Steam key Giveaway (Galactic Civilizations 3)

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From the dawn of the 4X genre, we had Galactic Civilizations. The original was a masterpiece of intricate details that was a great fit for the PC gamer that was interested in space strategy. Here, we have the 3rd iteration of the game with amazing lovely graphics but sticking to a great 4X gameplay set in space.


Honestly, there is nothing better than leading a galactic space-faring race, in an attempt to dominate (or subdue) the galaxy. Politics, strategy, tactics, economics! Everything is present for a great space drama that unfolds as you empire grows!


If you are interested in winning this game, drop a comment and let me know why you would like it. Or just have a chat about anything! The winner I will be picking based on the conversations I have!


  1. Prize is a Steam key via Humble Bundle gift link.
  2. Entry is by comment (upvote is not mandatory but helps me out, resteem is not necessary, but highly appreciated!), have a chat about why you want this game out just about anything!
  3. Winner is at my discretion (at post payout), generally the one that I think will like it best, and that has had the most pleasant and engaging interaction over the course of the competition.


Big thanks to the gaming community at @peopleofthenight (run by @vishire) for helping spread the word about my Steam Key Giveaway!

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Last week's winner!

Steam Store Page

@vishire was the winner from last week, picking up three games from the Blackwell games ! Let me know how to best get in contact with you, Discord or are best for me.


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I like space strategic games. I am playing SteemNova

That looks interesting, how is it to play? Does it have much depth?

Hmmm, I never played ogame. There were a couple of online text games that I played a long time ago. Utopia was one, and I can't remember the name of the other (survival against zombies and other town members...).

I never played ogame too

Oh man, the hours spent playing utopia...

Oh wow, I never thought I would ever find another soul that played it! I just loved it, seriously great multiplayer gaming! The intrigue and the meta layer of politics! I miss it...

Uni days. We had multiple groups on campus that played and fought. Was a lot of fun

Same, although I didn't know anyone else on campus that played. Did you all stick in the same Kingdom? Or were you an informal alliance?

My Discord is Vishire#8004! Thanks mate!

Sorry about the delay, I missed your comment. I will be in top of it tomorrow morning!

Lol, I read the notification as Steem Key Giveaway. I was wondering why anyone would want to give out Steem keys. (Is it the posting key? Perhaps the active key of an account? Is it a big account? LOL)

Hehe! I wish I had the keys to a big account! I wouldn't be giving those away! LOL!

I am always in for a strategy game! :D Looks interesting.. You say politics right? how much do decisions/ such events affect the game?

This is a good one, if you are into the 4X after the style of Master of Orion! I have a slight mistake with the politics part, it isn't (I think) in the base game but in an expansion! But the mechanics are there, if you upgrade after the base (this key is for the base only).

There is more details about the Intrigue expansion here:

and the trailer:

Let's see then.. I will think about the expansion after I play the base game.(if I win that is :P)

With these games, the first time I play I love just pursuing a science victory, having a small fleet of super advanced ships that try to keep the other groups from destroying each other. Trying to maintain some balance by keep everyone roughly at the same military level (apart from me of course!). The benevolent dictator!

Been playing the hell out of 2. Didn't even know there was a three. Very interesting...

Glad you are enjoying it! What is your play style? What AI settings are you playing against?

Turtle, turtle.

Hard currently. I like playing straight up combat matches rather than tech or influence wins.

Made my own species to adjust all the different traits just the way I like it.

I tend to turtle as well. Hoping that the technological superiority of my small fleets will be enough to hold the masses at bay.

The ability to design your own species is really one of my favourite modifications. Really able to genetically engineer a race to suit your play style!

Quality over quantity any day.

I love games that allow for personal modifications. Makes me feel more involved in the universe.


Great! Enjoy!

I'm a big fan of both space games and 4X games. I've recently been playing a lot of Reassembly and Civilization VI, as well as occasionally venturing into Stellaris.

Reassembly? I will need to check that out. I was doing a lot of Pillars of Eternity. But since yesterday, it's been BattleTech! (and a bit of Frost Punk...).

