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Here we go with another contest, this time focusing on women who are eligible for the Campbell award this year, which means women who were first published professionally in 2016 or 2017.

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For this one, your research is easier. The Campbell Award Eligibility page is here for you with the list. Because these are newer names, I've not read that many of them. In fact, looking at the list, I have only read 7 of them (which is particularly embarrassing because I am friendly with several others on social media):

Katherine Arden

(People love her debut novel, The Bear and the Nightingale, which I only liked)

Kathleen Kayembe

(Only 2 short stories out, but they are bangers)

Vina Jie-Min Prasad

(Five stories out, of which two are Nebula finalists)

K Arsenault Rivera

(People love her debut novel, The Tiger's Daughter, which didn't work for me at ALL)

Rebecca Roanhorse

(Only one story, but it's on my Hugo ballot)

Vivian Shaw

(Her debut novel is AWESOME)

Rivers Solomon

(Their debut novel is on my Hugo ballot and is super extra AWESOME)

Now, of course, you're not limited to these 7. If you've already read any of the other eligible authors, or if any of them seem intriguing to you, by all means review them! And I'm making this one 2 weeks, so people have a chance to read a novel if they so choose.

If you do choose to read one of the 2 novels I loved, I'll make the choice simple. Shaw's novel is a fantasy, and a delight, with some darkness. Solomon's novel is science fiction, dark af, with moments of levity. Both novels (and Rivera's) are queer af.

The reward for this contest is 5SBD for the winner and 2 for 2nd place.

The Rules

  • The review must be in a post on the Steem blockchain, and must include a link to the book. Goodreads or any online store.
  • The author must be eligible for the 2018 Campbell Award.
  • It must be a book or story you liked or loved. Not here for fiction hate.
    You have two weeks to post the review.
  • You have to comment on this post with a link to the review.
  • The author must be a woman or non binary.

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Here is my entry! Thanks for organising this contest. I loved reading Rebecca Roanhorse's story and I look forward to reading more of her work in future. 😊


Thank you for an excellent entry, and look out for Roanhorse's debut novel, Trail of Lightning, coming in June.


Oh yes, I can't wait to read that! Thanks.

Ooh, I really really liked Arden's debut novel, The Bear and the Nightingale, and its sequel, the Girl in the Tower. The Russian history and mythology that came to life! The Winter god left some things to be desired, but at least he showed up when he was needed most, and... well, no spoilers... the climax of Book One seemed a little contrived, or maybe even silly, but the story was so engaging, I just didn't mind its flaws.


I think a part of my problem with it was that people kept comparing it to Uprooted, and... well... it does not hold up well in that comparison. Also, some characters were carrying the idiot stick way too much for my liking. Still... if you've read it, you can review it for my contest!


I've never read Uprooted, but I love Arden's novels, whatever their flaws. The ending of Book Two was far less joyous and held a finality that I hate. And speaking of the idiot stick... I'd almost knock Book Two down to four stars, or less, for the heroine making stupid choices. Here's my review of not just one but both books: https://steemit.com/contest/@carolkean/the-bear-and-the-nightingale-winternight-trilogy-1-by-katherine-arden

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Conveniently, An Unkindness of Ghosts was already next on my reading list.


Have you had a chance to read it? Deadline's tomorrow...


I hit the part where Solomon thought that making up twee nicknames for autistic people was a good idea and bounced oh so hard.


It didn't bother me, largely because Solomon is neuroatypical.

Oh, I am so excited about getting stuck into this one! 😍 I need to have a think about which author I'll read...