CONTEST! | My 2020: Just a normal day | Tons of Steem waiting for you

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One year is made of 365 days and let's face it, most of those days are normal days. We wake up with our family, we go to work, we meet our friends, do some chores and then head back home to spend time with our loved ones.

During the week we have normal days in our lives. These days for us, sometimes they may seem boring or part of a routine but have you ever wondered how different it is a normal day in Nigeria compared to a normal day in Venezuela? Do you know how people get to work in the US compared to how people drive home in Europe? I'm sure the food Steemians eat in Prague is very different than the food in Moscow...

And that is exactly what this contest is about

Show other Steemians how a normal day in 2020 looks in your life. You can include whatever you want from your day. Today is Tuesday so you have all the week to prepare your post. Show us what you eat for breakfast, the route you take to get to work, what do you do in you job, the challenges you face everyday, but most importantly show us...

Just a normal day in 2020

The rules to participate are as follows:

1.- Make an original post describing how a normal day in your life goes by. You can make a video, come up with a gallery, you can describe every step of your day... whatever you can think of to show everyone how is a normal day in your hometown. Remember, the more graphic and visual is your post, the more chances it has of winning.
2.-Share that post on Twitter following the #POSH rules, include a brief description of what the post is about on the Tweet. You can check the requirements here.
3.- You have to Resteem this post (Let´s get to more Steemians! I want to know how is a normal day all over the world, don't you?)
4.- Please use the tags #posh & hive-174578 and any other tags you want to use.

To power this contest, OCD, OCDB and Blocktrades will be giving some votes depending on the post quality, so try to make it as best as possible!

So, starting right now, you can think about your Normal day and make a post about it. The posting window is from right now until Wednesday 29th of January at 23:59, your local time :)

A few requirements for submiting your entry

  • The title must be "My 2020: Just a normal day: your own title".

The entry must be submitted before Wednesday the 29th and the winners will be announced a few days later, depending on the judges....


The total reward pool will be 200 Steem and I will be deciding how to divide them according to the number of entries the contest has. There will be a definitive Top 3 which will get the bigger part of the price but if there are some honorable mentions, they will receive a share of the Steem.

Try to do your best because the Steem price is rising every minute!

Remember I can only make this contest thanks to @ocd-witness and @blocktrades so, if you want to show them your support vote for them as witness here, it will only take one minute!


without blocktrades and having top witness and top curation account and such.. i was able to giveaway 4000 STEEM within a week. you guys have 100s of accs with money, top witnesses, top authors, top delegators and @blocktrades on top and share 200 STEEM ? thats crazy... in a bad way.

I've given away more than 5,000 dollars in contests since January 2018. We've given away also 9 Steem Fest tickets including accommodation.
This is not a competition, I'm glad more people are also giving away steem and organizing contests, it's overall healthy for the platform, so thank you for what you do for the chain.
Sincerely, anomadsoul

i like you dude, but not your co-guy!

An artist's day is spend mostly in front of his laptop staring at the screen. Nothing fancy about it until he shares his artwork.

Definitely interesting for us non artists, I encourage you to make an entry!

Well I have quite a lot of normal days in my very boring life. Let's do this

There are no boring lives, that's the beauty of the diversity in steem :)

Well, I will have to try this

I just did, enjoy my routine

Great contest this time. Cool to share a normal day in Nigeria with my steemian friends out there.

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Hoping to see many Nigerian entries man, thanks!

hello steemit and i hope that you dont spam me , i need some support from you . i m using this website since two years and i couldnt increase my account at all . peace to you all from north africa .

I do not have twitter. How do I do to participate?

If @anomadsoul is ok with that, I can promote your post via my Twitter account. We can figure something out.

Puedo promocionar tu post con mi cuenta twitter, si los patrocinantes están de acuerdo

Great. Muchas gracias

Listo, hermanazo @hlezama.

The proper gentleman. Thank u, my friend. God bless you.

Oh la amistad con la solidaridad en perfecta concatenación Lezama. Mucha s gracias, hermanazo. Creo que lo haré. si es aprobado por el jefe. Si no, o pasará nada porque es solo una posibilidad o propuesta.
Dios bendiga tu corazón por sus nobles propositos.

De nada, hermano. Para eso estamos. Bendiciones para ti y los tuyos.

Oh my!!

Just A Normal Day


Estimado amigo @anomadsoul, un placer saludarte, voy a participar en este concurso, siempre entretenidas ideas y maneras de hacernos conocer culturas y nuevas amistades. Hoy he seleccionado a @ocd-witness, como testigo al amigo @blocktrades, ya lo tenía.
Un abrazo y espera mi participación!

Perfecto! Espero con ansias leer tu entrada, saludos amigo

Great contest...I will try it sir @anomadsoul.

Hola equipo, las entradas en cualquier idioma?

Estaría mejor en inglés, pero en español recibirán también voto aunque no podrán ganar ya que los jueves hablan inglés, saludos!

Ya lo hice amigo @anomadsoul en inglés, muchas gracias por esta iniciativa.

Does it count if I create a video and post it on Dtube?

Yes! That's perfect actually!

This contest got me, I will happy to share my normal day in Nigeria.
Hope to get some good upvote

Sounds interesting, Nigeria is quite a very different country than Mexico, definitely worth a read. Cheers

That normal day won't be normal anymore. But interesting to be able to show it haha!

You're probably right, but still, let's hope for some normality :P

Thank you, Eric, for these initiatives that allow us to develop as writers within something as daily as a normal day in our lives and also allow us to know about the day of others in other latitudes and with other customs. Preparing my entry, again grateful to you for these spaces @anomadsoul. I embrace you from here!.

