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RE: Steam key Giveaway (Galactic Civilizations 3)

in #contest2 years ago

I am always in for a strategy game! :D Looks interesting.. You say politics right? how much do decisions/ such events affect the game?


This is a good one, if you are into the 4X after the style of Master of Orion! I have a slight mistake with the politics part, it isn't (I think) in the base game but in an expansion! But the mechanics are there, if you upgrade after the base (this key is for the base only).

There is more details about the Intrigue expansion here:

and the trailer:

Let's see then.. I will think about the expansion after I play the base game.(if I win that is :P)

With these games, the first time I play I love just pursuing a science victory, having a small fleet of super advanced ships that try to keep the other groups from destroying each other. Trying to maintain some balance by keep everyone roughly at the same military level (apart from me of course!). The benevolent dictator!

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