My First Contest for Fellow Steemit Newbies | One-Liner Life Mantra

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Source: Pixabay

Contest Title: One Liner Life Mantra Contest

Who May Join: Any Steemian with Reputation 50 and below

How Long the Contest Runs: (7 days) from now until the deadline: Midnight of Feb. 23, 2018 (Philippine Time)

How to Join:
This is my first contest ever, I am also new here and needs a boost but I would love to help my fellow red fishes, this is experimental but I hope this works...

  1. Follow me.
  2. Upvote this post.
  3. Resteem this post so more red fishes will know and join.
  4. Write a post about your one-liner life mantra. An example of a one liner life mantra is, "It's never too late for anything." I personally love that line and say it to myself quite often because that's what you do with a mantra, you repeat it to yourself to have a positive effect on you, to inspire you, motivate you, encourage you, something that leads you to live a positive outlook in life. Write the one liner life mantra first then tell us how you use this mantra, how it has helped you in your life and everything you can share about this belief of yours. Please take note, that it should be a "one liner" or just a sentence for the theme then support it with a paragraph or paragraphs stating your story on how this one-liner impacts your life. Please send an original work, do not plagiarize.
  5. Include a photo that is relevant to your post, it can be your own photo but you can also use free stock photos online (example: Pixabay). Use proper citation of photo sources if they are not yours. Please do not violate copyrights.
  6. Refer a fellow redfish to join the contest and mention them in your post.
  7. Leave the link to your post as a comment to this post so I will know you have an entry.
  8. Use "lifemantra" as the first tag for your post.

1st prize = 3 SBDs
2nd prize = 2 SBDs
3rd prize = 1 SBD
Consolation Prizes will be given to everyone who will join but the amount will vary on how much this post will earn, mainly because the prizes for them will be taken from here. It's guaranteed that there will be no losers! If the post earns more, it will be my discretion how much percentage of the full payout will be allocated to the non-winning contestants, but they will be getting less than the prizes of the winners, definitely.

The Respectable Judge: The judge will be my good Steemit friend @cadawg.

Criteria for Judging: Overall, if the instructions above are followed, the clarity of the author in presenting his or her piece and added to that is the impact of the photo to what he/she is trying to present.

Why am I making this contest?
Primarily, I want to help my fellow red fishes. I want to help them come up with a good post about life and to share a positive belief that they have to everyone that will help others in their self-improvement. I want new Steemians to be able to make a post that is simply focused in one thing and to encourage them to use a relevant image in their post and see how it impacts presentation. Basically, it's all about the basics, as we are all starting and since this is my first contest. I want the contestants to make a minimalist post but it sends a very powerful message for others. I want them to dig inside them and reflect on some things that move them positively and share it to everyone in Steemit. I believe Steemit is all about connecting to our human, like what our mentor @surpassinggoogle always say. This is my own little way of doing it. Let's mine our minds, look into ourselves and share positivity, inform others and thus make the world a better place. This is my first time to host a contest, thus this is experimental. I really hope newbies who qualify will join and enjoy making their pieces.

Tip for Newbies: Joining contests is one of the best ways to earn in Steemit. I know it's kinda common sense but we can overlook that sometimes. Please support this contest and may you all make contests for our fellow red fishes, too, in the future. Keep Steemin'!


Here is a beautiful red fish, a male full red halfmoon betta.

Source: Pixabay

#steemitachievers #steemph #steemitfamilyph


Please support @surpassinggoogle as a witness by voting him here and type in "steemgigs" in the first search box.
If you want to give him witness voting decisions on your behalf, on that same page type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy.
Support his other brainchild projects like #untalented, #steemgigs and #teardrops. Thank you!


This is a cool contest, I like the positivity! Ok here's my entry.

Also, I'm about to start a contest of my own. Any tips???

@vdux, you are the second to submit and I am glad you find my contest cool. I upvoted the entries submitted on day 1 and that includes yours. I'm your follower now, I'll see you around Steemit! Thanks for the support.

