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Daily giveaway 7/29/2018.

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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

First Place: 5 SBD

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Suggested Daily Topic

To make things more interesting I'm going add a suggested daily topic. To perk up discussion between Steemians. As always you are free to comment whatever you like to enter. You do not have to follow this suggestion.

The daily topic for today is:

What — if Anything — Does the Current Hollywood Film Industry Lack?

There have been many new movies with great special effects in recent years. But what about the stories, the characters, the feel of the movie? Are movies and the file industry lacking good new ideas and just rehashing action blockbusters? Let me know what you think.

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:

BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

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There is not enough star roles for minority when it comes to Hollywood industry. Not only in acting but also in production and writing. When we go on YouTube and even now on drive there are many good work from people of minority. If Hollywood brought in more there would likely be more good films.

Nowadays Hollywood is in to recycle sequels, high spending and brand name works like marvel, D.C. and Lucas films.


Proper representation of Asian actors and Latino actors is lacking.

Most of the movies feel like they are the same - a bit more individual ideas would be great

When I became fascinated by @bunnypuncher daily 15 SBD Giveway, in steemit I saw the first time daily, @bunnypuncher, giveaway, I think @bunnypuncher's this giveaway helps a lot to be on the morale of all our steemit users So we always support @bunnypuncher, what do you say your friends

Thank you for the support.

@bunnypuncher Not only thank you's partner, we all thank you partner, we all support you, because you are doing a great job for new steemit members

I'm glad my contest helps new steemians.

This work is very good for us. New steemit members help us to motivate @bunnypuncher, we are very pleased

original ideas....no more remakes please

Without surprises and interesting turns of plot, hardly will turn out to make something memorable in the hollywood Industry. The fact that things are not what seem makes history of fascinating.

Taking more risks. Almost everything is from a franchise or a remake.

The film industry has not been profitable for years and in Spain the situation is especially critical. Many emblematic producers and distributors are heading towards bankruptcy. The Filmax group is struggling to overcome the fringe of its creditors' contest, started in 2010, while Alta Films, one of the largest independent groups with production, distribution and 200 screens (the Renoir chain, among them), has just suspended payments. And these are the largest in the universe of micro-companies that make up the universe of the sector: more than 250 producers and as many distributors. @bunnypuncher

Character building in consecutive movies

¿Qué sucede si hay algo que carece de la industria cinematográfica actual de Hollywood?
Abra una caída en la calidad de las películas, y se tendrá como resultado películas de muy bajos presupuesto con actores de muy poca calidad.

Oh! OMG! Thank you very much bunny! :) You have made me very happy! I agree with the comment of @milanm Your contest is very useful for the community. It's a daily draw for everyone! Anyone can win, it's a great initiative to keep people in the community.

Again, thank you cute bunny :) Greetings!

There's just far too many Marvel movies in Hollywood these days.

The current Hollywood film industry lacks big new ideas. There is a shortage of fresh film scripts. There are just too many sequels. Vertical integration and a bottom line reliance on pre-branded franchises have combined with diminished film slates, producer deals and writing jobs to drive film scripts down.

I haven't really saw a good animated Hollywood movie for Adults. With a good sense of humor and deep meaning behind!

Being grateful is a powerful way to achieve great energy, Have you been grateful today

In terms of production, filmmakers now no longer rely on the story line as a life in the film.

In Hollywood today, bigger is better

Holywood is lacking songs in between the story, just like the Bolywood...

Mostly Hollywood movies running on same track and no new ideas giiven.

I think the Hollywood movie industry are clearly creating new ideas and stories on their movies,so I don't personally think they lack anything

I personally feel like a lot of movies are based around the same concepts/styles and it would be interesting seeing some more variety in the movies hollywood produces.

They are forgetting about the emotions which is the most important needs of old movies.

Obviously they seem to be rehashing action blockbusters, bringing sequels to old hit movies.
They should use recent world happenings in politics such as the stepping down of Jacob Zuma of South Africa and also the Robert Mugabe saga and many more..

Without a doubt, the biggest lack that Hollywood has today is gender inequality! In addition to women are not given great performances in the movies, their salaries are very low compared to the salary of men.

Then we can't expect marvel comics movies...

