Already 99 weeks of the #BeerSaturday Challenge - Have a 🍺 Beer and get 🍺 BEER token

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Yes BeerLovers, here is week 99

Since 99 weeks, we call every week ALL YOU BEERLOVERS to send your #beer story & your pictures to the worldwide #beer community to celebrate the #BeerSaturday challenge here on the blockchain.

The Steem #BeerSaturday Challenge calls for YOU to JOIN the fun.

Steemit BeerSaturday Challenge by Detlev.jpg
(C) by pixabay and modified by @detlev for #beersaturday

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What to do in week 100???

In 1 weeks from now we will celebrate week 100 and I like to collect ideas for this very special week.

If you know anyone who like to sponsor something for that week to get more or higher valued prizes, please connect with @detlev

The thirsty @BeerLover will send a free of charge BEER token to the Steemian you comment on, if you call BeerLover with the command !BEER.

This is a nice addon for the #BeerSaturday community. You may use this as a giveavway to a friend here on steem.

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The weekly challenge

with a good story and a beer

about THAT beer
and celebrate with us week 99

prost and cheers tag by detlev.png
by @detlev for #beersaturday - FREE TO USE FOR YOU!

The #BeerSaturday challenge
like to motivate YOU
to create valuable content
around the topic of beer & ...

All the STEEM from this post goes to the prizes and leftovers to the pot. All SP is for my work.

This is YOUR chance to blog about beer and get paid for this to buy a beer for the next week challenge

Have a short look to the simple rules of the steemit #BeerSaturday challenge and join this weekly Challenge where you may win some of our prizes.

The Prizes

Every week we give away some STEEM.

Here you see our prizes in STEEM

This week SBD PrizesValue Prize3 SBD
2.nd Prize2 SBD
3.rd Prize1 SBD

The thirsty @BeerLover sposorns each week some BEER token for quality posts with a nice story and many pictures.

This week BEER PrizesValue Prize3 BEER token
2.nd Prize2 BEER token
3.rd Prize1 BEER token

The Steemit #BeerSaturday rules

Please have a look to be able to win.

1. Post with the challenge

Create quality content and not just one picture. Add some text! Have Fun

a. Picture a beer with 3+ pictures

b. Add a story about beer

c. use the Hashtag #BeerSaturday in your post

2. Win cool prizes at the challenge

As all is about quality content and boosting this main Steemit #BeerSaturday challenge post

d. Upvote this main Steemit #BeerSaturday challenge post

  -->  we count the percentage from your upvote as factor X

e. Copy the "link of your new post" into a comment to this main "Steemit #BeerSaturday challenge post" as your entry

f. Have people upvote on your entry at this post

  -->  we multiply this as well with  factor X 

g. The judges of #BeerSaturday may give a BONUS for great content, Resteems or other reasons

--->   we multiply this as well with X 

The BeerTicketLottery

The math of #BeerSaturday is a mixture of engagement and a random number.

From all that numbers everybody gets an specific amount of Steemit #BeerSaturday lottery tickets and we do the math and choose the winner by a random number - That ticket will win.

Means, a higher upvote to this main post - get's a higher chance to win the challenge.

This steemit challenge offers a fair chance - even to a tiny minnow - to win a prize. We calculate the winner by the engagement, amount of upvotes and by a random number prozess.


  • You may post on any weekday but add our hashtag #BeerSaturday
  • You might post more than one of your articles, bu only the one with most votes goes to the lottery
  • I will check the results on Saturday midnight (California Time Zone) after I wake up on my sunday

The Pot

BeerSaturday Pot.png
(C) by pixabay and by @detlev

The SBD generated by the weekly challenge posts and the weekly payout post is used for the Prizes. Any leftover goes to the pot.

Actual Pot

Value of Pot at end of
week 97 estimated 5 SBD and 3 STEEM

The earned SBD/STEEM from the payout post from week 96 and later are not in the pot yet

Some very special beer lovers

BuzzBeerGeek-small-160.png detlev-small-160.png

As supporter and beer expert @buzzbeergeek
and @detlev (me) can't win prizes at this challenge!
We just make this thing possible every week.


Many thanks again to
for YOUR POWERFUL support

Please vote our Sponsors for Witness

This week we love to have vote for ats-david and for reggaemuffin and Blockbrotherswith just a few clicks

Special thanks to all the steemians who voted on the #BeerSaturday posts lately

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Love to see your post for this week

@Detlev love steemit

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Another great day for a beer and a Beer Saturday Review!
This is the best beer I have had in a while and it’s a local craft brew!

The beer looks great, but I cannot vote for you in busy!!

What do you mean can’t vote?

Because I am not on Bussy, it does not give me the opportunity to vote, I must first create an account to be able to vote.

Nice alien!!

Thanks much @rynow ! 😉

wow, cool here is a !BEER for you....

will jump to your post now and have a read

To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @barbara-orenya, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Enjoyable even at altitudes above 3000m if you aren't already light-headed enough, try this Ecuadorian Beer

Great place to have a beer!!

Nice can!!

great to have you back here dear @rynow!

Nice to be back

I have not posted a beer post for quite some time, but here I am back at number 99!! Here you can read all about the Befreckled Red - Irish Red Ale beer, from Basset Breweries!!
I hope that I will keep the posts coming again!!

My beer from the last weekend „Finally I had my Otterkringer sechzehn with a Cote a l’os


The beer looks great and that steak is really a good size and looking very delicious!!

A big 12% smokey Russian Imperial Stout for me this week - and it was amazing

Motorolie (1 of 1).JPG

Looks like a great beer, and I do love the label.

Love the sign!!

Yeah, it was pretty fantastic!

Celebrating election results, seems like a great reason to have a beer!!

Und ich dachte, ich kann mit dem Beitrag noch bis zur nächsten Woche warten. :D
Nee, kein Thema, dann kommt der halt am Samstag.

Du kannst jeden Tag der Woche posten.
Einfach Deinen Link unter den wöchentlichen Beitrag von mir packen und gut!

Could take some work to determine the number of entries, but some sort of loyalty bonus or leaderboard, out of the 100 weeks who has had the most entries...
Or maybe we all need to drink 100 beers each.
Or tell you which of the beers we have drunk for Beersaturday has been the best.
Whatever you go with 100 weeks is an amazing achievement - thanks for all the effort @Detlev.

Thanks for this ideas. Let me see which might work....

I need a programmer!!!


Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

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