IFC Finals - First Round.

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Hello there! Welcome to our digital castle.

Artwork credit - @yeszuzia on steemit and instagram

Welcome back peoples! This is it! We're here! The Information Finding Championship finals!

It looks like we had 39 players who made it onto the leaderboard of the IFC. That's just the amount of people who managed to score at least 1 point.

I'm not sure how many people actually played in the tournament all together.. Maybe someone could find those numbers or something close.. But.. I'd say there were probably another 20 or so people who played but never scored any points.

Maybe more, maybe less.. Though.. That's my guess. We probably had around.. 60 players total? And out of all that.. We're down to 16..

Congratulations to the 16 of you who made it here.
In a sense, you're all Information Finding Champions.. However.. There can only be one official Information Finding Champion each season.
Who will it be? Will it be you..? I guess we'll see!

NEW bracket IFC 16 FINAL png artgirl.png Image created by @artgirl

@theguruasia has donated another 10 steem reaching the 20 he pledged and now the prizes for 2nd and 3rd have increased. :)
It's now 35 steem for 2nd place and 15 steem for 3rd place thanks to the kindness of him! :)

Plus @tonyr has donated a Trophy Token to the winner of the whole championship. If you'd like to know more about the Trophy Token you can go to this link.


If you appreciate the IFC please give them both a thanks if you appreciate their generosity. :) As well as all of the great sponsors we've had!


The first round in the finals is Kryptocek's photo scavenger hunt!

We did this one once earlier in the season and pretty much everyone who I saw that entered said they had a lot of fun. It was a raving success so to speak.

We're doing it again by popular vote and will of the people, this time though I will pick the items on the list as Kryptocek is competitor in this challenge.

Clouds 1 point
Animal 1 point
Pyramid 1 point
Garden 1 point
Plush toy 1 point
Guitar 1 point
Bridge 1 point
Gold coin 2 points
Star 2 points
Tattoo 2 points
Reflection 2 points
Mask 3 points
Rainbow 3 points
Crystal 3 points
Castle 4 points
Wizard hat 4 points
Alien/UFO 5 points

To be clear, you must find pictures of these items somewhere in the physical world.

And you can find virtually any representation of the item as long as it's not like a pic off your computer/the internet or something like that.

For example with the rainbow, it doesn't have to be a real rainbow from a rain storm, it could be.. Someone with a rainbow colored shirt or iridescence in some gasoline or stagnant water.

It can be items from your own home or yard or body, for example a garden could be your own garden, or a tattoo could be on your own body but if you don't have one you might have to try to find someone elses.

More examples could be for the castle it could be a lego castle or a UFO/alien could be on a DVD/video game cover or something.. But hey! If you do manage to take a picture of a real UFO/alien I think you deserve a lot more than 5 points, lol. :D

Oh.. And.. You can get 2 for 1 or more as well, what I mean is.. You could get multiple items on the list in one picture, for example a star tattoo would be two items checked off the list. No extra points for that, but it will be one less picture for you to take and upload.

If you're a bit unfamiliar still with how the round works and feel confused, feel free to check out this link before from the previous time we did this contest to get an idea more of how it works.


This time in addition to just the IFC tag we would also like it if you write/print the date on the piece of paper as well, otherwise people could build up a collection of images and cheat.

So sorta like this, but with the date on it.

ALSO.. Please don't hesitate to ask myself or one of the other judges if you have a question, I'm sure someone will be happy to try to help.

I should also tag everyone who made it here as well.
@kryptocek @wholeself-in
@bashadow @swolesome
@plushzilla @bengy
@warpepoetic @magicalmoonlight
@iexplore @artgirl
@eaglespirit @jbreheny
@mr-bike @sandrina.life
@youhavewings @kenneth1

Har5h told us he is too busy and has given his spot to the next highest ranked person who is warpedpoetic.

If there's a tie, we will do a tie breaker round.

And now a moment for our sponsors!


First up is @ats-david who has helped greatly! If you appreciate this contest or just his efforts in general you may want to look into voting for him as a witness at @ats-witness, he does a lot of other cool things for the community as well!

Next is @timcliff who has similarly helped out the contest significantly and who is also a witness who does a lot for the community, so likewise if you appreciate the efforts you may want to vote for him as witness also!

@krnel has also offered some support and does other good things to help out on the platform in general, I suggest you vote for krnel as a witness as well if you want to support all of this.

@steemcommunity has also helped us and expressed interest in helping more in the future and they likewise also help the community in various additional ways, I suggest voting for them as witness as well!

