Contest: Product Review - 1000 SP in delegations, 50 Steem Monster booster packs and 20 shares of SBI - for Shopping at Homesteaders Co-op

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We are offering two prizes of 500 SP delegated for one whole month. That's 1000 SP in total. Prizes will be given to the two best reviews of product(s) purchased at Homesteaders Co-op. We hope this contest will encourage more folks to consider shopping at Homesteaders Co-op and supporting handmade, ethical vendors.

Thank you @pennsif for coming up with this contest AND generously offering 1000 SP in delegations!

Yes, you read that right. To enter this contest you need to make a purchase from Homesteaders Co-op. In order to give enough time for the order to be shipped, received and reviewed this contest will run until the end of the month.

Two winners will be chosen for best review in each category:

  • One prize will be awarded to best review of a product bought from a vendor in USA.
  • One prize will be awarded to best review of a product bought from a vendor anywhere else in the world.

Update: We have just extended the deadline to one month from this announcement to give room for shipping time.

500 SP will be delegated two each of the two winners for the month of February one month following this contest.

At the time of writing this we have 9 vendors in USA and 8 vendors in the rest of the world. Many of our vendors ship internationally. You may have to do a little digging to see which vendors ship where, but the information is not hard to find!

BONUS! 50 Steem Monster booster packs!

@yabapmatt just made a comment generously offering "50 Steem Monsters booster packs ($100 value) to this contest to be split among everyone who enters"! Thank you @yabapmatt for your contribution to this contest and helping us to get the word out about our new community marketplace

BONUS! 20 shares of Steem Basic Income (SBI)!

@nateonsteemit just donated 20 STEEM to go towards rewarding contest entrants with shares of SBI. The first 10 contest entries will receive 1 share of SBI each. The two winners of the contest will receive 5 shares of SBI each. @nateonsteemit has already transfered the 20 STEEM to our community account for safe keeping until it is rewarded.

To everyone that enters: I hope you have a lot of fun with this contest and pride in supporting your community!


Contest Rules

  1. Write a review for the product(s) you purchased at Homesteaders Co-op.
  2. Include what attracted you to buy from Homesteaders Coop vs buying from elsewhere
  3. Your review should include original, taken by you, photos of the product(s).
  4. Your purchase should be made after the time this post was written.
  5. Your review should be made as a steem post by the end of January.
  6. Your steem post should link to this post.
  7. You should also review the product(s) on the Homesteaders Co-op website to support your vendor(s).

What would make an exceptional review? Including extra details like:

  • What role are the product(s) playing in you or your family's life?
  • Why did you choose the particular product(s) that you chose?
  • Why are you choosing to support sustainable/handmade?
  • Did ethics play a role in your purchasing decision?
  • Did who the vendor/maker is play a role in your purchase decision?


We will accept entries until February 12th, 11:59 pm UTC (Deadline has been extended to account for international shipping)

How will the winners be chosen?

Our entries will be placed in the two categories mentioned above and the top winner from each category will be chosen. We have chosen three judges that are not currently vendors (to avoid conflict of interest): @pennsif, @nateonsteemit and @riverflows


If the judges determine that there are no suitable winning entries for either category then they reserve the right not to award the prize. In that case the prize will be rolled over to the following month.

Important Links

List of Vendors:

Shop at Homesteaders Co-op:

About Us:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Thank you @pennsif for donating 1000 sp in donations! Consider supporting @pennsif's project @adollaraday which is providing support to charitable organizations through donations.


More Info: A Dollar A Day charitable giving project : US$ 5000 donated in 8 months - we made it!

A Free Marketplace for Steem

We provide a FREE marketplace for you to transact in STEEM, SBD and USD. Our co-op vendors are committed to sustainability, ethics and quality in their lives and work.

Unlike other marketplaces our vendors are not charged listing fees, subscription fees or transaction fees. This service is 100% free to them.

Support our alternative economy:

  1. Purchase handmade products with STEEM, SBD or USD at
  2. Spread the word that sustainable vendors are accepting STEEM, SBD and USD
  3. Up-vote our posts at @homesteaderscoop
  4. Follow our Curation Trail on SteemAuto to automatically upvote our contributors and vendors
  5. Delegate SP to @homesteaderscoop

Why Delegate to Homesteaders Co-op?

Your delegations will help us grow our community and reward our members for their ethical choices and actions.

In our modern world it is not always easy to choose to live sustainably. To do so often means forgoing income potential and the status quo. Our SteemPower is used to up-vote Homesteader Co-op contributors and vendors in order to reward and support their hard work. Some extra STEEM may one day go a long way for some individuals of our community.

10 SP | 25 SP | 50 SP | 75 SP | 100 SP | 200 SP | 500 SP | 750 SP | 1000 SP

Who is Homesteaders Co-op?

Get to know our mission in our introduction post

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This is fantastic, and is a great example of how businesses can use STEEM to access the Steem community. This is advertising, but it's not annoying banner ad advertising, it's the way advertising should be!

I'm going to be buying some things from homesteaders co-op right now, and I hope everyone reading this post does the same. We should send a strong message to brands like this about how awesome it is to be a part of the Steem community!

