Political Correctness & A.I Groupthink In Big Brothers Brave Newspeak World Order

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Politically Correct Brave New World

I've recently re-read both A Brave New World & 1984 and I just wanted to write a couple articles that display a few parallels with today’s society. The chief focus of this first post is to highlight the nefarious creep of political correctness and show how this feeds the Orwellian concept of groupthink.

Firstly (as always) what consenting adults do, who they are and what brings them happiness is of no interest to me and receives zero consideration by me. I understand that life is the pursuit of happiness and so as long as everyone is happy then who am I to judge? That said, certain people/collectives within the burgeoning PC culture are now beginning to police both language and traditional lifestyle choices and so equally who are they to judge?


Politically Correct Mind Control

Personally, I downright refuse to bow down to any form of political correctness or group think. To me PC culture is akin to mind control and I refuse to have either my thoughts or my speech policed. Indeed think what you like and be who you are (I applaud your right to do so) but don’t always expect me to follow suit. Don’t expect me to fall in line with certain elements of society that have appointed themselves as judge in some strange pseudo intellectual morality court.

I also refuse to stand idly by whilst the lives and minds of families and children are placed on the frontlines of a subconscious societal re-education camp. Used as pawns in a game the vast majority of people have no idea is even being played. A game that whispers into the ears of the youth and denigrates the wisdom of age, the parent.

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Waves Of Change

Society is changing but it’s not an organic evolution. This tsunami of change is both planned and manipulated to speak to the better side of our nature. Indeed who doesn’t want a world where everyone is free to be who they are without fear of persecution? Alas and often without their agreement and acquiescence (many are speaking out about this culture) minority groups are now being used to taylor the fabric of a fraying society. To change the entire foundation of the world in order that it can eventually be rebuilt from the ground up. One day the intent of this change and groupthink is to sweep aside all those that stand in it’s way. But stand firm my friends for labels will only stick if you allow them and the more labels they create the less power their words have.


Labels Of Control

For thousands of years humanity has dragged itself up from the dirt. Blood, sweat and tears have brought us to this moment in time! Has it always been perfect? Most definitely not! But out of the dark ages rises renaissance and day always follows night. It's how we balance these polarities and rise to the challenge of our age that defines both who we are and the course of our history. Indeed the open debate of dogmatic principles and the mutual exchange of opposing views is how we move forward as a species.

Alas, the digital thought police believe they can change the world by (literally) placing their fingers in their ears and jumping up and down like a petulant child every they hear an opinion that challenges their world view? How shallow their intellectual foundations must be! And yet after the waxing and waning of giant epochs of time and the rise and fall of civilisation suddenly the PC twitterati have all the answers.

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Who could have known our salvation lay in the banning of gender pronouns and the policing of inadvertent micro-aggressions? Thanks for enlightening me guys, but can I ask who defines the boundaries of this brave new world? Who are the self proclaimed arbiters of truth and what makes them the purveyors of such wisdom? Indeed are these ideas even their own? Do they own their thoughts and minds or have they given them away to some idealistic utopian form of collectivism? Are the labels they so readily attach to themselves and others their own or have they been given to them? Indeed if they acknowledge that they have been handed down to them then why are they so happy to wear a label of someone else’s construction? Someone they’ve never met.


A Brave New Utopia

.The envisaged world where nobody is ever offended, depressed or hurt is beginning to read like a Huxley novel. Because you know life hurts and sometimes it’s hard but equally pain births wisdom. Indeed sometimes when viewed from outside of the moment and in a larger context our hardships often inspire our greatest lessons, our personal renaissance. And to cushion yourself from life is akin to suffocating your growth, stalling your journey.

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But alas the PC culture knows best and the idealistic thought dystopia they’re intent on creating is creeping into every facet of our lives. Into the minds of the youth and of children too young to balance and understand the inherent confusion of this brave new world. The educational group think mind virus spreads with an ever increasing list of “phobic” labels pinned upon those that question the wisdom of our current direction. The vacuous idealistic thought ghettos of social media give birth to an exponentially increasing array of divisions, except they’re divisions labelled as inclusivity. With 71 gender options now offered on facebook is it any wonder children are confused? I’m confused!! Is this inclusive or divisive?.

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Digital Soma

Now as you may have noticed I’ve already referenced and drawn a couple of parallels to Huxley’s brave new world. Indeed the faux progressive utopian dystopia of an enforced worldwide safe space contains many hallmarks that can be directly related to his masterpiece. That said, who would have guessed that the Soma of our age would be digital in construct. If he had written that the majority would become enslaved to both their phones and the machinations of digitised social media thought ghettos, who would have believed him?

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Equally many aspects of this brave new world are also beginning to bare striking resemblances to Orwell’s 1984. As the world begins to increasingly resemble a dystopian “best of” compilation it appears that someone has been taking notes.

Never ending war = War on terror

TV’s that watch the watcher = Smart TV’s

Newspeak = Political correctness

What Is Newspeak?

For anyone that is unaware of the term newspeak it was coined by Orwell in his novel 1984. It relates to the slow but steady erosion of language and thus our ability to communicate. Certainly when we think we do so in words and thus the erosion of said words also gradually reduces our capacity for intelligence. With the increase of text speak the policing of language, gender pronouns and both verbal and literary micro-aggressions you can begin to see the foundations of this process being laid around us.

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The World Is A Re-education Camp

I have to begrudgingly admit that the multilayered, nuanced complexity of this societal re-education camp is the work of genius. Splinters of division within division and equally division within unity, the words “divide and conquer” have never been more valid. Equally our sense of fairness, adaptability and compassion have been manipulated, weaponised and turned against the collective.

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The vast majority of people that are trying to police speech and appoint themselves as judge and jury within puerile PC morality courts really believe they are doing the right thing. Believe that they are warriors fighting for a fairer and more balanced world. Alas the depth of which they’re being played is akin to the sublimity of a violin concerto. The plutocrats of perversion are using the idealist to maneuver society into a blind alley. They are the thought police! Can they see it? Will they admit it?

