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Although Steem prices are down and I lost a lot of money hmmmm. However, I will still hold a comment competition every day.

In this contest yesterday, I asked the question:

Tell about your love. Why do you love him/her so much?

Maybe this is a good topic and the answer is in your life. I read a lot of meaningful comments and nice. This is their comment about their love story.

There are 3 great answers. But the winner is only one person. To ensure fairness for all of my contestants, I submitted the test to my 3 friends. They will evaluate and vote for the best comments.

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Congratulations @joshuaky ! You won the first prize of this contest. Now I will send Steem to you. Have a nice day !

@joshuaky said:

To ask me why I love my girl is understatement, I prefer, " why will I die for this girl. "?
Let me tell you how it all began.
It came to a point in my life, that I became lost, something was missing, I knew what was missing, but I couldn't fill that space in my life.
I drew a conclusion that all girls are the same.

  • money centered
  • jealous
  • over demanding.
    This was the attributes of the girls I've come in contact with before I met this damsel, an angel_sent.
    So I met this girl in the school common room. She was kind of different from every other girl in that particular place at that time,
    no make-up ( I hated make-up with all my passion, because this days girls over make them self up)
    She was proactive to me that day,
    and only later did I discovered why?
    She told me that guys who are players knows how to talk girsl up,
    but me I could barely pronounce my name properly. my legs was shaking and my heart beating faster while I tried to talk to her. It was visible because I couldn't hid my flaws.
    But she accepted and gave me her digits.
    She refuses me to spend my money on her, she asked me a question,
    " what if I eat your money and still break up with you? "
    and she said " guys this days think that money is what all girls want, and after giving her money, the next thing is to have sex with her.
    And so I met a girl who is self dependent, a girl that if you even break up with, its your lost because guys longs to have her,very beautiful, without make up, high aspirations in life, and a girl working tirelessly to achieve her goal,

Independent woman

Have you participated in a contest held every day by me? My competition has a lot of participants. I presented the prize to the winner. My questions are really easy. Everyone has a card to win. You just need to fast hand and do the rules of the competition. If you have not won the contest yesterday, today will be your chance.

When entering my contest, you can share all the things you like. This is a free contest for everyone.

Rules :

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Good luck !

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