Share your Steem posts on Twitter and win @ocd and @ocdb votes!

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Now wait, it's not as easy as just sharing your post on Twitter and voilá, you automatically get free votes from @ocdb and @ocd. No no, it's not that easy.

I was just clickbaiting you to click on this article and read it. It's worth the read. But my my, I didn't think I would have to clickbait you into reading more about getting more votes on your posts!

Steem needs traffic. If we want our blockchain and coin to be used by more people, we need to promote it. It's that simple.

  • What's the point of having all these cool Dapps if people don't hear about them?
  • To what end do we have highly used social media frontends if our friends don't even know they exist?
  • How can we be the most succesfull blockchain that allows their users to monetize their content and yet we don't make any efforts to spread the word?

Ignore the Reddit logo, this whole shanaeningans has to do with Twitter but I'm not a designer and I have no idea how to make a decent thumbnail with only the twitter and steem logo

That's exactly why in @ocd we came up with #POSH - Proof of Share

Basically, #POSH means let's cut the crap, we want new users. I don't care if they come as content creators or content consumers; it's irrelevant to me if they come as Dapp junkies or investors; it's the same to me if these users become Actifiters or Splinterlanders.

We want more Steem users. We have one of the best Blockchains but we as a community are doing very little - in terms of social media awareness - to make Steem go viral.

Well, that's over.

From now on, every post that you post and is shared in your Twitter accounts - but your Twitter account, not just that new account you created for Steem engagement - will get more attention from @ocd and @ocdb and thus, a higher upvote. The only thing we ask you is to use on your Twitter post the hashtags #steem and #steemit/peak

The post still needs to be top quality, of course. We are not giving away free upvotes. The vote we would cast on your post will be higher if you share it on Twitter BUT, it has to be a post that we were already thinking of voting, regardless of the #POSH. Remember, you should use on your Twitter post the hashtags #steem and #steemit/peak

Scenario 1:

I am browsing the tag #art and I find a post that looks good, I open it and after reading it, I decide that is not very good. I then decide I shouldn't curate it with @ocdb. But then I realize it was shared on Twitter using the hashtags #steem #steemit/peak... well, I wasn't going to curate this post anyway, so I won't vote on it.

Scenario 2:

I am browsing the tag #travel and I run into a post that looks interesting, I open it and I realize it's one of the best posts I've seen today! This post deserves a 20-25% vote I think... I reach the comment section and I notice that the user share it on their Twitter account! That's great, that's #POSH! This post automatically gets a +10% vote, totalling a 35% vote :)

And then, all you need to do to get your Steem post an increased visibility is use the tags #oc and #posh, and leave a link to your Twitter post in the comment section of your Steem post.

Yep. It's that easy.

So, what are you waiting for? Go Make Steem turn viral while doing high quality posts and sharing them on Twitter!


For example, I just did exactly what we are supposed to do:
I used the correct tags on my steem post, then shared it to Twitter using the correct tags, and now I'm sharing my Proof of Share (#Posh) on the comment section of the post I shared!


Hi @anomadsoul. I've been sharing my posts through twitter and sharing some other opportunities on Steem.

But unfortunately, any of those haven't been voted. Aside from that, I've been noticing lots of users there that keeps being voted regularly by @ocdb. Can you please tell me how the voting behavior of @ocbd is?

While I understand that votes aren't assurance for every piece shared via the initiative though.

Hi there, if your #POSH posts haven't been voted make sure you are following the instructions on this post, maybe you are not using a tag correctly or something like that.

As for ocdb voting behaviour, I'm making a post about it as we speak.

Hi Eric. Yes, I'm pretty sure I've bee doing the same thing as per instructions given in the post. Made a lot of posts actually under account, but unfortunately it didn't get the recognition being mentioned on ocdb's post.

Really am loving this new initiative as this has great potentitial towards bringing in people upon #steem as well as adding value to #steem through the creations of already present creators who'll be pushing it even further towards makin better stuff.