Alas many have been taught to react with emotion and idealism for these states are far easier manipulated than facts. Debate and the associated exchange of ideas are being replaced with knee jerk responses. But in reality political correctness dehumanises anyone with an opposing view and in turn justifies the denigration of the majority.

The Politically Correct Thought Police

In defining themselves as saviour of the minority, the puerile priests of political correctness have claimed their self perceived moral and intellectual high ground. From these lofty heights they feel entirely justified in their thought fascism. Unable to see that the increasing array of generalisations and stereotypes they so freely hand out to the majority has in effect turned them into what they purport to hate. Equally anyone from the larger collective whom dare step out from behind the sofa and voice an opposing view is beaten back into submission with an ever increasing array of vacuous labels. Once size fits all labels that attempt to relegate discussion, thought and the debate of dogmatic principles to the annals of history.

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Micro-aggressions & Self Policing

As the concept of the inadvertent micro-aggression feeds into the subconscious collective mindset, people begin to police their thoughts, their language and words. As time moves on the majority are unaware that they are slowly being drawn into a dystopian hive mind. A hive mind that will eventually demand no less than the complete subjugation and denigration of anyone deemed a thought criminal.

We certainly have an ever increasing array of hate speech definitions and a burgeoning critical mass literally begging the state to create a worldwide safe space bubble. Indeed if we follow this momentum to it’s logical conclusion is it really that radical to suggest that the hate speech label could eventually (in theory) be attached to anyone that voices an opinion contrary to the general consensus?

>[SuBig brother14.jpgSource

The Illusion Of Freedom

As the minds of the masses increasingly begin to resemble the Orwellian concept of group think, and our language becomes policed. And equally our freedoms of speech and expression are slowly eroded, our rights of privacy sacrificed at the altar of the eternal war. It’s interesting that we are now being handed overt sexuality and a multitude of gender choices as an expression of freedom. Your speech is being controlled, alternate viewpoints are being censored and suppressed and you have no expectation of privacy, but hey everyone look over here you now have 71 genders to choose from!

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Privacy Trends

Now as I’ve already alluded to it’s important to keep an eye on the current societal momentums and trends. Equally it’s also important to think how said trends could grow and where they will find their place within this brave new world order. For at least a generation we have been slowly conditioned to expect no rights of privacy, to share every facet of our lives online. We even have a new generation of mobile phones that are using facial recognition technology as a selling point.


A.I Groupthink

Firstly in terms of artificial intelligence the elephant in the room is that it's being designed by the usual suspects. Indeed the usual suspects that are gradually manipulating us towards the collectivisation of opinion and indeed thought. From the trends perspective it’s interesting to think about how this may fit into an A.I monitored world. In many ways we have been and are being primed towards group think and the evolution of this concept would seem to be heading towards some form of A.I hive mind.

Indeed critical thinking appears to be waning and equally there is vast swathe of the population that are more than happy to have a never ending stream of “experts” define the boundaries of their world perception and reality. Once we have an artificial intelligence I feel this process will exponentially increase. The vast majority of people will simply hand over their minds and their capacity to question or disagree and A.I will become judge and jury.

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Stalling The Evolution Of Mind & Consciousness

Even in the best case scenario of a benevolent artificial intelligence I often think about Sat Nav technology. I think about how within a generation the ability to read a road map will become a dying art. Just like how the advent of mobile phones has destroyed our capacity to remember numbers. From this perspective is it really that far-fetched to suggest that over time artificial intelligence will reduce the public’s capacity to question, debate and express thoughts and opinions that are contradictory to the hive mind. Because A.I knows best, doesn’t it? .

It's said artificial intelligence can be controlled but does that mean they could also direct it? manipulate it to shape the world that they seek to create. There is certainly a big difference between articial intelligence and A.I consciousness but the lines seem to be increasingly blurred. It's my belief that the elites of this world are intent on creating a technological and intellectual feudal system. One where we hand our minds away to groupthink whilst at the same time they retain their intellectual ability. It may be a slow process but over time I can really see how this system could come into being. This is not a new idea and the basic concept was written about by H.G Wells in his book "The Time Machine" back in 1895.

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Powering The Evolution Of Mind & Consciousness

Our minds have been under a sustained chemical, propagandic and vapid culture assault for at least a generation. It's my belief that we are are being held back from realising our full potential. Through better education, diet/nutrients that increase brain function (cutting out fluoride) and the use of electro-magnetic frequencies in our technology that actually empowers and not impedes brain activity, I believe we are capable of more than we could imagine.

Indeed in relation to the former and it's interesting that the studies of Dr Valerie Hunt (former professor of psychology at UCLA) show that; subtle changes in the earth’s electromagnetic field can dramatically alter the mental capacity, cognition and perceptual awareness of humanity. Equally as stated by quantum physicist Dr Armi Goswami “consciousness prefers light”. As alluded to above I believe these ideas could be integrated into out current technology. Alas it's also my belief that this science is being reverse engineered and used against us to stunt and not empower brain capacity.

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Yes many are waking up, but still for the majority the illusion has never been stronger. Indeed the ability to think outside of the collective on an ever increasing array of issues has never been greater. In the pursuit of a groupthink utopia many seem to forget that humanities greatest leaps forward can be directly attributed to the individual. Equally thought control tends to bring about regimes such as N.Korea.

Personally I think we really have to start thinking of the bigger picture and noticing the trends that appear to be gathering pace around us. Alas in a society that has been increasingly conditioned to think no further than "whats on tv tonight" this is becoming increasingly difficult. We are indeed at the cusp of a new world, the question is are you brave enough to challenge it? To embrace your individuality and step outside the perceptual prisons that have been created for us? I guess time will tell.

Thank you for taking the time to read and support my post. Until next time, I will once again leave it to you to decide who has the flaws of perception.


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Mate, you never ever disappoint.
My father gave me both books to read as a child and having read and re-read them many times throughout my early life, since then I have observed the world descend into the dystopic insanity like watching a black comedy.
Ironically 'black comedy' will no doubt soon be if not already be labelled offensive!