That's the whole purpose of these contests, to encourage people to make awesome entries derived from diverse topics :)

Unlike usually, when I postpone these things until the very last end, I have written my entry already :)

Look at you, you're actually on time for this one haha

Yes, it's part of my new routine, trying to NOT postpone but do it asap. I was surprised I pulled it off though lol. :)

I enjoy these contests; thanks, @anomadsoul, @ocd-witness and @blocktrades for making it happen :)

I've resteemed this post, posted my entry to the contest and shared on Twitter. Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for the resteem and Twitter share!

My pleasure! I really enjoyed writing my entry, throughout the day :) (I think it’s my longest post in a while)

Cheers 🙏🏼

Are those pigeons?

Yes, they are :)

Great @anomadsoul from now I will start photographing to write my post of a normal day in Issy's life.

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Great to hear that you're already preparing your post! Thanks in advance

Great to hear that you're
Already preparing your
Post! Thanks in advance

                 - anomadsoul

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Mi participación


Interesting literary exercise @anomadsoul and @blocktrades

This is definitely not a normal week but I will give it a try.

Hopefully not as weird as mine :P looking forward to reading it

Is today too late to enter?

Good idee ! But I don’t have Twitter
How can I participate ?

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Hey there, you can just ask a friend to share it on their Twitter account :)

o guy, you've done a great job. #keep it up dude.

Wow! I can't wait to be a part of this 😊

Great to hear! Thanks

Awesome contest!

Excellent post! Very interesting

A real pleasure to participate in this contest and in the ones to come, but first here is my entry.

It's definitely something I'll do, share with all of my disastrous days, it's not something very attractive, but no doubt, it's going to be very interesting to see many of these entries!

Greetings @anomadsoul, thank you for the new invitation, already active by participating! Greetings.

Thank you for such awesome contest @anomadsoul
Too bad I missed the last one, as such I can't miss this one

Below is my twitter link and entry to this contest

My Entry link

Great contest

Interesting! Looking forward to "normal" days around the world!

Contest looks fun! I'm in. :)

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I wanna thank @tonytrillions for helping me recognize this amazing contest and also @anomadsoul for launching it.

Here is my participation post link

Proof of sharing post on twitter

Well, I am from Venezuela, still here... maybe I will show you about my normal day.. I will try to get on time!

trabajo en una funeraria todo es netamente normal

Para ti puede ser normal, para los demás puede llegar a ser muy interesante :)

Wow! Win or loss I will be trying my luck and support to this initiative @anomadsoul

That is the spirit Ate @olivia08. I will try to join as well.

Nice contest. I will try to participate.

"The entry must be submitted before Wednesday the 29th of December"
29th of December this year is Tuesday ;)

Lovin the concept of this competition m8. Here are links to my post and proof of share to make life easier for you.

Loads of changes for me moving into the new year, which are reflected in my '2020 normal day in the life' 😎

All the best for the new year and the future!

Twitter share:

Post entry:

Great. I'm in

Hello, I leave my entrance hits to everyone.

The friend @lisfabian promoted my post on her tweet. I hope there is no problem.

Excellent initiative.
Thank you for inviting us.

Thanks for the post.

What a great initiative! I'd maybe even participate but my life has been a tad chaotic for the past half a year. Once things settle down, I might be able to write something on the topic, but I recon that will happen maybe in another half a year, if not more. For now, I'll just read about other people's days and comment-comment-comment! ;)

Wow....there is nothing much to share but there is no harm in participating....just another day 👍

My entry

twitter post

Thanks for the contest. It will be interesting to read the many entries.

Have a good day :)


Great idea, I love it. Already participated myself.

Good luck to everyone 🙌

Hello @anomadsoul
Very original this contest, simple but important because it allows to know uuu not little more to other users.

Thanks for the opportunity, here I leave my entry:

I must say that I didn't have twitter, a few days ago I opened the account, luckily there was availability of the same user as steemit.

That will be my main account, since I don't have another one.
I see that it moves a lot, let's see how it goes. For now, learning to place the tags in twitter
Here is the link:

Hey, Eric, here, this is my entry to the contest. A hug for you, @anomadsoul.

My 2020: Just a normal day: one day at a time.

My entry in twitter here:

#oc #posh

I don't have much to tell, my routine goes from work to home, but you can read interesting stories !! I will try to make a post if there is something interesting ... greetings

Greetings friend @anomadsoul, here I leave my normal humble day, but more than normal is special because I still enjoy it.

Submitting my entry to this contest. Thank you @anomadsoul for creating this contest!

This is my entry.

I hope that @lisfabian or @hlezama does me the favor of passing it to twitter.

God bless you.

Greetings @anomadsoul here is my post and my tweet. I appreciate any relevant criticism. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this contest.

Estimado amigo Eric (@anomadsoul), siempre me costo pronunciar tu nombre de "guerra", hasta que un día me dijiste llamame Eric! Aquí estaá mi escrito, ya sé que no entraré al concurso por no estar en ingles...pero vine!
Muchas gracias por tus entretenidas iniciativas.
Un abrazo.

Time to make a daily life routine video, thanks for this awesome topic for making a vlog.

It is indeed an interesting topic, Rückhalt dir those who are not from your country and everything you post about will be fresh and new!

OH FUN! I remember this from last year.

Ho, this is my steem-link...

and my is my twitter-link...

Excuse me for have make a mistake in the post of before

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