For a tip, you need to be detailed about the mechanics, the criteria, the prize, who judges the contest, when is the exact deadline (best if you can set the time in UTC for international community to have a clear picture when it is exactly). This is just me, but I think a contest is enjoyable if there are no losers. No matter how little, I want to give consolation prizes to the contestants, even if it's just 0.01 SBD. Anyway if there are 100 non-winning entries, 0.01x100 is just 1 SBD. I want it that way because I want to tell everyone that there is a big difference between a cent and nothing. I love earning cents. And in Steemit, there are cents and dollars everyday if you just keep Steemin'! ;-) Best of luck with your own contest, please do it for the red fishes, too. Thank you.

Oh, yes, I want to keep it open and accessible for everybody. But also known to everybody! Do you use anything to promote your posts?

No, I don't. But I have a team behind me, it's called Steemit Achievers and surpassinggoogle helped resteem my post and he has a lot of followers. Also, I made it part of the mechanics for contestants to resteem my post and refer a fellow in their post for it to be known. Just simple, organic ways for exposure.

That is awesome! Now I want you to know a good Steemit friend named @moneyinfant. Please ask him/her to add your contest to his compilation of contests like he/she did to mine. It will give more exposure to your contest. Here is his/her link:

@vdux reached out and the haiku contest will be in tomorrow's issue.

Looks like @cadawg is very busy with the judging here!

And for future reference it's him/his :))

Awesome. I was about to ask you that. Ahahaha! Yeah, I don't know how cadawg does it when he is busy as a student getting A's. He is quite good with juggling stuff. Awesome kid.

Round up of my first reviews of posts:


If you posted your post and commented before the time this one was published, leave a comment on this with a link to your post so I can find and review it.

All The Best & Thanks for keeping me busy!
~ @cadawg

14 entries for Day 1, wow! Thanks, @cadawg!

Hi, it's your judge @cadawg, reporting for duty! Can't wait to see these entries!

Ahahahaha! Remind me that I owe you for this one, later. I know it won't be easy to judge contests. Thank you for your support always.

Oh, no problem. Glad to be of some assistance. Keep it up & I will judge it as best as I can.
Have a nice day & keep steeming on!

I feel akward being the first but hey someone has to be;
Here is my entry.

You are awesome to be the one to do it first. Thank you @gjoeohere for the support. I'm a follower now. Best of luck with the contest.

Thanks alot..i hope to win this

Cool first contest good luck

Yes good job anyone can well support @steemgigs

Yep, I'm all in for steemgigs too!

@moneyinfant has added your contest to the list Steemit Writing Contests: Issue #21. The list is updated on a daily basis and your contest will remain on the list until its expiration - there's nothing you need to do.

The list was created to save writers the excessive amount of time spent searching through the #contest tag for writing contests. Now they can just come to the list each day, see new contests and use their time doing what they love - writing.

If you'd like to help spread the word about the Steemit Writing Contest List I'd really appreciate a resteem, but it certainly isn't necessary. The project is simply meant to help writers save time and contest creators attract more contestants.

P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

Thank you, I appreciate this. I feel honored. I'm a follower now and I'll see more from you in Steemit!

It's my pleasure. I'll see you around for sure.

Thanks for joining @wondersofnature. I love your positive outlook about money. I do have the same mantra, I always think that money just comes around. I live a very expensive life because I have a chronic illness and on dialysis, it's hard but money just comes around. Money is essential, but do not focus on that fact, keep doing work and enjoying your life and keep a balance on how you will have money revolve around you. Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts on money. I'll see you around Steemit.

You will be healed, in Jesus name! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. It's an honor for me to be part of your contest. God bless you more!

That was quick! Thank you @theunlimited. I will be waiting for your brother's entry.

Well almost one hour of writing 😊 Thank you for this ^^

Thanks for joining, I read your post and left a comment. Stay positive and don't forget to have fun. Keep Steemin'! ;-)

Hi @mermaidvampire,
How do you do?
This is entry link into the contest:
I find this interesting to participate and I must commend you for soft heart you have towards supporting the red fishes.