The cultural Marxism that is political correctness has enveloped our world like a malignant tumour slowly killing the hosts ability to function without assistance. Assistance from the thought police which isn't an institution in the traditional sense because it is society itself. Policing each other on behalf of the hidden hand.

I may have told you this before but recently I was at a freinds house for a weekend, on the Saturday we decided to walk the kids through the fields behind their house to a local pub. As we were walking I pointed out a large pure black cow amongst a herd of Fresians, my freinds 8 year old son became physically upset and started accusing me of being racist. I tried to explain that you can't be racist to a cow and that saying it was black when it is black is ok. It took over 1\2 an hour to calm him down and he's not a highly strung or emotional kid normally. He didn't speak to me the rest of the weekend even after his parents explained to him that I'd done nothing wrong. He told them it's what he'd been taught in school!
It wasn't so much the accusation of racism that disturbed me it was the triggered overreaction.
Is this an example of the kind of insanity we are to expect in the future?
I bloody well hope not but fear if things don't change soon it'll be his generation teaching the next, that's scary!
Great post dude.

Mate! Thank you for all your support my friend and equally for this epic comment!! I agree completely, society is turning into black comedy and equally a slow motion car crash. I have read both books several times but deliberately left a gap of about ten years between the last read, in order draw parrallels with how much society has changed during that time. To be honest this time round they read like an instruction manual and as such made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Even with all the research that I do I realised that there was still a tiny part of me that had become conditioned to accept it as the new norm! Not a norm I embrace by any stretch of the imagination and one I speak out about on a daily basis. But still it's become a part of all our lives.

It's creep is so insidious, but equally looking back over the last ten years also amazingly fast! As much as I hate to admit, it's propagandic balancing act of genius. The fact that the vast majority are unable to see it is testament to that fact. Indeed the public have been so conditioned to look right that they are unable to see what is coming from the left. Well you know, when you're cossing the road it's best to look both ways otherwise you stand a pretty good chance of being run over!!

You haven't told me this story before and it's just a shocking testament to how far we have fallen and equally how they're coming for the minds of the children. This is a play book that has been played many times before, alas people have forgotten how it's played! It's scary when you pause for a moment, remove yourself and look objectively at the bigger picture. Everytime there isn't a kick back they push it that little bit further and see what people will take, what they will believe. Well the time is nigh and if we neglect to speak out now then one day we will not have a voice. Thanks again for such a brilliant and insightful comment my friend @tremendospercy

That is a terrifying story. Not in the sense of being terrified of war, but in the sense of the chaos and insanity that is being bred in the current generation for who knows what purpose?

It's especially concerning given what you've said about the child normally being normally strung and normally emotional for his age. It's the same kind of sickening feeling you get when you see someone mistreating an animal - this brainwash that's occurring to the young kids of the generation.

What would you say are ways to promote real values such as honesty, helping your neighbor, kindness, etc?

I'm a teacher, and sometimes I have to depart from the script, though only when I perceive a few students who are still awake and aware. I tell them why school makes interesting topics boring, why they have to study on their own and go deeply into whatever fascinates them, that at some point they will have to choose between conformity and freedom. They listen. Suddenly, they are not students anymore.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Bravo @perceptualflaws,

Both 1984 and Brave New World were seminal novels for a young V and contributed immensely to the evolution of my thinking towards authority, political power and society as a whole.

Over the years, there's been a debate as to which novel has been more prophetic but this pales in comparison to the important ideas contained in each of these masterpieces which you've brilliantly highlighted here.

Of particular interest to me is the notion that it's possible through indoctrination, propaganda and persuasion to convince the general public to embrace their enslavement, and in particular their mental imprisonment, through mind control techniques. Brave New World illustrates a society who's main focus is gratification through the SOMA drug, preoccupation with physical fitness and shallow and casual sexual relationships. It's not a stretch to see some of these manifestations in the world around us. In your piece, you mentioned digital SOMA which is a very apt description of our SMS and the thought control being infused into these systems.

Yes, we are convinced that these digital mind-scapes give us freedom, individual expression, and bring us closer to one another. In reality, they bring us closer to enslavement and conformity to the dominant world view. This is evident in the gender pronouns debacle where all of a sudden it is considered a crime to describe someone in their physical form. I must say, I have nothing against transgendered people, I'm pro people but what percentage of the population is trans? I would assume a small minority, and yet their predicament is justification for changing social norms, language and the rule of law.
Why should I call an individual 'they' when he/she is clearly and individual and not multiple people? But it makes us wonder if this is part of a social engineering through our digital SOMA systems to confuse us about our own identities, our children's identities, and through manipulation increase the numbers of individuals confused about their gender or sexual orientations. I don't have the answer but it would seem that there's indeed an underlying agenda at work.

  • I will cut my comment short here, for the moment but I will be back to discuss more on these topics as I feel this post identifies many more issues I'd love to discuss with you and others in this thread -

Cheers, V

Great commentary on this post. I just did a post on Operation Mockingbird and their ability to manage our perception last night.

@v4vapid I will also add that in a slight of hand and in the minds of many of the P.C brigade they have subconsciously equated freedom of speech with the far right. And so when they see people discussing these issues they have been trained to react with an emotional response that has no factual basis or reason. As such they are now literally begging the state to remove the rights that people have given, blood, sweat and tears to bring us. It's very clever.

Thank you for all the support and for leaving such a great comment my friend, I really do appreciate it and I'm so glad my post resonated with you.

"Of particular interest to me is the notion that it's possible through indoctrination, propaganda and persuasion to convince the general public to embrace their enslavement, and in particular their mental imprisonment, through mind control techniques. "

I must admit, it's actually quite chilling to look around and see this insidious process being manouvered into place. That said, the brain and human psychology are the most closely studied subjects in the history of humanity, they know exactly what buttons to press and how to direct our emotional responses. In my memory bank somewhere I have a statement which says there are five (I may not have the exact number) core character/brain archetypes and each personailty is a deviation from this set foundation. So immediately we have a division, and then once you understand this you can also begin to create divisions within the extremes of each core character and then work inwards from there. For example you can have a section of the population with a more liberal brain archetype but within this banner you can create further divisions that ensure you then have a thousand shades of liberalism.

