CONTEST WINNER: Younger Than Yesteryear | 15 Steem Giveaway!

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Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest.
There were some great posts that really made us laugh!

For anyone coming in late, the guidelines for the Contest: Younger Than Yesteryear:

Choose 1 photo from your childhood (up to 12 years old) to replicate & include this in your entry post.
Take 1 photo for this contest that reproduces the image from your childhood as closely as possible!
Tell us the story in a paragraph or two of what was happening in this photo - where were you, about how old, context, etc.

It started with me eating dirt...


And then we saw Ini sleeping like a baby...again...


So who won? I know we all want to know!

@walkerland with her:

Alien Antenna Head Bands ARE COOL!


And today...


Wow, we loved this! Here's what @walkerland had to say about the backstory:

This was taken in the 1980's in My Aunt Irene's living room in England. I was around 10 years old. This is my cousin dog Lady, my best friend for many years. Mischa a much smaller dog had to stand in for her. I'm sure you can tell by her photo that she was having SO much fun participating!

I didn't have a radiator so I had to make one up, and had to substitute the sheepskin rug for a seal skin version and I don't have bangs so I had to fold my hair over. I also couldn't find my original alien antenna headband so I had to make one. Fortunately I had all the stuff because you just never know when you'll need a pipe cleaner or sparkly pompom.

We loved how many things you made up in your environment. The sheer amount of replicated details in this pic! Take a look, folks! Alien headband, facial expression, dog remake, all of it was so wonderful!!

Thank you @walkerland for stretching yourself and giving us all a good laugh! I used to love "alien" type things when I was young, too (who am I kidding?! I still do!).

15 Steem sent to ya!! <3


Thank you also to the other people who participated in the contest.

Here are some of the other entries:

Please go to their pages and give them an upvote! They were seriously amazing and it was a tight finish!!

"Cow-Puppy" by @camporr


Traditional Dancer by @putroeal


Today and 18 years ago by @focusnow


Thanks again everyone!

Blessings and have a great night. Stay tuned for the next @mountainjewel contest!

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Lol! All very good, but I have to say that messy mud eating girl is still my favourite! ;)

Love the memories of the space bopper head bands!

awwww <3 yes!! space boopers lol! thanks!

Wow..what a great contest this it... its just like re-living the days passed...
Great one @mountainjewel for this great idea...

thank you for your kind words <3

Congrats to the winner. I like her entry a lot but yeah yours Wren was my favorite. Although I intended to be a part of it, I couldn't find any matching clothes to my photos from yesteryears and I just couldn't get the time to make some. :(

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