Thank you @samal. You have a nice name. Here in the Philippines, Samal is a beautiful island in the southern part of the country. Thank you for your entry, yes keep it simple is a good mantra. Life isn't complicated when you keep things simple. I'm a fan of minimalism, so this is also something I tell myself quite often. I have followed you and I will be seeing more from you in the future. Keep Steemin'!

Wow! Never knew a beautiful Island bears that name in Philippines.
Salamat @mermaidvampire.

Samal is located inear Davao City its an Island .

Thank you! It's an honor for me to host the first contest you joined in Steemit. Welcome to Steemit, I have followed you and I want to see your future blogs. I loev your mantra, indeed there is dichotomy in life... sad and happy, black and white, yes and no... and many others and we must know it just swings back and forth between the two. So we must accept and be ready for each for they are to happen to us sooner or later. But always, life is a choice, we can choose to be positive regardless if we are in the sad/dark phase or the happy/bright phase. Keep Steemin'! I'll see you around!

Thank you @liltom, I've added your post in the 2nd day update post. Thank you so much for sharing your mantra. Stay positive and you've gained a follower in me. I'll see more of your posts in the future. Keep Steemin'!

Thank you

Thank you, @malukhuzaifa12, this is a very positive mantra. Indeed, if you look at life as simple and uncomplicated as others see it, you will get to enjoy and taste what it wants you to experience. Wonderful mantra.

@mermaidvampire Done 1st few requirements and now would like to create the post about my mantra, i follow! Thanks for this post , special gratitude to @surpassinggoogle who resteem this and I follow his everyday resteem posts and activity as I consider him as my mentor, teacher and witness on steemit. Thanks both of you!

Oh thank you! I'll be waiting for your entry. SG is the man! I look up to him, too.

Hope I can win :) looking forward for it kabayan.

Thanks for joining, @glentoy! I followed you, and I would like to see more of your works. About your mantra that was deep. But if you must know, I am sick with a chronic illness and technically dying at a faster rate than most people but I do not fear the "end." I hope you can learn something from my life as we bump each other around Steemit. Endings are new beginnings. There will be sorrow with it but time will help you cope with these loses. Best of luck with the contest! :-)

I hope the best for you :) yeah, I have to accept that there is always an end. I just have to be prepared.

Congrats for hosting a contest like this. Let's hope for more entries!

Thank you so much! You all have been my guiding light and I will forever be grateful about that. Salute!

Upvoted and resteemed . Now need to create my entry. 😊😊thank you for this .

Thank you. The pleasure is mine. I'll be waiting for your entry. ;-)

It is a privilege to have an opportunity to participate in this competition. I am grateful

Here is my link

Thank you, @andreyyte. I appreciate you joining. Stay positive and continue to share your light to others. Please spread the word regarding this contest. I've followed you.

Thanks. I appreciate!

This is an interesting contest, anyone can take part in this contest, I will try to follow this contest, hopefully there could be a winner ...

Hi @adson, you may actually join it, I'd be glad to see an entry from you. Please spread the word about the contest to others will join. Spread the positivity. Thank you so much!

Great contest i shall put in my best to see how it goes

Thank you. If you can join and tell others I'd appreciate that, @ola-eu. I'm a follower of yours now. See you around Steemit!

So much postivists in da building.
Here's my one liner life mantra and my story

Thanks love for this beautiful contest

Thank you so much! Yes, let's spread positivity... besides, negativity gets people nowhere. Thank you for joining. Best of luck with the contest! You've earned a new follower in me. See you around Steemit!

Thank you so much😘😘

The challenging contest may be a champion

Please join! No losers here, for sure. Everyone gets to take something from this contest. Spread the word. Thanks!


lifemantra. I don't have any idea to write about. In my life I never hold a trophy. Sometime one lie can make life more interesting than a thousand truth. Iron Man said that "A great man has a long stick." Maybe a long stick mean is a trophy. All the cop in the street are have their pistol. I think the broken cars are the trophy for them.