And @nxtblg who has resteemed and upvoted our challenges a bunch which has been a big help!

Plus one other person who has been helping a lot who deserves some credit is @soundlegion who has also been upvoting the contests regularly.

And while not technically sponsors, we are working with @davemccoy and those at #newbiegames and #newbieresteemday and they do a great service to the community so definitely check them out if you appreciate that, or if you're new.

Also not a sponsor, though @iexplore has taken a huge workload directly off of my shoulders and is now doing the "catch up" rounds, those should be posted on the @ifc page.. And I suggest giving him a follow and some support as well if you appreciate the work as he is doing an amazingly helpful and important job!

And another thank you to our recent sponsor @underground for donating 10 Steem.

In addition to connecting us with underground, @eaglespirit has also connected us with @derangedvisions who has donated 10 steem as well. Thank you derangedvisions!

Eagle Spirit gains another 10 XP for this which puts her at 35 XP, and we are probably going to use the steem from her sponsors to help fund a special IFC All Star round. :) Stay tuned for that!

One more thing, I just noticed this.. A 5 SBD donation from @youhavewings with a nice message attached thanking us for what we do at the IFC, thank you youhavewings! And you're welcome as well for what we do. :) Glad to share this experience with all of you! <3



The challenge will finish after 7 days when the post ends and provides its payout cycle or when all entries have been submitted.

There will be no ties, each winner will move on to the next round.


1. IFC finals - first round starts now and is a photo scavenger hunt challenge. 2. Create a blog post for the contest. 3. Title must contain, "IFC finals - first round" 4. Leave a link to your post in the comments below. (This part is important and a lot of people forget this, please put the blog link in the right place so our judges can find it) 5. And you also have to use the #ifc tag in your blog post as well.
6. If you somehow get hurt doing any of our quests you can not reasonably hold us accountable. Take responsibility for your own choices and actions in life. This is a voluntary game where you choose to play. Only you can make that decision for yourself. 7. You are responsible for paying the appropriate government taxes, fees, and service charges resulting from any transactions with the IFC or Marketplace. We are not responsible for collecting, reporting, paying, or remitting to you any such taxes, fees, or service charges, except as may otherwise be required by law.

Acceptable content

  1. Photographic images on the list with a physical IFC tag and the date in the picture
  2. Language is primarily in English and if you would like to participate from elsewhere in the world it is up to you to translate your message into English so we can understand you.
  3. We also encourage role playing for those who enjoy doing that. :)

Good luck in the contest!
Artwork credit - @yeszuzia on steemit and instagram

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I'm excited to see who will stay for the top 8!!! Good luck and absolutely no pressure!

Good luck to the participants!

No pressure, going up against the originator of the contest idea! LOL
Good luck to all contestants!

He's also in first place with the most wins! You're definitely the underdog in this one, but.. It's still anyone's game! And seeing as he hasn't left a comment yet or an upvote.. You might have a healthy head start! Good luck!

whats that famous story called... David vs Goliath didn't end so well for the Big Man! Even though I actually read a book about it and talks about perspectives and situations in life where people think they may be the underdogs but may not be true at all. Just have to view the situation differently.

David was smaller but much more agile and his sling shot could be used from far range, where Goliath had the power and the strength but had to be up close to fight!

Anyways now I'm just rambling but it's safe to say @wholeself-in! you may be the underdog but I sure wouldn't be surprised if you knocked me out!

Im gonna try my best to win it but hey anythings possible and thats the beauty of this contest!

Ahh I've been camping all weekend!

No worries, we're most likely changing that rule because it was unfair for various peoples.

Just waking up, so this was nice tos see, will see about getting some of them today, and hopefully a post by monday, or sooner. just have to see. Nice morning wake up call.

Word! Early bird gets the worm in this case! If it comes to a tie the people who get theirs first win, so.. You're in a good position! Good luck bashadow!

Too bad I can't share video from the past (UFO) ;) Do orbs count? LOL

Indeed. Heh. I'd like to see that video of yours though! I have one of my own where I filmed some UFO's.
In regards to orbs, though.. No. Probably not. Based on my research I've come to the personal conclusion most of them are dust particles being reflected by the digital sensor in the camera, the same artifacts are rarely seen on non digital cameras, and even then.. Cameras do weird things sometimes, splotches here and there and light leaks and.. Orb stuff I usually don't consider to be extremely compelling evidence(Unless perhaps in video form), there might be a few weird cases here and there, but I think the vast majority of them are just dust particles getting lit up in the environment and having a reaction with the digital sensor or some other kind of camera artifact that isn't necessarily a real thing that was in the physical world.

