but they are friends my cat want to play sometime he just touch my hamster..but my hamster will get angry..😊😊

Thats so cute. they are cute, especially the cat

Thanks @leggy23 but still scared if they are playing too much so limit their time on playing and they can only play with me,cause we don't know what's on cats mind...😊😊

I guess the cat is just waiting for the right time to post the bone of the hamster in its mouth on steemit

NEVER underestimate the potential of that cat.

the cat is only pretending

i hope they are friends! :-)

They are sir...

Holy cow! This is so cute. However... that kitty DOES look like he's looking at the little guy nefariously... 😲

hahaha...indeed,i was calling my kitty to take a look what i bring to take a good shot..hehehe

thanks @carrieallen

What a friendship.
The way ur cat is staring at the hamster though...
I dont trust that look...

yes indeed..even they are friend i still watch them playing,cause i don't know what's on cat mind..😁😁

🎶Na na na na na na na na DAY TWO!🎶

(Like Batman)
Image only scaled down for politeness. 😍

It's me and Banquo!

Props to who can tell me where his name comes from! Props are not a cryptocurrency. They are worth only points on your self-esteem. I'll probably include a cool pic and emojis too. 😘
selfie contest day 2.jpg
I had to trick him. None of the four-leggeds are much for picture taking. It's like I'm trying to steal their soul. ... I wonder if they know something we don't.😲


The little guy tried to run away but I caught him in motion. Hahaha...

Thank you @papa-pepper for this contest

Good luck everyone

nice t-shirt

Local Birds will always show their trait. U must be so lucky to have gotten that picture. Hope it won't be ur steemit shirt the bird will steal next time

I was gonna do a photo with the gator, but I had to clean the gila monster tank! Couldn't resist a selfie with one of my favorites!

Great beard my friend!

Thats a big fellow there (the reptile I'm talking about now)!

Thank you!

Yup, he's a favorite around here!

There is no way i can compete with that...

I can't just close my mouth seeing something like this. I guess this is the next stage papa-pepper is taking this contest to. Well others shouldn't get scared though, just kidding

IMG_2788.JPG my birdfriend Lemon :D


Lovely cat. looking so curious.

I think cats really love selfie

It seems like the praying mantis was kind of hard to get a clear shot of, but the silhouette makes a good contrast.

Nice work Fishy! Beautiful shot with the dry grass background creating an incredible contrast letting us see the features really well!

Thank you! He was a great model! Landed on the back of my shoulder, so I kept tugging my shirt around with one hand, snapping pics with the other, hoping one would turn out!

Wow! Good strategy. This photo makes it look planned ;p

i'm so scared of praying mantis are they poisonous?

Oh, not at all! They are an awesome insect! Around here they EAT the poisonous ones!

Now i feel bad that i have been so scared of them for so long and killed them every chance i got.

They are freaky looking, I understand that!

Absolutely beautiful

Thanks! And congrats on your pic getting picked for bonus points!

Thanks, it really surprised me and made my day! I can't be so lucky twice in a row. There's a lot of tough competition out there to get through. And as much as I love my puppy, I think yours beats mine on the cute factor. And lets not compare your looks to mine, okay? Lets just not go there. I might be a big, rough and tough guy but I have feelings too lol! 😂
I should have put my mask back on sure enough lol. Seriously though, good luck tomorrow! I've followed your blog, I look forward to more puppy and beach pictures!

Thanks for the kind words! Good luck to you as well!!


This was tricky not having a pet so I went walking around the city walked about 2 miles and tried to get shots with dogs but they and the owners walked on by, eventually got these rats of the sky AKA Pigeons in the background with Bahbahra in the foreground so I think this may qualify to keep me here for another day

I got to take a bike ride with my wife today searching for the coolest living creatures we could find! It was several blocks before it wasn't 'stray cat' or 'pooping dog'

Will have to check what you found

Funnily enough the next best option was a pooping dog lol

You did well!!

Thanks Kindly :)

I took a walk too to make the challenge a bit more interesting! Glad to see that Bahbahra went with you!