Hi @pidar! Thanks for dropping by. To join, you must make your own post and link it here. I never had trophies either but I have a lot of things I am so much grateful for, I think they are better than trophies... ;-) I'm pretty sure you have things better than trophies, too! See you around Steemit! I've followed you.

Wonderful initiative Ms Karen ☺ can't join this but upvoted and resteemed!

You keep proving that you are a fighter; it shows in your ideas. Congratulations on your first contest and I wish you much success!

Thank you for the support, you and your sister Jacinta has been awesome! I appreciate it, thanks!

ok ra bisan dili ako ang original author sa mantra? ehehe

Okay ra pero di naka pwede kay 56 na imong rep. Ahahaha!


a nice contest, i must say.
steemit is really wonderful already.

here's my link.

Thank you, @speedoflight! I'm glad you found my contest. Welcome to Steemit, you'll enjoy it here. Stay positive and let your light shine upon others. Nice name, by the way.

Nice contest. I like that it's centered around postivity. Well, here's my entry:

Thank you for joining! I rarely believe in impossible so I love your mantra. Whenever I am lost, sad and helpless I just look up and pray and I tell myself I am his daughter and he died to have me saved. He gives me power against all kinds of pain. :-)

Good that you have initiated a contest, glad that there were already a handful #steemitachievers who are sharing their blessings through hosting contests like this and this is what I want to happen in #steemitachievers, helping and supporting each other.

Good luck and more power!

Thank you, boss @long888. Enjoy your trip! I am doing this because this is what I saw with you, guys. May we continue to have this spirit in our team #steemitachievers!

I love this contest it's motivating and inspiring!
Here is my entry.

Thank you! I love your mantra. Yes, we all are just a speck in the universe but we can make a difference, to make the world a better place no matter who we are, where we are! I believe that! Thanks for joining @salaujohnson. You've got me as a follower. I'll see you around Steemit!

Thanks so much, i will be glad if you will truly make me be a big steemian.

What is a red fish?

Hi, @vdux! Thanks for the support. About red fish, in the Steemitboard the red fish is the level before minnows. You may visit the Steemitboard, it is an awesome website made by an awesome witness named arcange. Here are the ranks in Steemitboard. Red fish-Minnow-Dolphin-Orca-Whale


Visit the Steemitboard here.

Thanks for sharing the contest with us

The pleasure is mine, @richgang! Thanks for the support. Please join and invite a fellow redfish to join, there won't be any losers in this contest. We have consolation prizes for non-winning entries, too!

I totally find this initiative interesting and very good! Thank you for this opportunity @mermaidvampire! I now have my entry.

Girl, don't forget that you are amazing! I perfectly understand how you felt about college and the board exam and all that... estudyante blues as we call it in the old days. I have this mantra in my head for studies... "You don't have to like the subject, the teacher, heck you don't even have to like your classmates, you just have to pass it!" LOL Ahahahaha! That mantra got me through college and got my 2 degrees. I am glad you made it beyond the board exams despite the anxiety and the worrying. I'm pretty sure you have a lot to share regarding that episode of your life to the young dear ones in your family. Continue being a fighter... you will win at life!

Thank you @mermaidvampire! Indeed, we don't have to like it, we just have to learn it! Thank you for this contezt of yours ❤️ Aja in life! It's amazing to know you're already on your second degree! Wow! Congrats @mermaidvampire! More ppwer to you!

Thanks for this kabayan ☺ this is so uplifting ♥

Thank you! You should join. I'm sure you have a good mantra to share.

I'm currently drafting for one. Again thanks for this :)

Wow! That's a good mantra and thank you for educating us about what you do. That's a well written blog you have. Thanks for joining this contest. I'm your follower now and I am sure I'd be seeing more informative posts from you in the future. Keep Steemin' and see you around here.