Yeah, I used to have some orb photos as well. Considering that I have found literally none since I started using a phone camera, they had to be dust particles.

UFOs... on the other hand. Man I wish I had the reaction time to take that photo, or had a camera with resolution to capture those light movements in the sky. I've seen "satellites" stop and burst out in different directions from each other and a UFO come down to 4 stories above the ground slow down to like 10 mph and take back off out into space without a sound. Imagine a coke bottlecap with a black underside, that's what it looked like.

Little confused about your first part seeing as phones have those digital sensors in them as well. The explosion of orb stuff happened after digital sensors, there were some before on regular film cameras, but not nearly as much. If it was on a film camera, I'd be a lil more open to it. though still very skeptical.

And.. Wow.. Sounds like you've seen some amazing things! I haven't seen anything quite like what you described with my own eyes, but I have seen so many weird things in the sky at this point I've pretty much lost count and forgot about some of them.. Most of them are just like moving stars that are too fast or move in ways that regular craft can't or disappear and reappear, though a few I've seen have just been bizarre and more impressive, like one time in the day time around sunset I saw a what looked like a shooting star but it was much slower and like rainbow colored. I don't really know how to describe it better, but it was very colorful, and yeah.. That was one of those times I wish I had a camera or a way to film it!!! sigh

Hmmm, I'm not sure why I never get them anymore then. It may have just been the lens on the actual camera then. I just haven't picked up anything strange on my camera since having a camera phone.

Yeah, I've seen a handful of strange light patterns. Hell, considering the latest news, all this could have been the government preparing for Space Corps. They say the military's tech is always 20 years ahead of civilian's. A rainbow shooting star like siting must have have been something breathtaking!

Yeah, when I was having a bunch of sitings in a month, I was like, "fuck this, this is the third time this month, I'm done!" I regret that because I literally haven't experienced any sighting since then :/

Vast majority are dust, I agree. Sure I'll send that vid link in your dm. I'd like to see yours too if you have it online. :)

Cool thanks! And yeah I'll totally send you my video as well a bit later when I get a chance. I'm planning on going a walk here pretty soon before it gets dark, so probably after the walk.

I didn't play this round in the regular competition, so the pressure will be on to see how well I can handle it in the finals :)

Indeed. And your opponent won that round when we did play it! So.. I would say you're probably the underdog in this one.. BUT.. It does look like you might have a head start on him as I haven't seen an upvote or comment yet from him yet, if you two really are different people that is! Lol! :) Good luck plush!!

All done now... That was fun! Let’s see what the judges think:

Wow, nice tag! I think I have a scrap of paper.

When you have origami skills up your sleeve it is good to use it, whatever the occasion or opportunity :)

Yay yay yay! Imma head out in a bit. 😂😂😂 Oh and how about if I draw some, that's ok right?

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I know this is a late answer.. But.. I suppose drawing them is okay. Something to think about, though yeah.. I think that would be alright.

Ok, noted. But that would be my super last resort. 😁

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Awesome looking forward to getting it started. Was curious if lowest seed will play highest seed every round. For example if me and bashadow both lost this round it would be 15&16 playing each other. Or if we both won then 1&2 would be playing each other in the next round! They should be on opposite sides! No biggie just wanted to bring it up!

I was wondering that myself! I'm not sure yet.. I thought maybe it would make itself more clear in time or that when we get there I would look at how others do it or ask the community what they wanna do.
In this case, I think we should probably ask the community and see if they have a preference.

Weehee! And we're off!

That took a long time, all day pretty much. But I found them all or reasonable facsimiles of them I think. Here is "hunt" results, My entry.

This comment protected by @dustsweeper

Ah crap, I forgot to write the date on my paper. I can redo some of them, but not all....

Found it all!! Got my list of things here. I didn't have any issues like I did with soy sauce packets and rubber ducks like last time lol

Honey Hive Bomb Comment.png Bomb

It took a few days! But here is my ENTRY!

I finally got the chance to make my post. Here it is!

Woot! Made it. https://steemit.com/ifc/@wholeself-in/ifc-finals-first-round-photo-scavenger-hunt-and-hidden-treasure

Please ignore my false alarm post of 1 hour ago, which I will now go edit...

Great job @ifc and good luck to all participants! The sweet 16 ;)

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