Design Me A Profile Picture Avatar Contest #2 and Winner of #1 - How To Change Your Steemit Profile Picture

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Design @isteemithard an Avatar or Logo or Image that can be used to replace profile picture and win.

The Winner From Last Contest Is... @horazon !!!

This profile image was submitted in the comments of my post click here

@horazon also made a post click here

The Contest Continues

This was my original Profile Picture
Then I held Design Me A Profile Picture Avatar Contest #1
Now this is my Profile Picture
But as you can see on my profile the " isteemithard" part is not as clear as on this post it looks like this so I need your help Steemians.

Contest Rules

What You Win

@isteemithard will Upvote the winning post
@isteemithard will change profile picture to the avatar or image liked the best
@isteemithard will also send a Random amount of SBD to the winning post

Some users are new and haven't figured it out yet others have been here for awhile and still haven't set a Profile Picture. Having an image looks better for comments and posts and helps to make your account look more unique and personal.

Steps to Upload a Profile Picture and or Cover Image to your Steemit account.

Step 1. Click the circle icon of your account on the top right corner

Step 2. Click Settings

Step 3. Open a new Tab and Go to

Step 4. Click Choose Image and Upload your desired image

Step 5. Copy the second link titled "Direct Link"

Step 6. Go back to tab from Step 2. Paste your Direct Link into either Cover Image URL or Profile Picture URL. Scroll to the Bottom and Click Update.

Done You Now Have A Profile Picture

  • Now Help Another Steemian

Now that you have a Profile Picture your Comments and Post will look better on Steemit pass it on.

Now Help another Steemit User copy and paste the URL to this Post on a Post by a Steemit User with No Profile Picture.


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Creative post indeed @isteemithard.
Here is my entry and i hope you would like it.


Thank you, for the random amount of 0.002 SBD you sent me for winning.
Now I'm only almost 7 days here on Steem, so my account and my voting power is according to expectations weak, but with a single self upvote I could earn up to 5 times more. (And I do not need to invest 2 hours of my time to upvote me self.)
With your first profile picture contest post you earned $9.12 (payouts $11.91 / Author 9.12$). And as an optional recognition you sent me such a ridiculous amount. You wrote in your post "If I really like the Avatar I will also send a Random amount of SBD to the winning post".
So you don't have to send me anything, but you did. From my point of view it's less a kind of appraisal, it feels more to get lampooned.

Having said that, I wish good luck @ everybody who is taking part in this contest. And @isteemithard hopefully you get a picture which fits better for you. But you should bear in mind that's not easy to get a long name into a mini picture. (At least if it should be readable)

P.S. now I directly upvote my post, to get shown above the bot posts which spamed into the comments. (It's nice of them to upvote you, but in the comments they are not conducive to the post topic)


I know what you mean although my payout was high it was mostly all my own funds put back into the post to help promote it more. I really do appreciate your entry as it was the one and only entry to the contest. I liked your edit enough that I picked it and greatly thank you for the effort. I was kind of just posting the avatar you edited as a general idea for the new picture but didnt really anticipate anyone would just edit it althought I end up liking the result. sorry for he random amount I added up the upvotes that were not from bots or promotional services I sent SBD for and then took that number which was pretty low and put it in a random number generator with 0.000 - total. and the generated amount was 0.002 I know this is not much now but hope that in future contest more than just one person enters and this number can be much higher. I hope this helps to clear up an misconceptions

Thank you so much for this post!! It took me 3 days to add a profile picture because I couldn’t figure out how to...

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thank buddy for this contest ..i will try ..

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How to contest?


Read under the "Contest Rules" section above in the post

This post has received a 2.44 % upvote from @boomerang thanks to: @isteemithard

Thanks a lot bro you really help


your welcome feel free to make a post or just post the image in the comments here if you want to participate in the contest to make me a profile picture


That's my contest profile picture for you @isteemithard. I wish to win the contest!!


nice play on words cool image