Thank you, @farraz. You should join and make a post. That's a good mantra to have. I've followed you and I'm gonna watch out for you in my feeds in the future. See you around Steemit!

Thank you, @mermaidvampire. i have join and make with you. I've followed you and I'm gonna watch out for you in my feeds in the future. See you around Steemit! also, greeting friendship

goodluck,, this contest will defenitely boost fellow steemian

Thank you, @cradle. You may join, it would be great. No losers, and there will be more consolation prize because @surpassinggoogle just upvoted it and had it earn more than I expected it to. We'll all share this blessing!

Cheers! Your mantra is great, in fact it is one of my mantras when I pep talk myself. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for inviting a lot of your friends to do the contest.

wooooo!!! I want to join! but Im not qualified hahah

SO MUCH POSITIVSM! to this contest!

i have so many mantras in life that keeps me going always! heheh
Goodluck to all participants!

Thank you, @deeday31. I hope this post can earn, any extra earnings will go to our live contests in Discord! Let's keep it rolling.

Yey!! I will promote this to other discord contest channels 😊

Thanks for joining, I love your mantra, give it to get it, that's how it is in love and respect. You have a wonderful family. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Followed you and will see you around Steemit!

Wow! This contest is great! It is also helpful and interesting. I would surely like to join and include my brother @dzued ^^

Yes, please! I guarantee you, you and your bro will earn SBDs in this contest, please join. Thanks for dropping by.

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Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

Thank you @mermaidvampire for this contest. This is an opportunity to inspire and motivate our fellow red fishes.

Here's my entry..


I read it and left a comment. Thanks for joining @maylyn09. Your post moved me. I wish you the best in everything and always have that spirit to hope and dream. Pray for them to come true. God hears us always when we call. Thanks for joining!

I have read it and left a comment, thank you so much for the support. Best of luck with the contest. Thanks for joining.

Welcome Ms. @mermaidvampire and thank you too, I wish you the best of luck too. ;)

Amazing @mermaidvampire...I will join this jejeje.Its a good way of helping others.God bless you maam.You rock the world..Steemitachievers will be proud of YOU..

Thanks, @deevi. You're always there to support me. I'll do my best to return the favor. You are one good loving soul. Take care and God bless always. I'll be waiting to see your entry.

I love this @abbyreyes7. It's short but it hits everything bulls eye! Thanks for joining. I'm a kidney failure patient and on dialysis and whatever happens, I will shout to the world, that life is beautiful! And yep, no worrying about tomorrow and overthinking because that only makes you suffer anxiety. Live a day at a time and do as much as you can for the people that matters and you will never regret anything whatever happens. I smell your optimism from here. LOL Don't forget to have fun, always.

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Thanks for joining, @linchybaby! I read your post and I wanna say you and your mom are awesome. I'm a fan of saving pennies for anything and I trained my daughter (now 11 years old) to have that in her so she knows how it is to save up for something. It teaches us patience, sacrifice and many other things. I love Dalai lama, too. The mantra you choose was great. In my the midst of the noise and chaos, I stop and assess if the chaos was purely chaos and no good or is it something that's necessary for me to see the real picture. Keep that mantra, it will guide you well. I'll follow you and will see you around Steemit! Best of luck!

Thanks @mermaidvampire! I'm glad you found time to check out my post.. i'll definitely keep this mantra and will make sure to expound more by reading more of Dalai Lama's words :)

Thanks a lot @mermaidvampire I must say that I just loved this contest and did not know I would love to write about it.. I felt so satisfying to write about this. I have been writing from 6 years.. but work for people and they give topic. I did not know I can write something like this.. thank you for helping me explore something new in me today!

Here is my entry

My Life Mantra: Each Day Is The First Day For The Rest of Your Life..