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They lack of good ideas

I feel Hollywood movies with special effects lack in story line but in other aspects they are fabulous like characterization is one of the thing i like most about Hollywood special effects movies. Currently my all time favorite Hollywood special effect movie is LOGAN, though i didn't liked the ending of the movie but still i have watched it like 35 times :)


A crossover to Bollywood?

Succinctness. Tell the story and be done.

  ·  last year (edited)

Sometimes I feel that there is an issue with the stories and the characters. Old movies 🎥 like, for example heat - or the old Independence Day (1) are so fantastic ✌️! Instant watch if you never had 👍


@bunnypuncher Yup in future there should all animated movies and movies like all are in space and others animated features will be added and another thing is that now new generation like most of adventures movies and war movies hope new technology takes place in Hollywood

Hollywood movies lack emotion, they are always base on action, adventure they need too add romance and love a little bit

Thanks bunnypuncher for the giveaways, it really helps us newbies. I think what Hollywood lacks is character development in some cases, but with that said, I love the special effects in the action movies

Decent stories and scripts. Its all derivative and rehash.

Equality between black and white actors

  ·  last year (edited)

What you are saying is true, Hollywood movies now it seems boring. New characters that appear only bring up the wild imagination of the audience. But the production house seems to have forgotten that the legend movie like Titanic put forward the romantic element, The Mask of Zorro brings out the character of a loving sword maestro and struggle. although the last two films I mentioned are movies of history and action. the audience's feelings do not always have to be driven adrenaline, but also the romantic side. big films were and are still remembered today because the real element of true love takes place in reality in society. not a vision far ahead and leave the theme of the current state. Maybe like @onefatindian said. Maybe I am Wrong, so Forgive me. Thanks sir @bunnypuncher. I have follow and vote. God Bless you

Netflix, HBO and platforms like that are taking the industry, and now series > movies.

Thank you @bunnypuncher this is awesome! Resteem

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Makin’ random comments and more gummunist propaganda.

I do not know, I do not follow those things, I'm not a lover of the movies,...

new creations of new scripts, new abilities to create a new world where you can escape from reality.


I have stopped watching Hollywood for the lack of lasting story lines and characters. Foreign films seem to be far more interesting. We lack original thought in our films. Not sure if its the mass audience fault or Hollywood, to be fair.

More movies where America is not the centre of the universe.

I think Hollywood is very complete, but instead of creating too irrealistic movies, they could focus on thecnology movies.

Hollywood are acting more technology based movies. They should focus more on movies that will promote right societal values

I think that's what I tried to say, but my english is not the best, let´s say it!
Something along those lines is really missing, I agree.

  ·  last year (edited)

Ok I get you now

It is lacking of originality and creativity. Most of the current films are on revenge, good vs bad or shooting without reasons, definitely needs to add on more imaginative themes.

Family values. Most Hollywood movies hardly promote proper family values maybe it's a depiction of the present American society

holliwod is undoubtedly the master film industry, it has been the guide for many industries outside of the United States, such as Spanish or Chinese cinema, I believe it still lacks the path, experience and economy that holliwod uses to create a lot of fantasy and reach hearts, it is not an easy path, but I believe that soon holliwood will have a lot of competition.

They lack of purpose. They create to sell and make and image of a product, but no of themselves, they need to feel their job and make it with passion, thats what i think.

It feels like action movies are written by punch of teenage manatees. Plots have no surprises and rarely are thought provoking. Everything is made so simple so that every average Joe could understand it

All of the above

It's the emotion and proper background music.

Hollywood has a lack of a single movie where there is no women, only men !

Hollywood has lack of me :-|

Originality, there is nothing new anymore.

I believe that they are lacking a good character building. You don’t always get to see characters grow and evolve from how they were beforehand.

It is necessary to renew ideas. although they are of great power nobody knows what can happen

The world of cinema fascinates me. I would not know what would happen if something were missing. I hope not!

The current hollywood industrie has a lack of creative wirters and inspired directors. We have too many reboots and sequels/prequels

New ideas, There is a lot of remakes/similar movies coming out.

Authentic subject matter not intended to cater to the ruling elite, but rather to enlighten the masses on real issues.

Im just going to start by telling you that Im very happy that i found this competition!