I would like to offer 50 Steem Monsters booster packs ($100 value) to this contest to be split among everyone who enters.

Posted using Steeve, an AI-powered Steem interface


Thank you for recognizing value in what we are doing @yabapmatt. Good point about advertising. We are looking to bring ethics into how we operate, including advertising and marketing. People should not be looked at as just a number on a screen. They are humans. Thanks for believing in what we are doing and what we are about! BTW I just saw your delegation coming in.. on behalf of our community... thank you for your generous delegation!! And thank you for your generous offer of the steem monster packs! I will edit our contest post right now to include your generous prize!

The deadline for this contest has just been updated to 1 month from the time of the announcement to account for shipping time.

I'm really looking forward to reading the reviews...

Go HSCO!! Excited about this.

Posted using Partiko Android

Yes, I'll be participating in this contest!
... but first I have to write my review.
... but first I need to have the ordered product in my hand. I hope it'll get here by the end of January.
Would I even be eligible for this contest, since I made my purchase before this post was published (even though it hasn't arrived yet)?
In any case, I'm looking forward to participating. If not now, most definitely in February. Did I understand correctly that this might be a monthly thing?


I am so sorry dear @stortebeker, we are going to stick to our rules on the contest this time. Submissions should have purchased their product after the time the contest was announced. We are trying to encourage new customers/purchases. Yes this will likely be a repeating contest if we have enough interest in this first round!


Okay, I understand. But never mind, there still is chance for February. I hope it won't take that long for the shipment to arrive, but in either case I can promote it afterwards. It's all good!


Thanks for understanding :)

How fun is this?! What a great idea!
Ill have to leave a review when I get my goodies from @Papa-Pepper. :D


Thank you! We'll be looking forward to your review @squishysquid!!


Hey, quick reminder: the contest is up in under two days, so if you've written one, please share it here so we can find it :)


ALso, thanks for sending that refund you got my way! I had to wait a little until I had enough steem for an order, but I finally ordered some more seeds today. :D


@squishysquid thanks for all the reviews in! Did you by chance write an entry for the contest as a steem post? If you have, please post the link here so that you can be included in the contest or let @nateonsteemit know!


Oh, no, I dont think I did. I forget what the rules were... Its okay. Ill have to pay more attention next time! I have been rather overwhelmed with stuff going on lately.. :D


Ive left several reviews... Ill try and find them real quick.

Here's the popcorn I reviewed:

some peppers:

and mustard seeds:




Thanks for entering, and thank you for supporting our vendors and our co-op with your order @yogajill!!

Woo! That's a huge contest! Super honored to be on the judging panel :)


Can't think of a more appropriate person to be on the judging panel Nate. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

It's so heartwarming to see a contest like this that will encourage people to actually buy something from the HSCO and then give a detailed account of the product and service.

It will really support the vendors, in more than a monetary sense, to know what happens to their product once it leaves their hands and if it lives up to the expectations of the buyer.

I would have liked to have purchased some seeds, but it would be too hit or miss as to whether they'd make it through our Oz customs. Fortunately, another product has been calling to me ever since I first saw the HSCO website. So I've just purchased it now. Can't wait to receive it and tell you all about it.

Truly appreciate the initiative and generosity of @pennsif, as well as that of @nateonsteemit and @yabapmatt. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Thanks for all the support @allyinspirit! First as a soon-to-be vendor and now as a customer! I am sorry that we can't confidently ship our seeds internationally... but that is a good niche waiting to be filled - for Oz vendors to share homegrown seeds!


I just thought of another friend who turned his entire suburban backyard into an organic oasis. He gave me some dried gourds that he had grown from seed. Most people use his gourds for loofas but I've been using them, teased out and embedded in rice paper.

I know he also grows his own snake beans and peas from his own seeds too. I'll ask him if he would be interested in becoming a HSCO vendor. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Very cool! I also turned my suburban backyard into a forest of veggies once... before I went rural :P

I love that idea of homesteaders selling/sharing/swapping seeds on HSCO! I think we might have some great untapped potential there! Yeah let your friend know! Awesome!


Hey, quick reminder: the contest is up in under two days, so if you've written one, please share it here so we can find it :)


Thanks for the reminder. Time seems to be going quicker than ever Nate. But I'm onto it. Hope to have it ready before the deadline and will share it here. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

This is awesome. Just the kick I need to make my first order.

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Yay!! I hope you find something that will brighten up your day in our marketplace :)



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Hey, quick reminder: the contest is up in under two days, so if you've written one, please share it here so we can find it :)


I really appreciate the heads up. I've been swamped with other things and not available much on Steemit. Missed this.

This post has been included in the latest edition of SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

Here is my review of Blackberry plants from @mountainjewel:

Unfortunately I have not been able to give a review on the @homesteaderscoop website because it currently says the order is still processing.

Regardless, I love what you're doing! Thanks for enabling me to buy wonderful products with STEEM!


Hi Jeffjagoe, thanks for letting us know. I think @mountainjewel might be in vipassanna retreat. We will let them know to mark the orders completed so that you can review. In any case you are entered into the contest - thanks for sharing your support for Homesteaders Co-op and Mountainjewel with your steem friends!

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