Hi, @utsavarathi, you did well with your post and thanks for joining. Since you mentioned you are a writer, please do check out the post of my Steemit friend, @moneyinfant. It's a compilation of writing contests, this might help you earn a more here in Steemit. Here is the link to his recent compilation of writing contests:

Thank you so much @mermaidvampire... i am looking forward to join more writing contests.. thank you for the help

Hi, @shire! Whatta coincidence, I loooooooove Dumaguete because of their food and the prices. LOL Everything food is affordable in Dumaguete. I love your mantra. Sometimes all it takes really is a little courage to do the littlest step and you'll never know it could get you there. All the best with your business venture with your good friends. I'll follow you kabayan and I look forward to seeing your future posts. Thanks for joining.

@mermaidvampire my reputation almost going to be 51, can i participate on this contest?

Hi, @shohana. Not for now, but in the future, I'll be hosting for red fishes with Rep above 50, so please do watch out for that. But thanks for your interest in joining my contest. I have followed you and will see more from you in the future. All the best!

Hi guys, I'm a newbie and I like to join the contest. Hope this works. Here's the link to my one-liner mantra.

Welcome to Steemit, I have followed you. I love your mantra. We should not fear, we should not worry. When we are about to feel negative, it is the right time to let God. Choose to always be positive and have fun, for all the rest let God... lift it all up to him in surrender. Thanks for joining my contest. Keep a strong faith in him. I followed you and I'll see you around Steemit.

Hello there, @simplemrakpor, welcome to Steemit and thanks for joining my contest. I was waiting for someone to make a post with this mantra! It's amazing. I saw this in 3 Idiots, an Indian Bollywood movie and it's awesome. Thank you for sharing a part of you here. I really appreciate this. I have followed you and I'll see you around Steemit.

Hi, @jhunbaniqued, I love your mantra and thank you for sharing an amazing mantra to everyone here in Steemit. Integrity is one thing that I watch out in everything I do and everything I see. If everyone are conscious with it, this Earth will be a better place for everybody. Thanks for joining my contest and all the best. I'm a follower now. Stay positive, keep the faith!

Hi, ma'am @mermaidvampire <3 Finally, I made it hahah! Here is my entry for your contest and hoping for a positive response. hehe.

This is not that good as everybody, but this is my life mantra, and it gives me a supernatural impact. haha. Thank you so much for such opportunity and God bless you~

Thank you @kimchie077. Thanks for joining. Indeed, worries does not help. It's not part of the solution to problems, in fact it in itself is a problem. So when you are faced with a problem, look for a solution... ask yourself if there is something you can do, if there's none, it's time to let God. Surrender it all to God and ask for strength and guidance in all you do. Thanks for sharing your story and your faith. May we all have this mantra in our lives., it's a good one. All the best to you, may you be a flight attendant one day. ;-) Followed. Keep Steemin'!

the Flight Attendant thingy though cries Thank you so much, ma'am @mermaidvampire All hopes to God. Thank you really. God bless you always and your family. <3

Awesome, @deevi. Even if one has talents, if he/she lacks determination, he/she won't get anywhere with it. Determination if the fire within that burns to make us accomplish things. I love your mantra. I'm sure this has helped you a lot in achieving what you have achieved. Thanks for joining, @deevi! I enjoy reading your works, they are so full of emotions. Keep Steemin!

Thank you for joining. Indeed, we must be careful with the things we chase. When chasing something it all starts with one thing then it could lead to something else then it snowballs into very complicated things. This is a mantra of a wise and cautious person. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I've followed you and will see more from you in the future. Keep Steemin'!

Namaste 🙏

Its never too late for anything

Please accept my entry Stay Happy Stay Blessed Always


Thanks for joining, @silentkiller, indeed life is a choice, always choose to be happy and everything you'll see is a blessing. Keep Steemin'! I like how you think and you need to inspire many others with this positivity. I'm a follower.

Thanks for joining, you have a nice name. Indeed, with God, nothing is impossible. He hears you when you call, just pray and help yourself by doing things in good faith. Thanks for sharing a piece of you here, may you inspire many others with this post. Followed, I'll see you around Steemit!