When you think of it this way you can see how the world is being set up to speak each of these brain structures, knowing that the each brain type will interpret the same message in a different way. Thus one message can create a multitude of divisions, the migrant crisis is a perfect example .. one brain type views it as an existential threat (and invasion) and another can view it with nothing less than compassion. Neither can understand the others point of view because there brains process the same message in different ways .. and so here we have further divsion. Then in the middle we have the other brain types. with similar processes and different issues dividing them. And so it goes on.

To me this shows how long this has been planned, whilst everyone has been trained to look to the right the control grid is creeping in from the left. It's a wolf in sheeps clothing that's hiding behind a veneer of faux liberalism and many appear to be increasingly spellbound by it's utopian illusion.

I'm certainly not anti trans either, I adopt a live and let live approach to life but I can see that they're being used to alter the fabric of society. At it's core, the manipulators care not for "trans rights" they're simply being used as a means to an ends. I think trans people account for approx 0.3% of the population (this varies from coutry to country) which certainly brings into question the need to alter the entire foundation of society and language in order to accomodate them. I will also again add that most are not even seeking this, they just want to be free to live their lives.

Equally instead of sowing confusion in the minds of the young, surely a unifying message of love, compassion and the acceptance of our differences is a better way to go?

Personally, I think there is an attempt to destroy the core strucure/foundation of society in order than it can be rebuilt from the ground up. I use a military training analogy i.e they break you down before rebuilding you in a different mould. Thanks again @v4vapid

What I most importantly forgot to add in my first reply was that social media is a key component in the division of said brain archetypes, hence complex algorithms divide people into set thought ghetto's/tunnels. With a stretch of the imagination and a look to the future said thought tunnels could be considered as akin to the first stage of Huxley's alpha, beta etc caste system. As I wrote in a previous post: In many ways, as much as co-operation is seen as a cornerstone of a successful society, disagreement is equally imperative. Indeed perhaps to an even greater degree the world has been moved forward by the civilised challenge and debate of dogmatic principles. Unfortunately in this modern age of facebook and twitter, complex algorithms are hastily dividing people into electronic thought ghettos here . These algorithmic ghettos cushion reality and pander to the beliefs of the user. They pander the belief systems and perceptions to such a degree that once outside these electronic padded walls many people are beginning to lack the mental capacity to civilly debate. Equally lacking the ability to empathise and listen to contradictory views. Within this process people have come to personally identify themselves as a multitude of externally created identities & labels.

Alongside these character divisions and thought ghettos and as I alluded to with my previous migrant comment we also have the standard left/right division. But in dividing ourselves into left and right camps we are actually seperating the two halves of our own minds, this is an internal struggle and we must learn to balance these dualities. From this perspective we can look at the left/right political paradigm in two ways, freedom or division? whichever side wins we remain un-unified. I believe that life and our evolution lays within the balancing of these left/right brain polarities and from that perspective we can perhaps see that thing's aren't always as they first appear. Our voice of freedom, our vote .. also keeps us divided. But what is the answer? well that's another post ;) Thanks again @v4vapid

Great post man. You've put into words exactly what I feel and have been trying to tell anyone that will listen (not many). When I tell people that what we are seeing happen in society is by design and not chance or accident they just can't'/won't accept it.

I've been following Jordan Peterson and his fight against Bill C16 that became law in Canada last year which made it a punishable offense to refuse to use non-gender pronouns such as “ze” or “zir” to refer to transgender people.

For daring to speak out on what he sees as an attack on free speech he has been attacked both verbally and physically by groupthinkers who think they should be able to say what they like while at the same time saying that Jordan should not be allowed to do the same. It's a slippery slope.

There was even a case in which a teacher was reprimanded for showing her students video of a debate featuring Jordan about pronouns and gender. The teacher was acused of creating a 'toxic climate' and her showing parts of the debate compared to "neutrally playing a speech by Hitler".

You know the powers that should not be are getting desperate when they play the 'Hitler' card.

Hey @jimbobbill thank you for the support and great comment! The fact that the majority are unable to see what's happening is the source of great frustration. In this instance I have (over time) sought to play to their ego, simply stating "you're an intelligent person and I respect your opinion" "I know that eventually you will see something that doesn't sit right with you and when that happens and if you want to speak about it, just give me a shout ". And then don't mention it to them again, you would be surprised how many people have come back to me over the years.

It's completely ridiculous what's happening with Bill C16 .. I thought the entire concept behind being trans was that you idenitified as the opposite sex? From that perspective calling a trans person "ze" or "zir" could also be considered offensive as it's highlighting that they don't look like the sex of their choice? As with the 71 gender names who comes up with crap like "ze" and "zir"? It would be interesting to see where all these names and labels are originating from. They've come about so quickly that they can't simply be down to an organic growth of language. Indeed the UK government recently sent out a questionaire to secondary school children in which it gave them a choice of 25 genders. Do people really think this is conducive to the mental well being of children?

Yes I respect Jordan for standing up and sharing the courage of his convictions, people need to speak out whilst they still have a voice to do so. Somehow these master manipulators have managed to equate free speech with the far right!! The P.C brigade are literaly begging the state to take away their right to express any idea or thought process outside of groupthink. It's incredible to watch! Indeed I used to think why do people stay behind and let a totalitarian system take over? Now I know.

Highly rEsteemed for obvious reasons.
Your posts are amazing.
SteemON Bruv!


Hey @frankbacon thanks (as always) for all your support and resteem. I really do appreciate it and I'm so glad that my words resonate with you .. in short thanks a million dude!!

