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Thanks for the contest! These have become one of my favorite features of Steemit



Very cool! Thanks for joining in :)

oh snap he went GoT

Hold on to your fetish objects ladies and gentlemen and all aboard the Dream Express, destination Gnashster's Entry into the Steem-Art Photo Editing Contest and points beyond, mind your head, it is a bit of a step.


I Dreamed of a Lion

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Have a great day!

Hey guys .. this is my entry for this competition.

post link

SO amazing!
How much would you charge for a similar animated rainbow fire tiger to use as my footer?
And thank you for entering again this week!

rainbow fire tiger ? hmmm .... may not be possible for rainbow colors ... however i can suggest something else. give me a picture you intend to use for your footer let me work on something.

I wanted the outline of the tiger to be either transparent or the same color white as the page. Rainbow is pretty special to me as are tigers...and I could certainly whip up a static one myself...but it's the animated fire that really attracts me...it could just be solid pink or blue or green. But if the fur itself...standing still underneath could somehow incorporate the rainbow that would be so amazing. I understand it might be too much for animated though! No worries :)

I am thinking crazy lisa frank...


I'll work on something ... Will send u once it's done

@creativesoul ... here is what i was thinking about =) hope you like it

here is the link in full 5k px image


Wow! So gorgeous! Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3


This is rad

Lions are my favourite animals <3
Here is my entry! It have edited it first and then I used the Deep Dream Generator.

That link is broken...love the art though! Very spiritual :)

Thanks! I fixed the link now.

I like this is like magic!! <3


Hi!! here is my entry

Thanks for the opportunity ;)

💕Loved this one so much! Here is my entry and link to my post.

View My Post Here

This is a beautiful transformation!

Very imaginative. Great looking Edit.

Coool!!! <3 <3

Wow...so beautiful!
I too envisioned something like this when I first picked the photo out.
Thanks for joining in! <3

Coming back for round 2... This was my interpretation using the limited free time I had 😎

Ahaha! SO awesome!!! <3

Thug life :D

Cool! Reminds of of night vision. Thanks for entering :)

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This was a lot of fun xDD I want to play with more photos now! Good luck everyone <3 https://steemit.com/steem-art/@shello/my-entry-for-creativesoul-s-steem-art-contest-2

Shello I love this the colors are great!

Thank you so much @juliakponsford! <3 I really enjoy seizuresque kinds of art, art is the expression of the soul right?

Love that mane! Thanks for joining in!

Thanks for doing this contest. I appreciate the opportunity.

Here's my entry:


Here's a link to my post.

Here is my Version of the Image, edited with Photoshop.


And here is the Link to my Post: https://steemit.com/contest/@urukai/steem-art-photo-editing-contest-2-by-creativesoul-entry-by-urukai

Love the predator vibe and texture! Thanks for joining us this week :)

Thank you :-)

https://steemit.com/art/@in2itiveart/steem-art-photo-editing-contest-2-entry Here's my entry... very fun ! I have not used digital tools in a long while.

You did a great job making this look like 3D paper collage art! Thanks for entering :)

oh crap! 3D? I missed that part I think - except in the end when I added the emboss effect. I am terrible at following written directions. Thanks for your positive comment.

Oh...you didn't do anything wrong! I was just admiring the textured dimension to the embossed effect. Looks like you could almost reach out. There aren't any actual creative directions - everyone is free to do what they please artistically. <3

@creativesoul - thank you for awarding me 2nd prize - I did not see this until I was scrolling through my wallet. I just do not know how to see that stuff... sorry to be late!

I'm not sure how to post the picture here... https://steemit.com/contest/@seanfisher/mirroared

Stay steemy?

You drag it from your computer to this box...or copy and paste the image URL from the steemit editor to here. You can also just post the link here in comments! Amazing edit! <3

Thank you. Thank you...thank you.
Stay steemy

Cool final pic, I thought we had to use the original to make the final image. Badass you got my vote.

ahhh I love this entry. It's so dope!

Thank you.

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Great looking contest, here's my attempt...



I wanted this to look like a wild Lion approaching a campfire at nightime but in an abstract form. I built up lots of layers in photoshop using 'overlay' and 'multiply' layer options to create an abstract image. I added a slight brush effect over the top.

Can be seen in Hi Res for best viewing here at https://imgsafe.org/image/189834f283


So glad you thought of Scar! And thank you for entering!

What a cool photo to start with! Thanks for hosting this!

I'd love to be a guest judge if you ever need :) lemme know! 😊

You could definitely be the next one! Have you checked out the Steem-Art server? <3

not yet, i'll try to stop by <3

awesome !!! going to start working on this on as well . i've got an idea hopefully my machine can take it... =P

okay... another cool contest! need to work!

Thanks for following )

Really nice recolor there! Thank you for entering this week!

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Here's mine!
Thanks for the challenge!

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Wow, big challengers this week. I am glad I didn't have time to post any entry...

Perhaps you have time to enter the next one?
I would forward to seeing what you come up with again. <3

Oh thank you, I will try :)