Cycle Feed: Bicycle Photo Contest #8 – Spin the Pedals and Win Steem

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Welcome to Cyclefeed's Bicycle Photo Challenge brought to you by @mrprofessor and @robmolecule. The best cycling content, concentrated in one place, @cyclefeed.

Hello there, cyclists! The Cycle Feed Team wants to bring something different to reward the awesome cycling community, it is the Bicycle Photo Challenge.

We believe that a good friendship is what makes a community strong, especially when you are out there cycling on the vacuum of the pack. So, with that said, we would like to bring the cycling community and the CF Team closer together with a fun challenge! Not only will it reward, but it'll also encourage you to go out on your bicycle to take the best and most epic photographs. Plus, we'll get to interact and know you better. Isn't that perfect?

Cyclefeed's Bicycle Photo Challenge

This round ends on Wednesday 24th at 11:59 GMT

Have fun and keep the pedals spinning!

Here is the Cycle Feed Team with yet another great bicycle photography. We are glad for having you closer to us. It is absolutely epic to interact with you all on the comments and check all those amazing photos.

Today's winning photo takes us to a beautiful green valley and makes us wonder how amazing the bicycles are to take us to such places. Unfortunately our fellow cyclist faced bad weather and at the end everyone was wet - situations that happen with cyclists.

The Absolute Winner For This Week


This summer I pedaled through Deliblato Sands with my working colleagues. Next image is one of few from that day because we had a bad weather: from rain to hail with all thunderstorm effect, completely unprepared.We got totally wet but by the time we reached the starting point everything was dry. Crazy summer days.


Click Image to Enlarge!

The Bicycle Photo Challenge

The idea is to keep it simple, all you have to do is to go out and enjoy the day on your bike, don't forget to bring a camera! You'll need it.

Then you'll have to amaze the Cycle Feed Team with a photograph, but not any photograph, the theme is BICYCLE. It doesn't need to be a master piece of photography, try to capture the moment and showcase what cycling is. Can be a photo of your bicycle, or the bicycle on some epic locations, or someone riding a bicycle. There's no need to be a fresh photograph, use your creativity and don't pick photos from the web, we'll check that.

How to Submit a Photo

  • Post your bicycle themed photo on the comments down below and add a small comment (one paragraph should be enough). Try to keep it sweet, talk about your bike or the moment.
  • If the photo has been featured in your blog as a post, you can include the link on the comments, it'll grant extra visibility. Keep in mind that you still need the upload the photo on the comments, separately.

Contest Rules

  • Only ONE picture per user;
  • Take a Bicycle Themed Photo and share on the comments with a description;
  • Upvote this post;
  • Resteem (Optional);
  • We'll select the best Bicycle Themed Photo and feature on a post next week; 
  • Half of the Steem rewarded on this post will be paid out to the winning photo featured next week;
  • If the amount of Steem turns out to be A LOT, then we'll lock the prize in 2 Steem. Higher prizes will be given if the payout increases.

The Cycle Feed Team hope that you have fun while cycling! Don't forget to bring your camera along to share your epic bicycle themed photos.

Do you like what we do? Please consider giving us an upvote or even a resteem. This will help us pay out higher rewards to the community which encourage even more people to use #cyclefeed.


  1. Follow and upvote @cyclefeed
  2. Follow our curation trail on Steemauto or delegate Steem Power: Check out our tutorial!
  3. Use the tag #cyclefeed in your posts: Check out the requirements!

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Hmm... Am I missing smth? Just came to leave my photo and sad to see that there is none else. Plenty of cycling posts is jumping out every day... Thought it's not all about contest here, there is something in supporting.
Anyhow, here is my enter for this week.


And my post about this unique place:
It is not a pure cycling post, but the place I am writing about (Deliblato Sands) is on EuroVelo 6, The Rivers Route, so maybe some of you would like to check it.
Enjoy your days and push the pedals.


That's a beautiful place @tellurian! Are you travelling on the EuroVelo?

Thank you for sharing.


@cyclefeed, nope, but I did passed some part that cross my county. Generally, I prefer mountains :)
@sina-adventure, I am usually person of last moments, but last week my entry was the only one. And this week when I came, again noneone. Happy to see you here. I went to some snow riding long time ago... Crazy shit! :D Nice photo!


Ah awesome, because me (mrprofessor) will be doing big parts of the EuroVelo starting next month, maybe we'll meet someday.


Wow! Nice! Which route are you going to take? If I catch you, you are a Brazilian, is it your first time in Europe? It should be cold here next month, luckily winter will be late again this year. Here is an old wisdom: There is no bad weather, only poor equipment. :D
Wish you all the luck with your trip, and let me know if you're crossing Serbia.