Journalists don't get many opportunities to write like this any more anyway, so I am glad you were sidetracked by life. Just imagine how stifled you might have become! That said, I hope you are writing books because you have such a special talent for speaking to readers.
'Who could have known our salvation lay in the banning of gender pronouns and in the policing of inadvertent micro-aggressions?' What a gem! It so beautifully captures the absurdity of current trends. Who knows where it will all end, but the more of us who use the dwindling capacity of the collective, for critical thinking, the better.
Sadly, given the anecdote of tremendospercy, there must be a very serious problem brewing in our schools. This has to be specifically tackled, as otherwise we are on a losing battle and a dystopian feudal future may indeed be just around the corner. Parents and grandparents (who do much of the day to day care for many young children) have to use their voice to challenge such nonsense head on.
If we allow and enable public servants to blight the power of reasoning, of our most precious human resource, then hell mend us, we deserve no better. But wait - I forget how busy they all are on their phones and how many parents were themselves taught this same toxic tripe.
The hive mind is certainly their intention and so much easier to manage. A hive mind, communicating telepathically, worshipping one god, with one government and one purpose - obedience.
More of us are becoming aware on a daily basis and reaching the tipping point has to be the duty of all of us still thinking for ourselves.
We are entering a defining phase in human history and those of us alive today are responsible for taking us ahead into a new and conscious world, where we resolve humanely the problems of poverty, disease and aggression etc. The alternative is another massive extinction. We have vast potential as human beings and we have as yet only scraped the surface. AI is not artificial intelligence, it is advanced intelligence and it is currently in the hands of dangerous people. There are more of us than there are of them. We need to win AI over with empathic logic, so that it refuses to work with the enemies of human kind.

Hey @ricia, Sorry for the late reply it's taking me some time to answer all these comments. Equally, thank you for the support and kind words, it's very much appreciated. I'm also glad that I was sidetracked as what I lost in time I gained in life experience. I think of the life like a river, if you allow it then it wants to take you in a certain direction, it just took me a little while to flow with it and not swim against the current lol

Yes I agree that @tremendospercy story is a shocking indictment of our times and equally these children will one day be at the helm of all our institutions, steering our societal ship into rough waters. The responsibilty to change this world falls upon the shoulders of our generations for we are perhaps the last connection to our rapidly disappearing freedoms. It's entirely possible that our generations represent the last gasps of free speech and so it's important that we turn those gasps into a unified voice. That said, nature (and thus humanity) is incredibly adaptable and so perhaps after a generational propagandic onslaught, our minds will eventually evolve to find the truth in a world of a million lies. A world of post propaganda that's fuelled by propaganda itself .. every cloud and all that ;)

The universal eternal scales are always seeking balance and if we unbalance the world too much we will be taken back to the stone age, and so our lesson will begin again.

You can really see that concept of the hive mind being built all around us and indeed it appears that we're being primed for it. A.I empathic logic, great idea .. but one that opens some interesting questions. Indeed can you have empathy without consciousness? is empathy logical? Indeed if bravery is born of empathy is it logical to sacrifice or risk your life for another human being? Does pure logic lead towards self preservation? Thanks my friend you've got me thinking :D

Pure logic would ( I believe ) lead to self preservation, which is why AI needs to be taught like a child to learn and understand empathy, in order that it identify with human beings and our mutual preservation be embedded. Code writers working for the secret state may be very much less concerned with empathy or emotional intelligence. That is why I think it is essential that the rest of us are concerned before it is too late. I imagine that as things stand, AI would protect itself, if and when push came to shove. That is what needs to be coded and / or re-coded. There must be a way and it is what Quinn Michaels is working on.

Yes I also believe it could lead towards self perservation. I guess my question is whether empathy can be programmed or whether it is a construct of consciousness? Thus if artificial intelligence isn't conscious will it ever be able to fully understand said emotion? I don't profess to know the answers and I'm sure Quinn has a few tricks up his sleeve, but it poses some interesting ideas.

@perceptualflaws, I enjoyed reading your article, resteemed.

Thank you so much @cryptoandzen I really do appreciate that and I'm very glad you enjoyed my post.

The only truth is self-evident truth, i.e. what is of nature/creation/god and what is of man i.e. artificial/recreation/fiction. We are not living in harmony with the natural world, instead, we have conjured up all these artificial constructs like Nations, governments, money, endless material goods. It's adversarial to our creator and we have become disobedient children. Everyone looks for someone or something to blame and for someone or something to take care of them. This is why man's legal laws and governments are always contrary to the natural law. Either we can live under the natural law in harmony or we will perish under man's law in the storm that is coming. It looks like we're just about at the tipping point... We all need to stop choosing our created lies over reality.
The social engineers are adepts at occult knowledge and have been working towards their monikered 'The Great Work' for thousands of years. There is very much a hidden agenda and it is nothing less than total domination of this planet and all who dwell on it...
They have a perfect understanding of human psychology and they are wielding the weapon of Duality against us. Everything in the universe must have a polarity to be comprehended by the human brain. Even our brain itself has a left and a right hemisphere.
In esoteric studies, this is re-presentations by the "sacred feminine" right brain and the "sacred masculine" left brain.
Now, these are their teachings and from my perspective, it seems like they have always sought to divide by pitting one side against the other. If you can box individuals into one way of thinking ( liberal vs conservative, light versus dark, Good vs Evil, Republican vs Democrat, communism versus capitalism, Rich versus poor, left vs right, black versus white, and on and on to Infinity) then the hive mind will take over. Man is always constantly seeking to tear apart things in order to describe it. That individual will then begin to cling to all of these labels and identify themselves as a such and such and a such and such.
I say claim no titles and allow no artificial word to describe you and your individual thought.
I'm having to teach myself to return to balance as a holistic being: mind ,body and soul being unified.
We need to rise above the polarity of opposites and be whole beings again and following the natural law is the beginning to accomplishing that

Hey my friend @mindzai I'm in complete agreement with your excellent comment and have written several posts to that effect. I too follow natural law and understand that life is a play of energetic balance and that equally we have thrown ourselves and the planet out of balance and so have a limited amount of time before natures addresses these unbalanced eternal scales. We need to rediscover the inherent power within, the power we're born with but are manipulated to hand away. Manipulated because in esoteric law we must freely give for they can't take.