And About the Film industy; I think that they are missing the part of having fun at work.. They dont use the heart anymore...

Less intention to manipulate the minds of people, is an abuse that you want to charge for brainwashing.

Much love

Thanks for the contest

Congratulation to the winners

Several competitions very close, I like that! Hollywood lacks bunnypuncher

It is getting worse! Everything is more plastic and lacking in feeling, now all silver, fame and that

Creativity... Which is apparent in the astounding number of re-makes over the recent years.

theyve become lazy sadly, when there are several un-noticed writers who may have new stories that are different from the same routine. Which they could approach and work on something.

Muy agradecida @bunnypuncher

They spend too much time on technologies and forget that we need movies to smooth our feelings.

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Yeah, its obvious that the Hollywood film industry doesn't really respect parental guidance restrictions any longer. I was watching a movie and out of respect won't be mentioning the name and saw a lot of scenes I didn't feel comfortable with. A movie with PG rating of 13 had a theme of dating. I wondered why kids under the age of 13 would be encouraged to act and watch movies relating to dating. The movie had several kissing scenes and hot girls in bikini scenes. Throughout the entire movie the major message been passed across was negative teaching its viewers issues on dating. I definitely feel that's a loophole in the Hollywood film industry. Its inability to enforce parental guidance restrictions.

For me, I feel stiffer laws should be enacted prohibiting the violation of PG restrictions and strict monitoring of PG content is also advised

We would not be without good movies.

Buena mi bro

I jus want to say thank you for choosing me as one of the winners of the last contest. You made me very happy, @bunnypuncher

I think the American Film industry is making a fine job in giving us a steady stream of shallow entertainment. There's nothing intrinsically bad about it. What I find lacking is that blockbusters usually underestimate the audience intelligence by reusing trite tropes. Other than that I'm amazed at the ingenuity and risk taking entrepreneurship of Hollywood.

El cine clásico de Hollywood, se puede decir que es una determinación que narra a un modo institucionalizado. En este caso, la industria cinematográfica norteamericano logró una integración vertical a través de la cual unas cuantas corporaciones controlaban. No hay ninguna película totalmente clásica, pues todas éstas carecen de buenas ideas nuevas, y vuelven a poner en escenas los éxitos de acción en cada una de las Películas..

Good luck to you all!

You mean besides an original idea..... They can CGI just about anything they want now, so why not create something no one has seen before. Probably because it's a risk and it's easier to get funding with Marvel, DC, Starwars or something that just by the name is guaranteed to have a good return.
The way I see it the market is ripe for a great original idea, either that or do a Thunder Cats movie that would be pretty cool.

Most movies nowadays lack originality. There are a few original ones with great concepts and ideas tho :)

cinematography the art of transmitting a story to its viewers,
maintaining a specific view

  ·  last year (edited)

Suspense is one thing i really missed much in these days movie only to be having some kind of bizarre that could only occur during nightmare

yes you are right there is a lack of good content and story in hollywood movies

They are all the same, the only movies that matter are from Nolan and Tarantino

Hollywood lacks authenticity. Most of the movies that are made are clearly made just to get a profit. They lack heart. If they start making movies to tell a story, and not just to make money, I think the movie quality will improve.

I think Hollywood lacks originality. There are wayyyy to many remakes and reboots of already good movies. That and the making of sequel after sequel after sequel... Stop killing good movies, Hollywood!

Not enough non-sexualized nudity or depictions of nudity in a normal every day context like showers or naturist beaches. And on the flip side way too much sexualized imagery when completely unnecessary.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure

It is not our abilities that show what we truly are… it is our choices

To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life

It doesn’t matter who you are on the outside, the main thing is who you are on the inside.

After a while, you learn to ignore the names people call you and just trust who you are.

Don’t wait for things to get easier, simpler, better. Life will always be complicated.’ Learn to be happy right now. Otherwise, you’ll run out of time

because, “If you’re sad”, my Grandma told me “then cry”, “After you cry, you still have to live life

No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world

When God takes something out of your grasp, He does not punish you, but only opens your hand to accept the better.

Man will not know his maximum strength until he is in a condition where he is forced to survive

When God takes something out of your grasp, He does not punish you, but only opens your hand to accept the better

Let's see some sorry words for your boyfriend here!