Heyho @tellurian, it'll be my second time in Europe, but first time on a bike. Hahah can you imagine my brazilian 'behind' in such cold weathers? coooooold

I'll keep an eye on your content to know more about Serbia, sounds like and awesome destination.


Though there are few participants, but there really nice photos out there (including your photo). And never underestimate the last few hours... That's when the most jobs are done and most participants enter. :)

Do the bicycles love sunsets?

Can't tell on behalf for all the bicycles, but mine do love sunsets, though I'm not taking it with me too often. My usual locations requires some car drive to the seaside, either go by foot if passing with the ferry to other side of a gulf to Curonian Spit.
This rare occasion was decision to go to Curonian Spit, but closer to the gates to port, which is longer distance to go by foot and very inconvenient to go by car :)
So well, after got some nice frames of sunset and port gates and whatever.. the last model became just my bicycle. And with pretty nice result

Enjoy the scenery!


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!


Wow, we think that bicycles and sunsets are the perfect combination. Nothing better than cycling somewhere as cool as your place to enjoy the magical moment!

Thanks a lot for the entry, it's beautiful.

I had the same thought as @tellurian. It is surprising that more people are not entering the contest. I know you don't want to clutter the #cyclefeed hashtag with a bunch of short photo posts, but having people enter only in the comments limits visibility. Maybe encouraging people to share their photo in a post with a separate photo contest specific hashtag would help to spread the word (#cyclefeedphoto perhaps?). I don't know... just an idea. Anyway, here is my entry for this week.


I finally had to break out the jacket for my morning commute. After an unseasonably warm start to fall, the cooler weather feels great. There really is no better way to experience the change of seasons than on a bike. I was ready for cool, crisp air... and it felt great. As always, a perfect way to start the day.


That photo is indeed so nice, we can almost feel the movement!

When we had this idea we thought more or less like the czechglobalhosts, we wanted to simplify things, since not everyone likes to create a post. It would also concentrate the interaction here, where people can also enjoy each other.

We'll think of something and present tomorrow, thanks for the sugestion!


Thanks... and keeping everything in this feed to concentrate the interaction makes sense. Hopefully people will continue to resteem and spread the word (maybe a resteem should even be required to enter). Anyway, it's good to see a few new entries this morning. It is a fun contest, and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow.


Yeah, it's a great fun to see everyone sharing and having fun on the bikes. Plus, the rewards are usually great, and sometimes huge if steempress upvotes us full force.

All we want is to share our earnings with the community.


@jctdesign, nice to see you here. I am still quite new, so not really understand phenomena like this. Hope your suggestions can improve something.
By the way, like your photos, and previous one, beauty of simplicity.


Thanks so much! You have some really nice photos too.


This is not my bicycle and not even me, but the place I have been to - Malvern - was packed with cyclists! This one was going down super fast, and my panning barely got him. It was refreshing to see how cycling is becoming more and more popular in the UK!


By the movement we can tell that he was indeed very fast! Is that a hill? It's just a matter of time until you start using a bicycle too @rimicane - wait and see xD

Thanks a lot for the entry!

R.I.P. until resurrected!


This photo was taken during my last cycling trip for this year, conquering mountain Kosmaj in Serbia. I will be writing a whole post about the trip and adventures I-ve been through in the following days. So this is something of a sneak peAk trailer :)


Ouch, at least that was an easy puncture to find with that gigantic nail. And now we are curious to know about the adventure. How's cycling in Serbia? Is wild camping allowed?

Thank you a lot for the entry!


Yep, kind of a happy accident. :D
Hmm.. cycling in Serbia isn't really good, mostly unsafe... crazy car/truck drivers and almost without bike trails. I haven't had any trouble by now, but take care a bit more and you will enjoy.

Not sure what is a law in Serbia about wild camping, maybe it is forbidden but I did a lot of camping in past decade and never had any problem. Forest rangers are like mythological creatures here. It is rumored that they exist. :D But, expect a warm welcome from locals, especially if you go far in the wild.


That's awesome, it's one of the countries I (mrprofessor) is curious about. Hopefully I'll cycle there soon.

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when i get bored i try something completely new, and this time (less than a year ago) i did this. mountain biking in snow. So quiet and lonely out there, but there were footprints of two or three kind of animals. Though as i was close to the village, it was safe and fun. And the bike didn't disappoint me. (It was kind of new back then)


That's what we call proper mountain biking! When is the winter coming again?

Thanks for participating, that photo is stunning.