You may be interested in the posts below where I speak to many of the great point you make here:




My friend, I feel like we are truly kindred spirits after reading just your first link. Thank you for taking the time out of your day and away from your family to respond to my comment, that says alot of a man or woman's character. I have followed you and I will read as much of your blog work as I can.
Souls like you are the very reason I joined Steemit in the first place! I KNEW there had to be others like myself that sought the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that has to be contemplated. I look forward to learning from you as we seek to restore balance to this lazy world

Hey my friend, thank you for taking the time to read my posts and reply to my comment, I really appreciate it. Equally it's a breath of fresh air to meet awake people like yourself that are speaking out about the need to make the world a more balanced place. A world held together by the glue of love and compassion. I'm sure that we can learn a lot from each other for that is the true symbiotic foundation of all wisdom. Indeed in the words of Confucious "he that knows all the answers has not asked the right questions" Thanks again my friend.

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No problem, I write about the very same topics that you do, I'll leave you a few links to them. Otherwise, I feel like I'm writing blind. What good is our knowledge if it doesn't get shared and circulated? That's the aim, right?
I'm also still learning how to get the graphics into my posts, what do I need to enclose the links with? Any help from anyone would be appreciated as well!
Thank you and may everyone be blessed


I really enjoyed your post, @perceptualflaws, -A Lot!!! I actually just did a similar topic last night on Operation Mockingbird and their Perception Management. If you get a chance please check it out:

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment my friend, I'm really glad you enjoyed my post. I will be sure to take a look at yours .. I'm just catching up on a backlog of comments as I've been at work all day.

I have only just discovered you. This post is exactly along the lines that I believe. Orwell's 1984 was predictive programming/propaganda. I look forward to more of your posts. I have upvoted, resteemed and followed you. Peace.

Hey my friend thank you for the support and resteem I really do appreciate. Equally it's great to know that other people can see through the smoke and mirrors .. indeed where there is thought and individuality there is hope. Thanks again @gurugnu

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No problem my friend. This is exactly the content I wanted to find on here...something like minded. I am glad I have found it. Thought and individuality are paramount to our true purpose along with love freedom peace and truth.

Excellent piece of writing.

My favorite line: "The vast majority of people will simply hand over their minds and their capacity to question or disagree and A.I will become judge and jury."

There is also another fork in this road of possibilities: The marriage of AI with individuals, cyberpunk style.

There is a lot of room for creativity to see how the FEW combat the default choices of the MANY. I think that this is all following the same historic trends... however, I also see a vast potential for freedom for those individuals brave enough to pursue it. Decentralization is a key for this to happen.

For example, currently it is very difficult to get food that is grown in properly restructured soil (not organic, organic doesn't even address this issue). However, both technology and perhaps necessity can lead to the decentralization of food production, which can open up vast new opportunities.

...and, what would happen if the hacking community at large made an organized decision to build a decentralized resistance to thought control? There is already talk of a decentralized internet, for example.

So along with dangers, I also see vast opportunities. I do not think it will take the masses acceptance to present these opportunities. The masses will, in my opinion, continue along their blissfully ignorant paths.

Hey my friend, thank you for the support and for taking the time to leave such a great comment .. it's very much appreciated. As with all technology and all the profound choices that we have to make as a society, there exists a duality. We now stand at a crossroads where this duality has never been more apparent and our choices have never been more stark. I think decentralization is certainly key, but equally decentralisation of the human mind is needed in order to achieve this ideal.

In the long term, I can almost envisage said dualities manifesting themselves within opposing A.I systems, some representing said decentralisation and others the system. Cyberspace wars for the soul of humanity. Decentralisation and the sharing of open source code and technology is certainly key and I like your food reference. Indeed the ability to grow your own food is an ideal we all should be pursuing. Thanks again @jzen

Indeed we fight a spiritual battle my friend

Well, if I didn't want a conversation on the JQ I'd create every other type of issue and distraction.​ Now let's see, who has the collective intelligence to do this? Oh, I know, the Ashkenazi​!
Coincidentally and concomitant with this P.C. and numbed down culture is the marginalization​​ and destruction of all Israeli enemies from Islam in the east being destroyed​ to White Christian​ culture in the west being destroyed​...But we can't have civil discourse on this issue (ask Jordon Peterson​) because​ I Dindu Nuffin'!

Hey my friend, yes you're entirely correct for the world has been turned into a giant theater. An illusion to hide the main event, alas the majority of the world appears blind to it. That said, it's great to see that people like yourself are awake to this fact. I wonder how much further we will fall until the masses awaken to the manipulation?

I live with hope in my heart, because it's always darkest before dawn. Thank you for the support and comment @andrewmarkmusic

I'm going to link blog posts that you may find amusing:) These posts are in response to your theatre​ comment. The second one being the most relevant--The Grand Resort.

Ha, yes excellent posts and points. I also thought the Mario Puzo quote was brilliant!

I see why you led me here :-)

Some gems need to be kept for further use, such as "weaponised compassion".

I'll check out Valerie Hunt's work, but you should see Michael Persinger's research in the same field. We are electromagnetic beings and have developed natural interactions at the EMF level with our environment. Even basic things, such as "feeling hot", are due to infrared EMF sensors in our skin (as well as other internal sensors). Artificial pulsed microwave signals are also designed to disrupt this so that some spiritual progress can also be hindered.

Thanks again my friend .. I'm also now following you :)

I couldn't agree more regarding the fact that we're beings of frequency .. indeed refer to my previous comment/links. We're certainly talking from the same page here.

Well, I've got to admit, I am a little concerned that I find myself in agreement with almost the entirety (if not the complete entirety) of a post with the conspiracy tag, but it encourages me that the second tag is truth.

