Homesteader's Co-op @mountainjewel Nourish Tincture Review

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Big shout out to the @homesteaderscoop and @naturalmedicine communities!!

Extra Special Thanks to @nateonsteemit & @mountainjewel.

@nateonsteemit kindly by his own generosity funded the entire purchase & shipping of the Nourish Tincture by transfer of cryptocurrency. Not only that but his review was super inspirational in my wanting to try the product. Nate was also the inspiration behind me getting this review out. Just in the nick of time to meet the deadline of this contest by Homesteaders Co-op THANK-YOU From the bottom of my heart Nate 💗

@mountainjewel was super helpful in getting the product to me. Wren was awesome at communicating with me (a lot of times!) along the way and offered 5 🌟 Customer Service. The awesome integrity among Ini & Wren are ultra inspirational. These two give birth to permaculture at it's finest. Check out their shop for yourself! Best Quality available hands down. So much life force in this little package. That's just how I like it. THANK-YOU @mountainjewel for doing what you do

About Nourish Tincture
I wanted to try Nourish tincture because my nervous system needs all the help it can get right now. I am recovering from a brutal car accident. The impact has had major implications to my nervous system and brain function. (Which is why i have been avoiding posting lately. Getting thoughts out in a comprehensible way is extremely challenging right now so please bare with me ❤. The final product won't be what i'd like it to be but it will have to suffice. Your tolerance & understanding is deeply appreciated)

It took a long time for the product to arrive. And, i was a bit concerned about how it would travel in the cold of our harsh winter weather. It took about a month to arrive. What fun to receive the package!


The big unwrapping!


Compostable bubblewrap @mountainjewel thinks of all the details!


Though before composting my son and I had a lot of fun popping all the bubbles!! 😂



For my first dose i took the minimum recommended amount of drops. The taste was refreshing and much milder than i anticipated.


I slept well. And, in my second dose i added the tincture to ACV as recommended in Nate's review Minus the added honey. It was wonderful this way! I highly recommend it.

I have since continued to incorporate Nourish Tincture on a regular basis in my self-care regime. My healing is continuing on a positive trajectory. I will continue to enjoy this awesome product!

Also worth noting, is that by purchasing items through Homesteader's Co-op we are supporting and building relationships directly with people of the upmost integrity. To support homesteaders dedicated to stewarding land, plants and animals -all life- in their environment is extremely valuable to me. It is like gardens of The Celestine Prophecy but In Real Life!!! To me that is an awesome way to be the change our world needs!!

I wish all the best to The Homesteader's Co-op and the vendors therein. Special thank-you to @sagescrub for all the hours of hard work that have gone into creating the opportunity for the community to blossom.

I hope this review is helpful! Go ahead and get yours today

Much Love & Many Blessings 💗
Jill 🌻


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Your review makes my heart so happy @yogajill :) I am glad to see this connection of joy, love and #naturalmedicine between you, @nateonsteemit and @mountainjewel.

I am wishing you lots of healing and recovery from your car accident. You are so wonderful, staying positive through it all.

Yayyy! I’m SO glad it finally made its journey through the border and to YOU! 💚 it’s so nourishing to read all of your reviews and we’re thankful to be a part of such an awesome community. Abundant healing from your car accident Jill and much love! This inspires me to write a How To Make Your Own Nourish Tincture so people can make big batches of their own! Herbal medicine is people’s medicine and usually medicines like this work slowly over a longer period of time 🌿💚


Thanks for helping my friend @yogajill by supplying this tincture. It looks like an awesome product. Good luck to you and you ventures this year and always ❤️🌴🌈🦋💛


Oh lovies!! 💘 Thank-you SO much for your well wishes. And, for taking the time to share with us what you do. I look forward to all your posts! Haha and to having a full blown homestead too ❤💚🧡 it's super cool to be friends with good ppl like you. Namaste 🙏

Hey, you got it!!! Yay! :D

So glad it is helping you to feel better!

RESTEEMED!!!! This looks awesome Jill and am so glad it is helping you , a huge shout out to @mountainjewel for being so helpful too! Happy days for all 🌴🦋🌈💛🍀❤️

Glad it is helping.. natural is the way to go.. bet you had fun popping those bubbles


Time to order more stuff from @mountainjewel! Ahaha, my son asked for more bubble wrap. I found the piece and made a few pops! giggles it's so much fun. He's savouring it! It's almost done LOL bubbles! All the good stuff is bubbly 😀 HuGs! So great you popped by Dave. Remember this?


I luv it 🌻💗 how's the touque? Is it keeping you warm? #ohnatural


Damn.. it's been a long time since I painted rocks


Was thinking! Ahaha, Wink wink.... nudge nudge 🐞🌻❤

That tincture looks interesting!
What are the active ingredients?


Great question @drutter! Sorry i missed adding those details to my review. Nourish Tincture is a blend of milky oats (green young oats picked at just the right time, and holy basil (Tulsi). Each grown and harvested with complete attention to pristine stewardship and tinctured in a good way with organic alcohol. I bet you cant find s higher quality product on the market! It passes right from homesteader, couriers, to customer! No other distributors involved at all! So brilliant! The age of abundance is upon us 🌻🧚‍♀️💗


That's very interesting, @yogajill, thanks for the info! Blessings to all in their healing journeys.

Damn! You are such a beautiful woman!


Thanks @guysofcannabis 💘 Birds of a feather, must flock together! 🧚‍♀️🐴🎶

Nice! Tinctures can be great. I used to take some in juice because the flavor was a little too much for me, lol. Nowadays I don't take any regularly but have as needed thrown some in with my protein shake, which is proooooobably a little thick to do that, but ya know, it's convenient. XD So I'm glad yours is enjoyable in different liquids! May it help your healing! <3

Awesome review! I’ve never tried natural medicines like this other than CBD oil, but I think everyone could use some extra Nourishment ;)

I bought some blackberry plants from @mountainjewel and I was very happy with the purchase, might have to try some of this someday!

Cheers and enjoy your day!

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Oh cool! That you bought blackberry bushes from @mountainjewel! That's right on! I need to think about which seeds i need this upcoming season and see what i can get from the @homesteaderscoop shop. Thanks for stoping by @jeffjago! Great to meet you. Hopefully your berry bushes grow big and strong this upcoming season!!

You've been visited by @riverflows, on behalf of Natural Medicine. Love your work!

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Done!! 💗🎶🐦