That's AWESOME ! Can't wait to meet new mate :)

I too am up and running with my contributions for the same and I really hope they too are gonna count in the massive move powered by our community !!

Thanks a lot for bringing this up team :)

I share some of my content via Twitter, esp. the Urbex ones and Splinterlands posts. RE: the former.. I have gained some followers due to these, there's a lot of Urbex groups on Twitter and even more on Facebook.

I don't share on Facebook as I'm convinced my so called friends think I'm inducted into some 'cult'. Having had a brush with Scientology once.. I know what that feels like.

I need to write about that one day.. hope there's no disgruntled Scientologists on the blockchain.. they can become very tetchy.

I could share the Urbex ones within the many communities on Facebook. There's so much good stuff on there, and they post it all for nothing.. fools.

This is meant as an every day, ongoing initiative, not a one time thing. So all you have to do is post and share on Twitter and our curators will do the rest. No need to share this here :) Thanks!

Ok, I understood, from my next publications I will do it, thanks I did not understand well, I had devoted myself only to steemit, now I try to expand to other social networks.

Let's do viral steemit, we really need good content here.

PErfect! Yes, the initiative never ends, let's keep making noise on Twitter until the end of times :)

So does it matter if it's already more than 24 hrs will you be able to see it? I mean I did this post 2 days ago and just shared it on Twitter today. 🙂 I don't think anyone's seen it yet... 😅 @anomadsoul

Excellent clickbait! I’m on it. I will add those tags and share my best posts on Twitter. Great initiative!!

Master of clickbaits present!

Funnnn will do. Thanks for such initiative as always!

Thanks to you my dear plaaannn

I like the thought process here. Hope it works!

Hopefully we make enough noise on Twitter to bring some eyes to Steem! Thanks for the vote!

Great initiative, my Twitter is loaded with a Steem (and @reggaesteem) related posts lately. There’s many to choose from with those tags, pls follow donaldporterjm on Twitter

I also co-manage the ReggaeSteem Twitter account.

Cheers !BEER

Hey @anomadsoul, here is a little bit of BEER from @donald.porter for you. Enjoy it!

What a lovely idea! And you explain it to me so I can understand well.....dare I say even better than acidyo? I added a few comments to practice. But I'm dumb so I expect this to take awhile to master. Also I have a fear of tagging #oc (two letter tags scare me and all my junk is original content) but #posh seems nice =)

Ahahaha I tried my best to make it as didactyc and graphic as possible! :D

Oh well, I'm scared of three letter acronyims, imagine my fear with cryptos and their three letter acronym hahaha

yeah, so true..we need the people to know us and join us. We have an amazing platform anyway so why not promoting it. It's guaranteed, without a doubt.

No growing community = No growing coin :P
The good thing is that this initiative is ongoing, it doesn't have an end line - or maybe yeah, let's say when we are 10 MM users we can stop being #POSH

Well, you just got my attention! Thanks for the heads up!


:P I'm glad the clickbait worked!

🎁 Hi @anomadsoul! You have received 0.1 STEEM tip from @dswigle!

@dswigle wrote lately about: Sailing Into The Week Feel free to follow @dswigle if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide.

Thank you, we are checking the tag #posh on Steem every day an curating accordingly :)

Remember this is an ongoing initiative and we should keep sharing on Twitter

Hopefully this tag won't get mixed up with people looking for Posh Spice, or posh things in general.. lol! Great initiative, I'll be using it for sure.

Hopefully Posh spice from the Spice girls picks it up :D

Thank you! Remember this is an ongoing initiative and we should keep sharing on Twitter :)

Even though the post is from last month, I find it very interesting and I will follow the instructions given here, @anomadsoul
In any case, it is very good idea to spread outside the platform, the work carried out on Steemit. Twitter is a good way to promote that.

