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Those of you who have been following for a while will likely remember the first contest I held: Younger Than Yesteryear. If not, please check out this final post with the entries.


It's a good reminder to not take ourselves too seriously. Let’s play again!

Celebrate & Share! We’ve also reached a milestone on steemit reaching over 2,000 SP and 1,600 followers. We’ve been working very hard and powering up and are excited about this!! Help us celebrate and share and take part in this contest where we get to all laugh at each other and share some SBD!


  • Find a picture from the past of you and family or someone special in your life and recreate it today with as much detail as possible.

  • As was the case in the first contest, creativity, adherence to replicating the original details, audacious/hilarious subject matter decide the winner.

Share a photo of the photo your replicating and tell a backstory behind it.

  • You can use people who aren’t your family to stand in if you’re family members aren’t available, but big props if it is your real family.

  • Make a post sharing your 2 photos (1 old and 1 a recreation you made for this contest) including the details above and share it in the comments of this post. Reference this post in your entry.

I’ll be holding and judging this contest with @birdsinparadise, my mom, the person who I replicated the photo with and you have until June 20th (2 weeks from now) to submit your entry!

There will be 3 winners:
1st winner will get 5 SBD
2nd winner will get 3 SBD
3rd winner will get 2 SBD

The Backstory

The photo taken above was my mom (@birdsinparadise) and I when she was my age! This was taken 30 years ago and the measuring cup in the second picture is one and the same! She says I used to play with kitchen utensils and I was always putting them on my head.

Now you're up! Resteems encouraged!



Oh my, aren't we silly! How fun @mountainjewel....and isn't it amazing how we haven't aged a day! lol Game on!

this is so fun! can't wait to see what people come up with ;)

Oh thats hilarious. I am seeing my folks this weekend so Ill see what we can come up with. I would love to go through some photos anyway. Will try best!

Yay! Thanks dear!! Have a good visit with your rents whether or not an entry comes out of it! Take care 😘

cool thanks, I'll have a good visit with my folks as well he he xxx

ah i love this contest of yours, I just have no photos of me as a child, but will look forward to all the entries xx

thank you for your support dear! i'm looking forward to the entries, too :) <3

oooh! I just loved this. It's such a feel good exercise. Your last one really pushed me to be silly and get out of my comfort zone, I was so glad that I entered. I can't wait to see all the entries! :)

You and your mom ♥ just love it! ♥ both photos are precious!

you rocked that last one!! so glad to engage my mom in this-- so hilarious. it's good to laugh at ourselves and look back at old memories. can't wait to see them too! aww and thanks!! <3

Pls where do I post the photo ma'am,you are such a brilliant woman,I just followed you now

Thank you. Follow the directions in the post as far as knowing What To Do. Then make a separate post with both pictures in it and share the link here.

Genialll, I think I'll enter this contest

yay! looking forward to your entry.

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You look cute in the picture. I know another person who always used to put utensils on her head, my sister. :-)

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