Paradox games (Stellaris for example) are definitely up there in my list of great games, but a serious learning curve.

Endless Space 2 and Infinite Space(?) are also games you should check out if you don't already know them.

I have Endless Space, and should really give it more of a chance, but it didn't really grab me. Possibly learning curve, possibly distracted by the other 'Endless' games from the bundle I got it in. How's the sequel compare to it?

I've not played Infinite Space yet, but it is on my radar.

I very much agree with Paradox games and their production of great games with horribly steep learning curves. Good thing the games are so good.

Reassembly is a 2D space game with resource gathering and space ship design and modular components and damage/repair. There's quite a few interesting things in it.

Oof, I had meant Distant worlds: Universe instead of infinite space. I have played Infinite Space though, it was okay but not really what I was after. Distant Worlds has a unique take on the 4X. You can issue general strategic orders, but the micro is handled by your military and private companies that not under your direct control. It was pretty good, but a whole new learning curve, and I remember it bringing my rig to its knees (I opted as always for the biggest map possible!). I should revisit it now that I have a much more powerful PC....

From the Endless games, Endless Legend 2 is my favourite, although I really like how they tie all the endless games into a single narrative line.

My favourite Paradox is Crusader Kings 2,although I haven't played it in a while... Recently, it has been Pillars of Eternity, and more recently Frostpunk and BattleTech.

Reassembly sounds good, going to check that out!

In today's world people almost succeed everything on world and now as a humans we have a new interest"SPACE"We are looking for life entities there in Space and even SpaceX sent Tesla to the space so in this time of the world Space and of course Space Games attract me too much...

Lol, space space space! Do you have a favourite game at the moment?

Well, I'm seeing this a bit late, I suppose, but Galactic Civilizations!?!

My goodness. My little heart when pit-a-pat when I saw that in @peopleofthenight's post.

When I was 23 I met the woman who would become my wife. A year later she went to Vienna to study German, because I had done it a few years before I met her, and I had loved it and she loved hearing about it. She did it, and loved it, but we both missed each other very much. So we scheduled these chats online, her 9 hours later, though. We'd talk in her afternoons right after her classes sometimes, so I had to stay up pretty late to make those. What kept me up? GalCiv. It was everything I wanted it to be. It was the idea of space travel, which I had dreamed of my whole life, without the fighting... well some of the fighting, but more of the actual building and imagining what these worlds could be ... it was hope... and then it was chatting. But the game was about so much more than the game to me. It was something that could consume me fully while I anticipated these reunions that meant so much. I confess, I also used it to fend of jet lag, playing it when I woke up early and waited for her to wake up (because I went to visit at the end of her semester). And then we decided to live together, and it's ability to consume me entirely helped us develop a routine whereby she got "me time" that I didn't seem to need. :P

And now we have a baby. I still play galciv from time to time on Steam, but it's lost some luster since I got spoiled by the graphics and gameplay of more modern games... like Civ 4... I'm still a bit behind the times.

Ah, yes the original was one of my first 4X games after the legendary Master of Orion, and what an amazing story. GalCiv was obviously a really defining part of your relationship!

Congratulations on the baby, I also have 2 kids (one is still a bit baby) and finding gaming time is difficult. But these sort of turn-based long stretch games are perfect for the new father. Easy to save at any point and with no hurry about the development of the game, it is great for the 10 or 20 minutes that you might be able to snatch for yourself!

The Civ games, I play a bit of, but somehow the lure of a Space setting is just so much more epic! If you haven't already, I highly recommend Stellaris and also Endless Space 2, also Distant Worlds: Universe if you are interested in these sorts of games!

I am interested in those sorts of games! I'll have to check them out once he moves into his own room. Right now he naps in the room that has the gaming computer, so I'm only playing stuff on the laptop ;)

Our new baby has taken over the study, which used to be my room. I've moved my computer to the attic, temporarily for new couple of years...

Is your attic a comfortable place?

It's pretty comfy, it's a relatively large one, but it gets pretty hot in the warmer months.

That sounds like a good excuse to eat popsicles.