Aun cuando ya la publicación es del mes pasado, me parece muy interesante y voy a seguir las indicaciones dadas aquí, @anomadsoul.
En todo caso, es muy buena idea difundir fuera de la plataforma, el trabajo que se realiza en Steemit. Twitter es un buen medio para promocionarlo

Great initiative! Made me share a post on Twitter again (which I often forget!)

Btw the #oc tag was already in my post, tried to add the #posh tag, but it doesn't show (yet?)
Anyways, hope you enjoy it !

Awesome, will check them out! Remember this initiative never ends, so just keep making noise in Twitter until we are 10 million users!

Awesome! Remember this is an ongoing initiative and we should keep sharing on Twitter (I kno you do it on Instagram, we will move to FB and IG pretty soon!) all of our top quality posts :)

I am already on FB too, just not a Twitter person that much but I will share the posts on there anyway

Hi Eric,

Since i decided to be a blogger and not a project creator my posts are getting better payments and i am enjoying the visibility, I will start doing this not for the additional 10% or whatever the incentive is, but as a way to say thanks for considering my revised approach to content worthy of OCD curation.

(Hell i wish i was a bot maker so i could make an automatic plugin to share my posts on twitter.)

So if i understand properly:

On twitter: #steemit or #steempeak
On Steem: #oc or #posh

I just did my latest post for testing, and realized steempeak is not pulling the first image, gonna try the steemit link but would be great if that could be solved.



I dont know if it is only me...

I visited yours and the image shows :(

The difference i see is that you shared it form the phone, going to give it a try to check and confirm (with all the intention to help in case this is happening to others.)

Update: Tried from the phone and picture wont show neither
Did you manually add the picture ?

I edited the post to remove the ![image ] of the first picture, still no luck
I am out of things to try.

I believe there is someone who already made a bot for that, I think I saw it on the tag #posh :D

Yes, #steem and #steemit or #steempeak for twitter and #oc and #posh for steem posts.

I can see the image, that's weird :/

Great! We will be checking the tags on a daily basis and curate accordingly :)

Rememebr this is an ongoing initiative, so let's try to share our posts on Twitter on regular basis :)

Sounds like a plan and a good way to promote! Thanks for adding incentive... now I just need to write more posts. ;)

I've always liked sharing my poetry and writing posts on Twitter, anyway. It's a good match as my Twitter account is mostly used for writing-related tweets. Good on ya for helping get the word out!

Gotta make more posts Katrina, or I'll have to go all the way up to BC and make you :P

Ha! It's cold up here right now. My fingers were freezing getting firewood today. But it's pretty. And I've been writing fiction like a madwoman lately. I've written a novel in the last three weeks! Just getting to the end of it and trying not to get distracted. ;) Trying. LOL!

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Good initiative, I'm off the Twitter machine though. I do share my posts on Facebook though.

We will move onto Facebook when we get enough Twitter feedback and proper measuring tools :)

Good luck with your German by the way. We are absolutely struggling with Dutch here in Suriname, and German is even more complicated.

Share via Twitter and/or use Reddit, remember to connect your Twitter to share the Tweet. Hopefully reaching new individuals trying different ways of finding interest to blockchain blogging. Within Reddit >Steemit >Steem

Hi @anomadsoul, are we supposed to put the twitter hash tags in our steemit post somewhere before posting it on steemit, and then we share the post to twitter? Thanks!

Wow cool. 👍👍👍 Finally something worth doing. Hehehe.

You can only promote it if you have the contacts and the platform works for you.

It is not about promoting and reaching out to new members but about making it easier and fun to join and keeping motivated members.
Being downvoted by an angry big fish is no fun, not being noticed is not motivating, neither is not receiving one single comment and the fact that Steem is not a social, easy platform at all.

A great 2020. 💕

@anomadsoul Thank you soo much for this great initiative. I hope it was okay to edit your image, now the reddit logo is gone and you could use it in your post like this (only if you want of course) 😃


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