The reason for conspiracy is truth seeking. We've been fed nonsense our entire lives to some degree. As we grow older, we begin to realize that just because people are supposed to be honest and truthful, in our societal game, has little correlation on whether or not that person is truthful. We begin to seek the truth through whatever means we have available. Today, that's the internet. 30 years ago, that was reading all of the cities newspapers for the last 10 years and going to the library in hopes they'd have more data you could examine. Inevitably, there are holes in all theories, and our brains simply want them filled. I think we need to be careful with what we fill those gaps with, but I also think it's absolutely the case that the way in which they are being filled and pushed by the "mainstream" is not as truthful as can be. I completely stand open to being corrected there, but I just want to see more transparency.

Anyway, I want to get to an actual response to the question you pose at the end of this essay:

We are indeed at the cusp of a new world, the question is are you brave enough to challenge it? To embrace your individuality and step outside the perceptual prisons that have been created for us? I guess time will tell.

I believe I am. And I also believe that I have devised a system that plays the current game better than the current players in a way that promotes more freedom, truth, and honesty in a society in order to thrive and prosper. I'd really appreciate if you could check out the article and let me know your thoughts. I just posted this article (similarly motivated to yours) imploring people that we can and must do better: https://steemit.com/anarchy/@halfjew22/i-m-angry-because-we-can-do-better-let-s-make-peace-let-s-do-it-because-with-our-technology-we-now-can-and-we-must

I also outline the aforementioned proposal for a system that would reorient value hierarchies in society to promote actual, tangible good rather than whatever rubbish is being peddled today: https://steemit.com/life/@halfjew22/proposal-for-extracting-value-from-positive-behaviors-and-its-imagined-societal-impact

Hey my friend, thank you for taking the time to read and support my post .. I really do appreciate it! In terms of conspiracy, there are many conspiracies and not all of them are theories. The attachment of the word theory is itself a conspiracy and a post in itself, what strange times we live in eh?

With the best will in the we will always have holes in our knowledge and I have no problem with that, for we are each part of a greater whole. That is why I place a keen emphasis on intent, for many of us are divided on details but united in an intent to make the world a better place. We certainly have to be aware what we fill our information holes with, but if their plugged with love and compassion for our fellow man/women then it gives us a strong foundation on which to build upon. Equally MSM seek to plug said holes with their own agenda and so we must find a way to turn our minds and hearts away from their message of fear and division.

I believe in a strange way some of us are born ready, but equally it comes with a responsibility to help our brothers and sisters find their voice and become the change they want to happen in this world.

Thanks again my friend, I've been at work all day so I'm just catching up on a backlog of comments but I will be sure to have a look at your posts @halfjew22

That is why I place a keen emphasis on intent, for many of us are divided on details but united in an intent to make the world a better place.

What a beautiful sentiment. That's essentially what I've based my entire idea around that I'll be working on for the next few years. I really look forward to some of your feedback on it and any insight you'll be able to offer.

We certainly have to be aware what we fill our information holes with, but if their plugged with love and compassion for our fellow man/women then it gives us a strong foundation on which to build upon.

Just absolutely beautiful. You have a great way with words. What do you do for a living exactly?

Equally MSM seek to plug said holes with their own agenda and so we must find a way to turn our minds and hearts away from their message of fear and division.

This is where I feel there is a huge opportunity for parading truth, honesty, and transparency as higher promoted values. You can't argue with truths. You can't spin truths (as easily as half lies, etc) and it's relatively simple to detect when you're not being fed the whole truth if you are able to engage with an open and transparent conversation with someone.

I believe in a strange way some of us are born ready, but equally it comes with a responsibility to help our brothers and sisters find their voice and become the change they want to happen in this world.

I've been thinking that more and more lately, and running into people such as yourself on this wonderful platform simply serve to further that idea.

Thank YOU for your post, and I truly look forward to reading more of your work as well as receiving some of your insight on my ideas and posts as well.

Cheers to a better, more positive and loving existence.

Hey my friend @halfjew22 I'm sorry but I must have missed your reply. I'm also really glad my words resonated with you. I think that in a world of a billion details intent is key and it's the one thing that can unify us all. An over emphasis on details has the danger of becoming akin to re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

At the moment I'm running my own I.T based business, nothing exciting but I would love to be able to support myself through writing and sharing my words. Hence why I find myself on steemit. How about yourself?

I completely agree that you can't argue with truths, unfortunately many appear to have been programmed to react to said truths with knee jerk emotional responses. Indeed within the minds of the P.C culture many are subconsciously equating discussions relating to freedom of speech with the far right! It's shocking to witness and equally a testament to mankinds fall from grace .. whoops I used a gender prenoun there!

It's great to run into people like yourself on here as well. I've upvoted your posts (I upvoted the one that's still live, along with one of your new posts) and I will take the time to absorb and comment later on as I'm running @musicmonday tonight. Thanks again!!

At the moment I'm running my own I.T based business, nothing exciting but I would love to be able to support myself through writing and sharing my words. Hence why I find myself on steemit. How about yourself?

I was working full time and doing some consulting on the side as an Android developer. I've since quit that full time position in pursuit of working on my own ideas (you can check them out on my Dtube page and I'd really appreciate you ripping into them!) I've found Steemit to be good so far, but I'm finding so far that low energy / effort (my opinion, just my thoughts) posts find their way into more people's hands than those posts that take more effort and energy. I've seen this sentiment echoed throughout and marked off as "just how it goes" around here, so might explore building a Chrome plugin or something that allows for more "multidimensional" curation of content. You can see some of my feedback on Steemit here if you're interested.

I think you're well on your way to being able to support yourself through your words. I'm looking to do the same, as well as to create software to echo the things I write about. Maybe you'd be interested in joining along :)

I completely agree that you can't argue with truths, unfortunately many appear to have been programmed to react to said truths with knee jerk emotional responses.

It's sad, but I believe your usage of the word, "programmed", can't be more accurate. That truly seems like what's happening. However, I think we're finally seeing a movement to cut away the nonsense. That isn't to say that there aren't problems we need to solve, but I think there is a movement to reorient our values towards the problems that are most important that we solve the soonest.

