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I'm a big fan of both space games and 4X games. I've recently been playing a lot of Reassembly and Civilization VI, as well as occasionally venturing into Stellaris.


Reassembly? I will need to check that out. I was doing a lot of Pillars of Eternity. But since yesterday, it's been BattleTech! (and a bit of Frost Punk...).

Paradox games (Stellaris for example) are definitely up there in my list of great games, but a serious learning curve.

Endless Space 2 and Infinite Space(?) are also games you should check out if you don't already know them.

I have Endless Space, and should really give it more of a chance, but it didn't really grab me. Possibly learning curve, possibly distracted by the other 'Endless' games from the bundle I got it in. How's the sequel compare to it?

I've not played Infinite Space yet, but it is on my radar.

I very much agree with Paradox games and their production of great games with horribly steep learning curves. Good thing the games are so good.

Reassembly is a 2D space game with resource gathering and space ship design and modular components and damage/repair. There's quite a few interesting things in it.

Oof, I had meant Distant worlds: Universe instead of infinite space. I have played Infinite Space though, it was okay but not really what I was after. Distant Worlds has a unique take on the 4X. You can issue general strategic orders, but the micro is handled by your military and private companies that not under your direct control. It was pretty good, but a whole new learning curve, and I remember it bringing my rig to its knees (I opted as always for the biggest map possible!). I should revisit it now that I have a much more powerful PC....

From the Endless games, Endless Legend 2 is my favourite, although I really like how they tie all the endless games into a single narrative line.

My favourite Paradox is Crusader Kings 2,although I haven't played it in a while... Recently, it has been Pillars of Eternity, and more recently Frostpunk and BattleTech.

Reassembly sounds good, going to check that out!

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