That looks interesting, how is it to play? Does it have much depth?

Hmmm, I never played ogame. There were a couple of online text games that I played a long time ago. Utopia was one, and I can't remember the name of the other (survival against zombies and other town members...).

I never played ogame too

Oh man, the hours spent playing utopia...

Oh wow, I never thought I would ever find another soul that played it! I just loved it, seriously great multiplayer gaming! The intrigue and the meta layer of politics! I miss it...

Uni days. We had multiple groups on campus that played and fought. Was a lot of fun

Same, although I didn't know anyone else on campus that played. Did you all stick in the same Kingdom? Or were you an informal alliance?

A variety. The club I was a member of had it's own kingdom, and many of us were either in that or allied with it. Often out main rivals were another club that we were generally friendly with

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