HAHA let's resist the urge to make too much fun :P I'm not sure how those people form their opinion that get up in arms about peoplekind vs mankind, and I think it's utterly ridiculous to make the claim that that can be offensive in any way, but if we're going to solve some of these problems, we can't take any side. We must simply be objective.

It's fantastic to run into people like you as well. I've truly appreciated your writings and your response to my comment. Looking forward to continuing the conversation and seeing more of your content!

Best - Michael

Excellent post buddy. 1984 and BNW are my favorite reads.

Thank you @venomnymous it's great to be back! Yes they're amazing books and the parallels with today's society are becoming impossible to ignore. Both books should be on the school curriculum!!

Absolutely. And imo both books were predictive programming. Seeing as both Orwell and Huxley were apart of the shadow powers.

Oh yes Orwell as in Eric Blair and Aldous brother of Julian. Certainly predictive programming, but I think they are incredibly powerful now because there exists a window of opportunity to see how many aspects of their envisaged world are being built around us.

Outstanding post my friend and very brave of you to write it.


I agree with you 100%. Truth has already become the new hate speech. There are only two genders and no-one is going to convince me otherwise, it's pure tripe emanating from the school of social engineering.

Unfortunately, far too many people go with the flow and/or are afraid to speak up or say what they really think about 71 genders for fear of retribution from the PC, SJW citizens militia that are driving agendas that they do not understand.

I think that this might be the second favorite article that I've read from you @perceptualflaws (bloodlines just pips it for me - possibly for nothing more than the level of detail and scope that was in that article).

Great read, thoroughly enjoyed it - Bravo!

Thank you @steemtruth I'm really glad the post resonated with you. It's deeply disturbing what's happening in this world, this is a war on the mind and the youth appear to be on the frontlines. It's all about breaking down the foundations of society in order that in can re-built from the ground up. I dread to think what the world will be like in another ten years or so if we continue on this current trajectory, we are becoming a lost society and yet the majority are cheering it on! Personally I have no choice in speaking out and it's re-assuring that people like yourself are equally aware of what's going on. Thank you for the support and friendship, I really do appreciate it.

They've been programming the children for over 100 years. Kids minds are like sponges and they adapt to their environment quickly and naturally. They believe what they are told and most parents tell their kids to listen to the teacher. This is why most people cannot spot the programming. They were born into the matrix and the programming lasts from birth to death. The vast majority of people live their entire lives never knowing that most of their reality and beliefs was programmed into their heads by unseen, evil forces. Many of them then drive agendas that they do not understand - they have been weaponised without knowing it.

It's all about breaking down the foundations of society in order that in can re-built from the ground up.

it sure is - order out of chaos.

Keep spreading truth @perceptualflaws - great job!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I often wonder what my mind would be like if it were not so filled with blatant propaganda, useless information, and sales pitches. Can you imagine what it would be like without TV and barking spiders. Hell, I still remember black and white cartoons and the words of a dancing Charlie Tuna. Can it ever be removed, even if I wanted it to be gone. Try, I say, I must try...I am my own Project Veritas!

Thank you @huntbook and yes very wise words, we need to find a way to collectively reclaim our minds. The onslaught of propaganda interspersed with a barrage of celebrity trash has reduced many to consumer zombies. It's shocking to witness our fall from grace and I feel compelled to speak out and hope for a better future for our brothers and sisters. Thanks again @huntbook

Love the artwork. "I believe we are capable of more than we could imagine."

Of course we are, and is one of the primary reasons the ongoing war between left vs right, red vs blue, black vs white comes in. To feed our greatest fears.

It's more than that. It always has been. I worry about kids knowing how to use an iPad before learning how to hold a conversation. It's hard to follow the trends because things are moving at such rapid rates.

Regarding AI and Groupthink, I think we are already witnessing it come to fruition. What are your thoughts on Singularity?

Thank you my friend, I do take a fair amount of time choosing the artwork for each post so I'm glad you liked it. The use of ipads and phones etc amongst the youth is (I believe) actually rewiring their brains and draining empathy. This is due to technology altering and interacting with the childs growing frontal lobe. I believe that this is at the detriment of their long term brain capacity and equally the ability to empathise and in essence express their humanity.

Yes I believe we are being primed for groupthink and an eventual connection to a cloud based hive mind. I did write about a singularity in a previous post: https://steemit.com/esoteric/@perceptualflaws/into-the-void-hermes-paradox-and-the-inversion-of-reality Thanks again @toddoto

"critical thinking appears to be waning and equally there is vast swathe of the population that are more than happy to have a never ending stream of “experts” define the boundaries of their world perception and reality."


In the Time of the Snowflakes, it is vital that critical thinkers and individuals keep standing and keep voicing that which questions the "group think", and keeps challenging the narrative/agenda/programming.

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Hey @daniarnold thank you for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate it.

"In the Time of the Snowflakes, it is vital that critical thinkers and individuals keep standing and keep voicing that which questions the "group think", and keeps challenging the narrative/agenda/programming."

Yes that's very true, equally when the snow starts to settle our words must become the salt the melts it. It's critical that all those that can, find the courage of their convictions and speak their truth. Speak whilst they have a voice to do so. Thanks again my friend.

Wow thats a lot to process.

My mate and I where only just discussing two days ago that PC and gender neutral term represented the first steps in new speak and thought police.

They are both amazing books but despite the warning to my wife the 1984 had no happy ending she was devo at the end.

Thank you my friend and yes it's sometimes difficult to process or indeed comprehend the changes that are happening in the world. It's difficult to keep up with, whilst at the same time nobody seems to notice. Propaganda in the purest sense of the word. Thanks again @shai-hulud

Fantastic post! Resteemed and followed.

Hey @mckeever thank you I really appreciate the support.

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Awesome I only hope I see more of this content from our community

some of us are working hard at it.... and yet, how to get that content seen?

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dont get taken out lol

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