Truth. Your deeds are your legacy. Your legacy is your purpose. People need to learn that life's purpose is not for yourself alone but how you live your life for others, the world. Thanks for joining. Your post also touched me, I felt something. It's true, if you do things in good faith, you won't regret anything and everything will be smooth for you. Keep Steemin', keep writing from the heart.

Hi there @mermaidvampire. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our talents. Here's my entry for the contest, Thank you.

Hi, @mavicalipda. Thanks for joining the contest. Indeed, you need to believe in yourself. That is where confidence comes from, which is a very important aspect of an individual. You have to trust yourself that you can do things and a lot of other positive things can follow. Positive attraction. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Please continue to inspire people in this platform. I'll see you around Steemit!

wow, that's very cool, hopefully you will win in this contest. The important thing remains the spirit and keep trying to win in the contest, despite having many challenges that we face. I will try to learn more about this contest. Thanks for sharing

Hi, @reynakarina you have a very nice Steemit name. I would be pleased if you join the contest. I guarantee you, no one loses here. Everyone will take a price from the earnings of this post. I'll follow you and hopefully I'll see more about you and upvote you in your future posts. Looking forward to seeing a contest from you, too! All the best!

hi there @mermaidvampire :-) i love to join but i am not qualified. But love to share my life mantra so i just state it here on your comment section. My life mantra is "Hakuna Matata" it means no worries for the rest of your days, it's my problem-free philosophy, hakuna matata. Actually, these are just part of the few lines from one of the songs of the movie Lion King. It was sung by Timon and Pumba two of best buddies of Simba, the Lion King. I am just amazed of how this mantra keeps me going and stay positive for the day. :-) I love to insert the picture of one of the movie's scene here but I chose not to so as not to occupy much space for other participants. Thank you so much for this contest & God bless you :-)

Thank you, @shirleypenalosa. This is a great Lion King mantra, so epic! Reminds me so much of my childhood. I remember they even have a song for this. Thanks for dropping by ma'am. I've followed you and I hope to see more from you here in Steemit. All the best!

yes, so true po. And thank you so much :-) God bless po :-)

Indeed, we are all travelers here, we must be very careful with the things we leave behind. Awesome mantra @malikarslan. Welcome to Steemit. I've followed you and will see more of you in here. Keep Steemin'!

Thanks for joining, @wondersofnature, stay blessed and positive. Keep sharing a dose of inspiration here in Steemit.

hi! I like this contest very much! :)

Here is my own entry

I hope you guys like it!

I love your mantra, @ivanusaur. It sounds so complex, but if you'll think about it, living unselfishly will get you there. If you live for others, you will do more than just exist. Go, make a cool change. Thanks for joining. Followed and welcome to Steemit. See you around.

hi @mermaidvampire thank you so much. :) I always try to live by this mantra. Hopefully it will also inspire others. Thank you. I have followed you as well. Take care!

Hi @mermaidvampire thanks for running the competition. I've followed you, upvoted and resteemed. I created my post here

I love how well written your post is. Indeed, the never give up mantra is not for everything but it is one powerful mantra to push us forward in many things. When I read your post, it reminded me of how as a kid I used to read the Serenity Prayer on our wall, I memorized it, it took a long time before I actually understood what those words meant. English is not my first language. I love how it says... God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Thanks for sharing your thoughts her in this contest. All the best with your business. You write pretty well, please continue bloggin, I'm sure you'll be an asset to be in Steemit. Followed, keep Steemin'!

Glad you enjoyed it. Yes my final words on there are a version of the Serenity Prayer but if it was on the old Twitter platform ;-) Thank you for your kind words. I am enoying Steemit and of course it will take time to get any traction but just have to keep pushing through. Have a great day.

Thank you for joining. Yes, trying and trying and trying is better than quitting. Nice mantra, may you be able to reach your goals applying this mantra. I'll see you around Steemit, @mnishh. Thanks for sharing a piece of you.

I am so glad that u liked it