I am going to try and Have Bahbahra the main focus of y selfies so its more a Bahbahra selfie than me LOL

just get Bahbahra its own steemit account: The life and struggles off...

Maybe I struggle to keep up with just one account lol

Awesome! you did great.

LOL thanks I dont like i myself my nose want meant to be in shot, but the rule is no editing so I couldn't crop it lOL

Haha yup I hear ya 😀

lets see what tomorrow brings :)

LOL! Sky rats! 😍

Not sure where I picked that up from but it’s what I always call them

haha nice! So that means I can take one with a bird too. Don't have pets and nor do I like animals so this one is going to be tricky for me but I'm definitely going to try.

Good luck this was a tricky one for me also without a pet
But go for it you can do it 👍😎

Yes, I did it. Posted mine with a donkey an hour back.

OHh I must go look for it :)

Here's my selfie with a live animal.


Please note that is is not one of the giant carnivorous snails found in New Zealand. It's just a regular garden snail. Hence I'm still alive and kicking ;-)

Taken... I have your animal...
I mean for the photo of course! : )

@otage, I have a very particular set of skills.....

Oh sh-t your back!!

You look like a dognapper!

yeah, the dog looks kinda scared and confused at the same time...

She looks scared to death! LOL!

She doesn't like me. So she purposefully looked away from the camera to ruin the photo.

Bwhahahaha! I feel that. 🙃

Poor little soul!

This priceless!

I guess the dog is scared to death cos u dognapped it

This is priceless!

I don't any exotic animals around me and couldn't even find a squirrel today for the life of me. So, what better companion than my dog, who clearly was focused on something else haha.
FullSizeRender 11.jpg

even if the dog was looking elsewhere it still makes for a great selfie :)

😀 thank you.

Aww so cayoottt <3

Here is me and my baby boy, Colt! He is a 110 pound Rottweiler that was born in 2009 on the military base Fort Bragg in North Carolina. He was given to me as a Christmas present from my squad while I was a patrol sergeant for my local sheriff's department. My previous Rottweiler had passed away that previous summer, so my squad thought it would be a good gesture to get me this new puppy to help move forward. I wasn't ready for this spawn of satan at first but he has grown to be my best friend as well as a family member! I love him very much and actually wrote a blog about him when I first joined steemit. Anyways, I will post two pictures. One photo is where he is at full attention and ready for a command and the the next one is a blooper where he was trying to give me a bath and knocked my glasses off.

And here's where he tried to clean my glasses and give me a bath.

The green paper reads "Bluelightbandit 10-10-2017 steemit Papa-Pepper Challenge with surprise guest...My Rottweiler, Colt! My Baby Boy!

BRAGG!!! Does he put his knees to the breeze too?


Only when ordered to!

Thank you for your service!

Back at ya brother...all one team.

love your little piglets

Thank yhu

Cute little piggies! Do they get to go out to take walks?

Can u see that goat is crying for help. hope u will return it back to its rightful place after the selfie

hahahahaha. it belongs there


She was saying, "Why did you wake me up for this nonsense!"

Awww, she looks like a very empathetic companion! Those eyes!

She is! She is a good hunter as well.

did you post anything yet?

Max and I the day I got him.

Lol! I don't know if he is amused. Bwhahaha!

Hahaha! I don’t think she enjoyed it as much as I did. I woke her from a nap, made her love me, and wear a hat.

Cool hats! This is a winner (will probably earn a bonus point).
[UPDATED] Yes! You DID win a bonus point! Congratulations!

Thanks! And you were right! It did! :)

Havin' a tune with some seabirds on the coast of Newfoundland - shhhhhhh

Well done my friend! I'll be looking for you daily ;p

Thanks @ecoinstant. I will try my best to keep up :) I appreciate the support

The second attempt :-)
What about it? )
Is it right?)
I did all my best :-)

Or this one?with pigeons? )


Day 2 : Animals
I'm so scared when the cow's looking to me.
So, here's my entry sir @papa-pepper.

"How does this thing work" moment!!

Hey buddy, that's my dog!